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Parshuram story - The Warrior sage

Do you want to know the Parshuram story? The Story of Lord Parshuram is the story of a sage who turns out bethe greatest warrior sage in the Treta Yuga.

This post will give the simple and concise history of Lord Parshuram as the warrior sage with an amazing ax.

Let us know something about Lord Parshuram.

  • Parshuram means Ram with an ax.
  • Parshuram is the sixth avatar of Vishnu and adherent devotee of Shiva.
  • Parshuram is Brahmin by knowledge and warrior from valor.
  • Lord Parshuram destroyed Kshatriya's 21 times from earth.
  • Lord Parshuram is invincible immortal.
  • Read, why Parshuram slews his mother, Renuka.
  • Lord Rama frees Lord Parshuram from his anger and responsibilities of killing Kshatriyas.

Parshuram story

Legends tell about the another Legend named Parshuram.

Why Parshuram killed his mother?

In Treta Yuga, there was a sage named Jamadagni who was extremely talented, knowledgeable, generous and well recognized in the sage community.

Sage Jamadagni spouse Renuka was a devoted lady to her husband.

Sage Jamadagni had all spiritual knowledge and inner peace which turned him into the greatest devotee of Lord Shiva.

The beautiful couple sage Jamadagni and Renuka had six children. Rama was elder son among them.

Slowly, Sage Jamadagni glory started spreading in all three realms.

Everyday Rama's mother Renuka Devi would go to the bank of the holy river Ganges so that she could collect the Ganges water.

One pleasant day, Devi Renuka took permission from her husband Sage Jamadagni to bring water from the Ganga.

Renuka saw some Gandravas (celestial being) going through the Vimana flying vehicle.

She gets mesmerized by their charm for few moments. Meanwhile, her husband Sage Jamadagni observes that his wife Renuka never made him wait so long for holy river water for the worship of Shiva.

Taking that into consideration; Sage Jamadagni uses his yoga shakti to visualize, what had happened with wife Renuka.

After knowing the whole incident sage get's furious on wife Renuka.

On the other side, Renuka gets worried that she is late to collect river water into her vessels which makes her numb that first time she got late to bring river water for Sage Jamadagni.

In the Ashrams, Sage Jamadagni calls all his sons and commands them that your mother is no longer my wife and no longer be your mother.

She has lost her devotion towards me; Now I want you to decapitate her head for me and return to Ashram.

After listening to the harsh words from their father Sage Jamadagni; all sons get a huge shock, and they refuse to accept their father command.

They reply to their father that father we gladly obey your every command but our mother is equally important to us. Hence we cannot decapitate our mother.

That makes Sage Jamadagni more furious; he lifts his Kamandal (a utensil used by sages to carry holy river water) Sage uses his Kamandal water and sprinkles few drops on his son's by cursing them to turn into rocks.

Immediately, all sons turn into the statues of rocks.

Rama returns from the forest and gets shocks to see the horrible sight. He asks his father what happened here?

Sage Jamadagni informs Rama about the situation and orders, Rama, to kill Mother Renuka.

Rama replies you are magnificent of all sages; I will obey your command and come back to you.

Sage Jamadagni tells to Rama that Rama you are my true Son now go and kill your mother. With a heavy heart, Rama accepts the command of his father.

Rama leaves for the river bank and reaches where mother Renuka was sitting.

Rama told everything to mother Renuka that has happened in their Ashram.

Rama mother Renuka gets Shocks and request Rama to kill her.

Rama seeks the apology from his mother and replies that Mother my five brothers turned into the rocks; I have to obey my father.

Mother, I m fulling your request and obeying my father command.

Rama gets overwhelmed by the death of his mother and tears start coming from the eyes.

After some time he returns to his father and tells Sage Jamadagni that he has killed his mother.

Sage Jamadagni gets delighted with the deeds of Rama; he decides to give two blessings to his son Rama. Rama meekly accepts both boons.

He asks his first boon to regain his all brother's in their original form and in his second boon he asks his mother life back.

Sage get's impressed with the intelligence of Rama and love towards the family. Sage grants both boons.

Ram runs toward the Riverbank and sees 's his mother came back to life.

Renuka asked Rama; How I came back to life Rama?

Rama says that it happened all because of the blessing of his father Sage, Jamadagni.

Sage was happy to see his family back. Everything becomes normal and days getting passed happily.

why Parshuram killed kshatriya?

Time kept passing, with his father, Rama learns all the Vedic knowledge.

Due to the devotion towards Shiva and Devas by Jamadagni; The glory of Rama father spreads all over the world.

He gets the divine cow Kamdainu named Surabhi.

Holy Cow had many qualities; She was able to feed a large number of people with her delicious milk and sweet dairy products.

The cow was able to fulfill the wish of every sage and spiritually awake person.

One day, king of the state Kartavirya came to the nearest forest of Sage Jamadagni Ashram for hunting expedition. The hunting exercise made him and his army hungry and thirsty.

They come to Sage Jamadagni ashram. Sage welcomes them and prepares a feast for his king and the troops of the army.

King Kartavirya gets delighted by the service of the Sage Jamadagni towards him and his army.

King Kartavariya get curious to ask the Sage Jamadagni how he organized amazing fest in such a short time?

Sage Jamadagni replies that he has a holy cow Kamdainu named Surabhi.The cow can feed milk to any number of people.

Due to King Kartavariya egoistic nature, he decides to take the sacred cow with the sage for that purpose he offers the piece of land to the Sage Jamadagni.

Sage rejects his offer by saying that he worships Cow Kamdainu Surabhi as his mother. Now king offers gold, jewelry, and pearls.

Sage Jamadagni rejects every offer of the king and asks the king to leave the Ashram as soon as possible.

king feels humiliated, after reaching his palace; he orders the army to steal the sacred Cow Surabhi.

