The attributes of Lord Shiva

The attributes of Lord Shiva

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The attributes of Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is the absolute Brahma, and each characteristic of Mahadev is incredible. This post will help you to understand the attributes of Lord Shiva.

Introduction of Lord Shiva

Shiva is the bilateral flux of the sublime matter and limitless energy. Both are connected so well to each other. Collectively known as ShivaShakti .

The whole creation came into existence through them. Therefore, Shiva is the creator, preserver, and the ultimate destroyer of everything including the ego .

He is the Dark energy and dark matter which scientists are trying to figure out. In the highest form, Shiva is limitless, unmanifested supreme consciousness.

Therefore, There is no one like Shiva; he is Nirguna as well as Sarguna. Lord Shiva is not just limited to any particular section of Mankind. Shiva is eternal and belongs to everyone.

There are many forms of Shiva; everyone worships him with different names and perspective. In the physical frame, Mount Kailash is the abode of Lord Shiva where he lives with his family.

Goddess Parvati is the consort of the infinite Shiva. In his physical permanence, we will explain the virtues of Shiva.

Traits of Lord Shiva

Vairagi hoon

How can someone find the golden words to define the charm of Shiva. Every word should be splendid to describe Shiva. Therefore with our limited abilities, we tried to bring Personality trait of Lord Shiva.

So Let's get started.

There are various lessons which you can learn from Lord Shiva . Every individual quality of Lord Shiva has the energy to make this world a better place for everyone.

Therefore, this post deals with all kind of lord shiva attributes.

करपूर गौरम करूणावतारम संसार सारम भुजगेन्द्र हारम |

सदा वसंतम हृदयारविंदे भवम भवानी सहितं नमामि |

Karpurva Gauram Karunaa Avataaram

Samsaara Saaram BhujagendraHaaram

SadaaVasantam Hrdaya Aravinde

Bhavam Bhavaanii Sahitam Namaami ||

1 Shiva skin tone

Lord Shiva personality is charismatic most of the people believe that Maheshwar has the blue color whereas Shiva has camphor white skin color .

The reason behind the white skin color of Lord Shiva is due to the implementation of the Bhasma on the body.

Bhasma means ashes; ashes has the spiritual significance of Bhasma in Yogic and Sanatan culture. Ashes are the reminder of the materialistic world.

2 Lord Shiva has the impressive muscular physique.

Shiva physique

A man with the incredible dynamism, Mahakaal is the manifestation of strength, courage and extraordinary heroism.

Destroyer of the Darkness and evil , Shiva has the powerful muscular physique and lives a highly ascetic life.

The one who is free from every kind of materialistic bonds yet attached to the chain of love by his devotees.

3 The Limitless Giver

One of the greatest devotees of almighty Shiva, Ravan came to gift a golden palace to Shiva. Shiva returned him by saying that he lives in the heart of his devotees and Lord Vishnu.

Shiva gave sudarshan Chakra to Lord Vishnu

Nobody could be like him. He listens to the unspoken words of the devotees. The kindness of Shiva is known to everyone. The supreme lord who never hesitate to bless boon to his devotees.

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4 The simplicity of Shiva is splendid

There are many interesting facts associated with Shiva, but nothing is more attractive than his simplicity. It is the reason his devotees call him Bholenath.


One of the most beautiful Characteristics of Lord Shiva is his simplicity.

Shiva innocence makes his different from others where everyone wears golden and white robes. Shiva wraps himself with tiger skin.

The one who accepts poisonous Halahal for himself, and returns nectar to others.

5 Affection with Ram Naam

Ram Naam means, the name of Lord Rama who is the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu. Rama took birth in Dasaratha family as his elder son and killed the demon Ravana in the battle of Lanka.

There are many benefits of Chanting Rama Naam, for example, the Ram Naam Jaap brings peace, stability to peoples life.

On the other side, Lord Rama worshipped Shiva as the supreme being. Shiva admires the virtues of Lord Rama and gets happy when his devotee chants the name of Lord Rama.

6 Shiva, The greatest transformer

Immortal Shiva keeps switching himself from nullity dimension to the pre dimension. Therefore, Shiva is free from every kind of Chakra, karma, Time, universe.

Shiva is mostly known as the Hindu God of destruction. That is the limited truth; Shiva is much more than that.

ShivaYoga is the medium which is used by various Yogis around the world to transfer or invocation of the energies through the mantra Om Namah Shivaya.

Shiva is not just the loving husband of Parvati; Shiva is the transcendent teacher of the world, known as Adiguru.

The one who introduced various the arts like meditation, Yoga, Ayurveda to the humanity.

Shiva helped Goddess Parvati to invoke her unconscious energies which are known as Kundalini YogShakti.

Time to time Shiva manifested himself as the greatest transformer. All these lingams across the planet are the live proofs of his transformations.

