Why there is no one like Shiva?

Why there is no one like Shiva?

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Why there is no one like Shiva? [Shiva is the coolest god ]

There is no one like Lord Shiva; Shiva is the personification of Nirakar Param Brahma; This post will elaborate Why Shiva is the coolest god?


Shiva is the primary form of the divinity in the Hinduism, the one who is most dear to Lord Narayan including his every manifestation like Ram and Krishna.

In the physical nature of existence, Shiva is the greatest unorthodox which makes Maheshwara unique and different from everybody else.

After reading the post, you will realize why Shiva is the coolest God?

Why Lord Shiva is that famous?

Shiva is the Darkest energy, and Darkest matter metaphysicists are trying to study, but they are far beyond the reality as human visual, sensory apparatus is not that superior.

Understanding Shiva is difficult; even Vedas cannot describe him accurately. Shiva is limitless beyond the human's ability to understand.

  1. Shiva means the eternal auspiciousness who never manifest himself in the human form. He operates mystically.
  2. Shiva symbolizes the absolute voidness from which the universe emerges and goes back in the end. There is no start and end of Shiva.
  3. Shiva exists in the bilateral nature of existence in which he is formless as well as has a physical reality. It depends on the devotee how they want to perceive him.
  4. Shiva is Kailashpati, Mount Kailash is the abode of Lord Shiva. Kailash is the highest realm in the universe which contains multiple Lokas within. Golok is a small part of unmanifested Kailash managed by Lord Krishna.
  5. In the Yogic culture, Shiva is the primary yogi known by the name of Adiyogi, the first yogi. The one who gave the art of Yoga and meditation to Sapta Rishis.
  6. Shiva is unpredictable lord of the lords. The angry form of Shiva is devastating and known by the name of Rudra whereas the peaceable form is Shankara.
  7. Shiva is the greatest transformer, the omniscient lord who is complete in himself. The Shiva mantra describes it.
  8. In the highest aspect, Hindu god of destruction Shiva is Creator, preserver, and destroyer of the world.
  9. Shiva is Bhootnath who sit on cremation ground to maintain the balance of positive and negative energy in the world and smears the dead bodies ashes on his bodies and wear the garland of skulls.
  10. Shiva's dancing Natraj form is known as the dance of creation and Dance of destruction. It is the form of Shiva which explains the concept of energy, mass and matter dynamics in the scientific aspect.

What makes Shiva the coolest Lord?

Shiva never did discrimination with anyone, Therefore from demons to the deities everyone worships and believes in him.

Shiva's aura is winsome; Shiva devotees accept that Shiva is beyond everything.

There are many lessons which people can learn from Shiva, Simplicity, and generosity is one of them.

Although Lord Shiva has many great qualities, we want to share a small story which will define why Shiva is unique and different from all.

Why Lord Shiva is the coolest god

Why shiva is the coolest god

At the beginning of the World Shiva gave his shakti so that world could get into existence.

Goddess Shakti is the consort of Shiva; She manifested herself as the daughter of Prajapati Daksha so that she could get married to Shiva.

Sage Narada named little girl Goddess Sati. When princess Sati grew, she falls in love with Shiva.

She goes against her father will and marries to Lord Shiva. Vijaya, the elder sister of Sati always had envy for Sati.

The amount of love Sati gets from her father Daksha was unconditional.

When Vijaya comes to know that Sati is married to a yogi who wears Rudraksha as the ornament and there is a snake over the neck of the Shiva; She gets delighted.

Vijaya misinterprets Shiva in every aspect. She thinks that Sati has chosen the wrong husband for herself.

How can a girl choose a man who smears cremation ground ashes and lives an ascetic lifestyle?

Therefore Vijaya decides to organize a grand supper for newly married couple Shiva and Sati.

As we all know, Mahadev lives the unique lifestyle and don't know much about worldly rituals.

Shiva believes in simplicity which is why Shiva is known as Bholenath.

Bhootnath has a long list of devotee list which includes Demons, animals, rivers, Sun, Moon, mountain, forest, great sages, demigods, humans, Aghoris, Phantom, Ghost, apparition.

In the evening, supper is get organized by Vijaya. All devotees reach there.

After reaching into the dining hall, Shiva gans acts surprised viewing the attraction of the palace and arrangement for them.


It was the first time they have witnessed something that beautiful.

The smell of the delicious dishes was reaching their noses which was making them impatience.

Bull Nandi orders them to stay within their limits and follow all the traditions of the guest.

Vijaya finds it amusing that Shivgans are impatience for supper; she calls Sati to take care of the supper.

Sati decides to serve food to Shiva Ganas and dignitaries present over there.

As soon Sati reaches near to the Shivgans with her utensil filled with Kheer.

The sweet smells of Sati's utensil increase their appetite.

Shiv gans grabs the utensil of Kheer, and starts eating with bare hands.

Nandi tries to control them, but their nature was cacophonic. Goddess Sati gets shocked by seeing the weird behavior of Shivagans.

Shiva Ganas were fighting with each other. Demigods and dignitaries present over there were seeing everything from their corners.

The whole situation gets out of control and the goddess Sati feels depressed by seeing that Shiva Gans don't know how to behave on the meal organized for them.

Shiva appears there with a pleasing smile on his face and sees all his Ganas.

Goddess Sati comes toward Shiva and asks Shiva to observe the whole situations.

Sati - "What ShivGanas are doing there?"

Shiva sees his Ganas with immense affection and love then replies to Goddes Sati.

Shiva - "Sati, they are enjoying your hospitality, what else?

Look at them, feel the expression of happiness on their faces, when their appetite is getting fulfilled by you.

It is the happiness of children who are enjoying the food served by their mother."

Sati sees toward Shiva and Shiva gives a smile to the goddess, and then Mahakaal moves toward his Ganas and reaches in between them.

Shiva accepts salutations of the dignitaries present over there.

By seeing Shiva coming towards them. Shiva Gana gets more excited and makes a place for Shiva by clearing the mess.

Sati sees Shiva in between his Ganas. An expression of simplicity comes at Sati eyes. She realizes what Shiva indeed represent.

Shiva tells to Sati.

Shiva - "Sati, By seeing them, today I m having a feeling to join them in this supper and enjoy the food cooked by you for us."

An apparition brings the food on a plate for Shiva, and Shiva sits there. Shankara looks at Sati and requests Sati to join him and take a food bite.

Sati sees here and there; everybody was looking at her. Then, Sati looks at Shiva. Her eyes get bend down with a pleasant smile on her face.

Slowly she steps toward Shiva and sits next to him. Everyone present there chants Om Namah Shivaya.

Shiva sees goddess with enormous love and offers a food bite to get her feed with his hands.

Sati consumes the food bite from Shiva's hand and then offers a food bite to Shiva with her hand.

Everyone present there chants Har Har Mahadev. Sage Kashyap request everybody to receive the Prasada of Shiva. The joys & celebration continues.

That moment gives ecstatic joy to everyone except Vijaya.


In this post, we have told Shiva's coolness which will help you to understand, why there is no one like Shiva.

If you liked the post, Why Shiva is the coolest god? Please feel free to share it on the web so that others could know and adopt the same calmness and simplicity in their lives.

Please keep smiling and stay blessed.

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