When Soldiers arrives to steal the Sacred Cow Kamdainu Surabhi, sage identifies them and their evil intentions.

Sage makes them neutralize by his Yogshakti; none of the soldiers returns to the palace.

Hearing the news of dead soldiers king gets furious. He orders everyone to kill Sage Jamadagni.

Soldiers reach the ashrams and see Sage Jamadagni sitting in his place and meditating on Shiva.

They kill the Sage Jamadagni with their sword.

The news spread as a wildfire and Rama returns to the Ashram. Rama couldn't bear listening to his mother and brother's weeping.

Rama mother Renuka tells Rama that these kings are heartless. They don't have any respect for anyone. They are merciless mean people.

Just because your father refused to give holy Cow to them, they killed him. These kshatriyas (warrior) think that no one is equal to them, especially Brahmins don't have the strength to fight them.

Rama mother Renuka starts weeping again loudly and hits her hand 21 times. Rama takes the Vow to vanish the kshatriyas (warrior) 21 times from the land.

He goes to the dense forest and gets involved in hardest penance of Lord Shiva.

Various seasons and years get passed, whereas Rama penance was getting stronger and stronger by every passing day.

Ram was meditating on Shiva for Shakti (the Strength) for all the war skills.

After Seeing Rama hardest penance Lord Shiva on Kailash Parvat decides to bless the Rama.

Shiva as the destroyer appears in front of the Rama and request Rama to open his eyes. Rama gets delighted to see the supreme entity in front of him.

Shiva asks Rama to take any boon in return for the hardest penance. Rama asks Lord Shiva to teach him all the war art and skills.

Shiva gets pleased and gift an ax to Rama and tells Rama that now you will be known by the name of Parshuram, the Sage warrior with an Ax.

Shiva accepts Rama as his disciple and teaches the art of war.

Shiva teaches the first form of martial art to the Parshuram known as Kalaripayattu [The first form of martial art] [The first form of martial art].

Then Archery, Mace, Combat, sword art.

Shiva taught Kalaripayattu to Parshuram and sage Agastya.

Shiva taught two people the art of Kalaripayattu one is Parshuram another one is sage Agastya. The oldest form of martial art was spread in the world by these two sages incredible work.

After getting the ax and war skills; Parshuram reached the palace of King Kartavariya.

Parshuram Chopped everyone who so ever came in front of him with his cosmic and divine ax.

Finally, Parshuram reached to king Kartavariya and killed him.

The news of Parshuram killing King Kartavariya alone spreads to the nearer kingdom.

They come to avenge king Kartavariya death.

Parshuram Kills every King now this scares the entire Kshatriya (warrior) community. Parshuram name fear and fame started getting spread among other kingdoms.

Parshuram vanished Kshatriya (warrior) community 21 times still his anger did not got calm down. So he decided to do the Meditation on Mahendra mountain.

Parshuram and Ram

Firstly, one thing is necessary to understand that Ram Naam is attached to Parshuram.

One day Son of Dasaratha and Kausalya Lord Rama broke down Lord Shiva Bow in a wedding Ceremony of Goddess Sita which disturbs the Parshuram concentration.

Shiva's name is exceptional for Parshuram so he couldn't take on the breaking of Shiva's Bow.

With the speed of the storm, In few seconds Parshuram reaches the Ceremony palace from Mahendra mountain and Shouts who has broken Shiva's Bow?

Everyone gets scared to see Parshuram getting furious. Sages present over there welcomes Parshuram, but Parshuram rejects their welcome and invitation and calls the person who broke Shiva Bow.

Janak Nandini daughter of great king Janak comes forward to greet Parshuram, and Parshuram blesses her by saying that your Spouse will live many great years and his prominence will spread in all three words. Now tell me who is that guilty here?

Laxman, younger brother of Lord Rama gets excited and tells to Parshuram that we have broken many bows in our children what's the matter here?

Parshuram gets angry and tells other sages to make Laxman quite otherwise he will kill Laxman who is an innocent young boy to him.

Parshuram tells to Laxman, Boy you don't know about me. Ask your ancestors about me. I don't want to make your mother sonless.

One minute - break

People think that Parshurama and Ram had a vocal fight with each other.

Whereas, it was an enjoyable moment in which Lord Rama frees Lord Parshurm with his anger.

Lord Rama comes forward and tells that Lord Shiva Bow is broken by him.

Parshuram sees Rama and get's delighted by his cosmic glow. Meanwhile, Sita was worried to see Parshuram and Rama faceoff.

Firstly, Parshuram was angry, then, Parshuram had the happy feeling to see and know Lord Rama thoughts.

Suddenly Parshuram anger gets to calm down. Parshuram takes off Sarang Bow from his shoulder and gives to Lord Rama and ask to raise the arrow.

Lord Rama humbly accepts the Parshuram commands and holds the Bow. Witnessing Lord Rama enduring the weight of Sarang Bow surprises the Parshuram; he gives the arrow to the Rama's hands.

As soon as Lord Rama raises the arrow on the bow, Parshuram realizes that the Rama is not an ordinary person, in reality, seventh avatars of Lord Vishnu.

Parshuram returns without hurting anyone and starts Meditating on Mahendra Mountain and started taking the disciple.

Parshuram name is also in Mahabharata as Guru of the warrior Bhisma, DronaCharya, and Karna.

There are legends who are immortal Parshuram and sankat mochan hanuman are the most famous one.

At the end of the Kalyuga Parshuram will emerge as the teacher of Lord Vishnu tenth avatar Kalki, and teach all the war skills and techniques to Kalki.


There are many things we can learn from Parshuram story.

  1. How to be an ideal family member.
  2. How to be devoted to our father.

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