Om symbol meaning

Om symbol meaning

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Understanding Om symbol meaning

By knowing Om symbol meaning, one honors the fundamental nature of reality and realizes the presence of divinity within everybody.

Introduction of Om

Om, Auṃ, ॐ (Devanagari)

Om is a sacred symbol in ancient Vedic tradition. If you ever wanted to symbolize the world in a minute term, Om would be that symbol.

In this post, we are commemorating the glory of Om Vibration in a delightfully easy way.

What is the meaning of Om symbol?

Om symbol is sacred to several religious belief like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism.

Understanding Om symbol meaning will help you to get connected with absolute formless Brahma (Supreme Power).

The sound of Om is pervading and referred as the Pranava (प्रणव) which means the energy of the entire universe.

Therefore, the sound of Om is the generator of lingual dimension; all other vibration rises from it.

The symbol Om is the combination of 3.5 Sanskrit syllables Ah-Au-Oh-Mm.

  1. The origin of AH happens in the navel part of the body which is Brahma place on the body.
  2. Au happens in the heart which is the Vishnu place in the body
  3. Mm starts from the Throat where Mahadev resides in the body.

The significance of Om

The significance of om is in the Upanishads which elaborates Om as omnipresent sound from which all other vibrations and objects have emerged.

OM is the first Vibration known as Nadha in its primitive nature which came before the existence of the cosmos.

Hence it is universally independent vibration, which controls & run the entire cosmic phenomena.

Om doesn't have any visible manifestation; it came out from the elementary syllables. It states three states of consciousness.

  1. Conscious
  2. Unconscious
  3. Sub conscious

Om is a soul and karma Purifier. Chanting the sound of Om is helpful in erasing the negative thoughts from the mind.

The benefits of chanting Om

According to Yajur Veda 40:15

“At the time of departure from this world remember Om, the Lord. "

According to Mundaka Upanishad

‘Om’ is compared to a bow; the atman to an arrow which targets supreme consciousness.

(Bhagavad Gita 8:13).

“Uttering Om, the single-syllable Brahman, and meditating on me, departing thus from his body, he attains the Goal Supreme.”

(Rig Veda I.164.39)

"He who doesn't know the eternal Syllable of the Veda [Om], the highest point upon which all the god's repose, what business has he with the Veda? Only its knowers can sit here in peace."

In the whole world especially in the Himalayan region of Asia; The secret knowledge of Om is passed from generation to generations verbally.

Before the growth of modern physicist old Indian Yogis knew that cosmos is not stable. It is expanding in an unknown dimension and makes a resonating sound of OM.

In 2013 American space research agency NASA confessed that sun makes a sound of Om they called it Interstellar Plasma Music.

Chanting Om is auspicious for your psychological and physiological health.

The benefits of chanting Om

  • Om is not just mind and soul purifier; It purifies the environment around the chanter.
  • Chanting Om enhances your concentration level by invoking your subconscious mind neurons. Regular Chanting of OM improves your immune system and neurological disorders.
  • The Chant of Om creates a sensation in the entire body, and your all vocal cords and important junctions get activated by chanting this ancient Hymn.
  • Chanting Om cleanses human's 72,000 nadis or channels in the body.
  • Chanting Om makes you free from anxiety, depression, unbalanced blood pressure which ultimately stabilize the heartbeat.
  • Wearing Rudraksha bead near the heart and chanting om 108 times is beneficial. It does not only heal the chanter's body but does benefit to those who so ever come in contact with the chanter.
  • Chanting Om can make singers feel the improvement in their singing abilities; as it activates all inactive vocal cords. It is the reason classical singers have amazing command on their vocal cords.
  • Chanting om enables you to control your emotions and enhances your third eye capabilities.
  • Chanting Om increases the feeling of compassion, sympathy. Which ultimately works as greatest anger management tools
  • Chanting om puts you in the path of righteousness and Integrity.

Om is the universal primitive matrix free from all strings attached, and the vibration of OM is practical in every aspect; therefore,Chanting Om is transcendental for your body and mind.

Hence chant this auspicious mantra without taking consideration to the religious sentiments.


In this post, we have shared the Om symbol meaning through various aspects.

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