7 Be a lover or husband like Shiva [ Loyal Husband of Shakti ]

Loyal husband Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is the ideal husband of shakti, and almost every girl wants the husband with qualities of Shiva. Therefore, it is imperative to understand Shiva Love side.

Understanding Sati and Parvati as same.

Shiva gave supreme sacrifices in his love. On the time of creation when Shiva dissected himself from Shakti so that world could come into existence.

That dissection turned Shiva into Vairagi but afterward, Shakti manifested herself as Goddess Sati to get married to Shiva again.

Shiva remained Aghori Shiva after the birth of Sati, but goddess Sati falls in love with Shiva. Shiva didn't accept Sati as his consort, but Sati's faith for Shiva kept growing.

Sati father, Daksha was the conspicuous enemy of Shiva, but his most loved daughter accepted Shiva as the morally wedded husband.

She tried to win Shiva's heart by various art forms like Singing, Dancing, music, poetry, mantras. But, how could you easily win someone's heart; the one who is the primary source of creation?

Shiva completely ignored her devotion and love for him. However, Shiva defended Sati from several demons, Vitrasur was one of those demons.


Slowly - slowly on Lord Vishnu request Shiva accepted Sati's love for him. Sati wanted to leave the kingdom of her father so that she could live with Shiva as his wife but Shiva stopped Sati and remind her that it will not be the right thing to do.

The Love of Shiva was so faithful and profound that Rudra lawfully married to Goddess Sati with all Vedic ritual.

Unfortunately, Sati dies while respecting Shiva's honor in a large gathering organized by her Father, Daksha. In the wrath, Shiva destroys the entire kingdom of Daksha.

Maheshwar sorrow was too dark that Shiva takes the dead body of Sati on his shoulder and roams the entire universe. Lord Vishnu also gets depressed by feeling Shiva's unimaginable pain.

for a moment how much Shiva had the love for Sati that he forgot to leave Sati corpse.

Finding no way out, Lord Vishnu chopped Sati corpse into 52 parts and each part which falls on earth became Shaktipetha.

Keeping all the pain inside, Shiva appointed Lord Bhairava to protect each Shakti petha and indulged into Samadhi for many Kalpas.

The second time, Shakti decided to manifest herself as Goddess Parvati . It was even harder for Goddess Parvati to win Shiva's heart, again. Destiny helped Shiva and Parvati to come closer.

She performed the hardest penance upon Shiva and finally won the heart of Shiva. A grand wedding took palace in the Triyuginarayan Temple Uttarakhand.

Shiva and Parvati wedding was the grand moment for everyone, especially for Lord Vishnu.

Lord Brahma performed the responsibility of the wedding priest while Lord Vishnu performed the obligation of Parvati's brother.

Now let's talk about Shiva's physical appearance.

Lord Shiva lifestyle is unconditionally adorable. Let's talk about the physical attributes of Lord Shiva.


1 - Matted hairs (Jatadharaya)

Long matted hairs coiled from the top; these hair locks represent humans endless desires. Folding them means humans must restrain the unlimited desires.

2 - Goddess Ganga on the head

Ganga is the holiest river, Read more information on River Ganga.

Goddess Ganga on the head represents the constant flow of knowledge and skill. A man must keep acquiring different skillset in various phases of life and keep the flow of information and knowledge continue.

3 Moon Cresent

Moon Cresent on the head represents; a man should keep calm in every situation.

A focused and a calm mind can win any adverse situation through his analytical approach. Read more about why Lord Shiva has the moon on his head.

4 Third Eye

The third eye on the Shiva's forehead represents the spiritual eye. It can see the stuff which two other eyes can't see.

In reality, the third eye can see inward as well as outward. It is situated in the pineal gland and represents Ajna Chakra.

5 Snake on the neck

Snake on the Shiva's neck is Vasuki, who is the ornament of Shiva's neck. The coil of the snake on Shiva's neck represent the spiritual energies.

Vasuki is the adherent devotee of Lord Shiva who swallowed the Halahal poison with Lord Shiva at the time of cosmic ocean crunching.

There are many things which snake Vasuki represent you can check out more information about Lord Shiva snake.

6 Trident of Shiva

Trident is the deadliest weapon defined in the Vedic literature. Only Goddess Shakti and Shiva have the strength to hold it's weight.

Lord Shiva uses his trident as the ultimate weapon for destruction. Trident also represents that Shiva is free from all three Gunas ( Rajas, Sattva and Tamas).

7 Why Shiva likes to sit on Cremation ground

Shiva is known as Baba Bhootnath which means Shiva is master of all five primary elements which includes Air, Water, Fire, Sky, Land.

Shiva has a close connection with cremation ground where he sits for the meditation. The silence of the place helps Shiva to maintain the balance of negative and positive energies into the world.


In this post, we have shared the various attributes of Lord Shiva.

Please feel free to share the post on the internet. We will be thankful for your generosity.

Please keep smiling and stay blessed.

Sharing is Caring.

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