Yuga meaning in Hinduism

Yuga meaning in Hinduism

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Let's understand Yuga

The collection of four Yuga makes a Mahayuga, and one thousand Mahayuga makes a Kalpa. One Kalpa is one day of Lord Brahma.

Time is the valuable gem which keeps moving at its speed.

On this post, we have shared an outlook of the Yuga Vedic time cycle.

We all know that God is eternal and kind. Only is he free from the wheel of Karma and time.

In Sanatan, Dharma, Yuga is a segment of time.

Let's understand the meaning of Kalpas which constitute of 1000 MahaYuga.

1 Kalpa = 1000 Maha Yugas

So, what is Mahayuga?

1 MahaYuga = 4 Yugas [ Mahayuga is the union of Four Yugas ]

What is yuga?

In Hinduism Yuga is an epoch or era.

  • Satya Yuga or Krita Yuga,
  • Treta Yuga,
  • Dwapara Yuga,
  • Kali Yuga.

They keep repeating themselves in a cyclic process starting from Satya Yuga followed by Treta Yuga, then Dwapara and finally, Kali Yuga.

Let's understand the term Yuga in more detail.

1- Satya Yuga or Krita Yuga [ Time Frame - 172 8000 years ]

Another name of Satya Yuga is Krita Yuga. In Krita Yuga or Satya Yuga, there was the complete absence of Dark Ideology.

Satya Yuga was purely Vedic and divine era. Satya Yuga was yuga of truth and perfection; People were trustworthy, There was no disease, no chaos.

It was Yuga of no religion; people used to follow only Vedic customs.

The weather was pleasant with no natural calamities.

Everyone was happy and commonly aware of The Meditational practice and Vedic knowledge. Cows were worshipped all over the world as motherhood symbolism. There were pure dairy products.

It was the time when humans had humanity, empathy, compassion, and they used to be the worshipper of nature including rivers, mountain.

Humans were Gigantic with an average height of 30-35 feet.

They were powerful who had the power of displacing the solid rocks alone. They were handsome, honest, youthful, vigorous, and virtuous.

It was the Era when Lord Vishnu took a few avatars to protect humanity. These avatars include the following names.

  • Matysa
  • Hayagriva
  • Varaha
  • Narshima

2- Treta Yuga [ Time frame 1296 000 years]

After the Satya Yuga, Period of Treta Yuga began. There were 75% positivity and 25% Evil and dark ideology. People were still trustworthy with kindness in their heart.

People were living peaceful lives, and knowledge seekers are everywhere. People were compassinate by their heart.

Due to 25% of Darkness War become frequent among kings of different states.

Climatic irregularities started occurring sea and wastelands were formed.

People started to speak lies for their benefits.

It was the time When Lord Vishnu took 3 significant Avatar

  • Vaman Avatar
  • Parshu Rama Avatar
  • Lord Rama Avatar

Sages were busy in chanting and Reciting Ram Naam.

In Treta Yuga humans average lifespan was 10000 years, and their usual height was 20-23 feet.

3 Dwapara Yuga [Time Frame 864 000 years]

Dwapara Yuga was the third yuga in a row of Sanatana Dharma.

It was the Dynamic era when people started adopting Tamasic qualities. Diseases started happening to people.

Darkness influence increased and reached up to 50%. The balanced of right and wrong became equal. Now truth and lie both own 50- 50%.

Half percentage of people remained worshipper of cow and Vedic culture whereas the rest 50% started getting indulged into the dark ideology or tamasic deeds.

Flesh feeding started by the people.

Trust, Respect, Love started getting faded, slowly. People were less stronger and less handsome than previous Treta Yuga.

The glow from people faces starts getting disappear.

Average human lifespan was 1000 years and people height reduced to 10 feet.

In Dwapara Yuga Lord Vishnu took avatar as Lord Krishna.

4 Kaliyuga [Time frame 432, 000 years]

Kaliyuga is the current Yuga which is going on.

Kaliyuga is the age of Darkness. It is the fourth epoch in the continuous row of the Sanatana Dharma.

People indulged themselves in materialistic things. They forgot the value of compassion and Vairagya.

The value of truth decreased tremendously. Now truth remains only 25%, and Darkness is over 75%.

Natural calamities are more often now. People started following the Tamsaic activities proudly.

Humans started destroying nature and natural resources like air, water, land.

Pollution and diseases start spreading.

*An honest and kind person is disrespected everywhere.

Definition of love changed to lust.

People became unsafe; the average height declined to 5.5 feet.

As I have mentioned above that Kalyuga is the age of Darkness still truth exists, but it is only 25%.

What is Kalpas?


One thousand maha yuga makes a Kalpa.

One MahaYuga is the combination of four Yuga as mentioned above.

Mahayuga is also called Chatur Yuga.

100 Kalpas makes the life duration of Lord Brahma. Brahma is the Creator of cosmos and Lifecycle.

One Kalpa is one day of Brahma (the Creator of the universe) after that Brahma goes to sleep.

When Brahma goes to sleep the Pralay begins; the glorious Lord Shiva who is known as the Hindu God of destruction takes care of everything.

Please don't misunderstand Shiva as just destructor; Shiva is kind and compassionate know as Mahadev .

In Sanatan, Dharma Destruction is essential for the new beginning.

Shiva frees people from their sins and puts them on the path of righteousness and Moksha.

Now, this is only one day of Brahma whereas Brahma has 100 long years of life.

After many Kalpas the process of creation takes place, and Brahma takes birth from Lord Vishnu navel. Whereas, Lord Vishnu and Shiva are eternal forces.

Firstly Vishnu appeared through Adishakti or Sadashiva consciousness then Brama appeared from Vishnu's navel part through a lotus flower. Lastly, Adishakti or Sadshiva manifested himself freely as Lord Shankara and mediated upon mount Kailash.


In this post, we have discussed different yuga in Hinduism.

One Kalpa is equivalent to one day of Lord Brahma after that Brahma goes to sleep. The Brahma life cycle is of 100 Kalpas.

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