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About Shiva tattoo designs

Shiva tattoo designs are in trend these days. Everyone wants to look cool and what could be better than trying out lord shiva tattoo designs.


In this post, we have shared why Shiva tattoo designs are getting popular every passing day but before that let's understand lord shiva tattoo meaning.

The meaning of Lord Shiva tattoo designs

Shiva is eternal, omniscient, great God, and there is no father of Shiva. In simple terms, Shiva is Mahadev which means God of Gods.

Shiva is the Dark matter as well as the Dark energy of the multiverse who blesses his follower fortune, knowledge, and peace.

Shiva is Bholenath, the one who is the definition of kindness and purity. As the first yogi, Shiva is the god of Yogis too.

Everything connected with Shiva is unquestionably heart winning which is why Shiva's craze is increasing with every passing day.

The most beautiful thing about connecting with Shiva is that adorning Shiva doesn't make you extremism at all.

Indeed, you become Aghor which means the one who is not dense in any aspect.

Shiva himself is not extreme at all, All Purans and Vedic literature defined him as supreme consciousness. Shiva is Prevedic Lord known as meditative Lord.

There are many forms of Shiva; Shiva is also regarded as the highest transformer and known for living an entirely ascetic life.

How could be supreme consciousness extreme? It is the reason Shiva is called Aghori Shiva.

Hence Mahakaal is not dense; you can experience his Aghor form by just Chanting the mantra Om Namah Shivaya with reverence.

Chanting Shiva mantra can not only invoke your Kundalini Yoga Shakti but make you limitless in various phases of life.

The qualities of Lord Shiva attracts you to become his fan. It doesn't matter which custom, tradition, and cult you follow.

After knowing the greatness of Shiva; you cannot hold back yourself, without admiring Shiva. It is the exclusively spiritual process which connects you to your inner self.

Getting connected with Shiva will help you to feel calmer and focused which will clean your impure thought process.

Shiva is the Ultimate Destroyer of the Darkness worshipped as Mahakaal.

Lord Shiva is the loving husband of Shakti (Parvati), and Shakti means the energy. Therefore, Shiva is mighty, and the young generation is looking for Shiva tattoo designs due to Shiva's influence on cosmic phenomena.

The various kind of Lord Shiva tattoo designs available in the market, people have specific sort of Lord Shiva tattoos on their bodies in particular places.

Best places to have Shiva Tattoo on the body?

Shiva's tattoo represents the Ultimate Strength, Truth, Purity, consciousness. Shiva is the supreme Vairagi who contains all the three traits.

  1. Rajas
  2. Tamas
  3. Satva

Shiva Tattoo design

Shiva is free from everything and works in mystic form. You can have multiple Shiva Tattoo design on your body.

Having lord Shiva tattoo on your body will impact you positively in all dimensions of your life.

Let's talk about Guys First, where they can have lord Shankar tattoos.

1 ) Chest -

Shiva tattoo designs on Chest looks winsome. It represents the dynamic personality of the Man.

It also illustrates that the person is unique and believes in living an unconventional lifestyle.

Bollywood actor Ajay Devgan had such a tattoo on his chest which appealed to the mass audience.

2) Neck -

Neck is the place where dancing Shiva tattoo looks soothing.

Damroo [Shiva's Drum] design are most preferred Shiva tattoo designs for the neck, but you can have Om tattoo too.

Both illustrate the process of Creation, how everything emerged from Shiva, and goes back to Shiva.

3) Arms - Tripund

Three horizontal lines and one vertical above them are known as Tripund. It represents knowledge, art, and creativity, Mostly associated with Yogic culture.

Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt had a tattoo on his arms and, he looks astonishing in that.

4 Back - Trident tattoo

Having a Shiva tattoo on the back represents the fearsome form of Shiva.

It has a connection with spiritual energy which resides in our base Chakras.

Lord Shiva Trident tattoo looks extraordinary there.

Girls, it's your time now, where they can have Shiva's tattoo.

1) Wrist -

They can have Shiva tattoo on their wrist. Miley Cyrus had one on her arms. She inked her wrist with Om

2) Behind the neck and shoulder

Shiva tattoo designs behind the neck look alluring on the girls. Lots of girls prefer Om Tattoo there.

According to the latest trend girls are liking to have Shiva tattoo design on their shoulder. Esha Deol is one of them who had the mesmerizing tattoo on her shoulder.

3) Side portions of the fingers

Shiva's name Tatto is in trending fashion these days. Vanessa Hudgen has the stylish finger tattoos of Omkara.

How to get started with Lord Shiva Tattoo?

If you are thinking to have the first Shiva Tattoo design on your body; I would like to suggest that you must start with a smaller one.

It will pain you tattooing your body. So, make up your mind before tattooing yourself.

There are a few points to take consideration before and after having any tattoo designs on the body.

  1. Decide where you want to have your Shiva tattoo, and what kind of design you want to have? You can try angry Lord Shiva tattoo on your forearms.
  2. Get the right kind of tattoo ink ( Trusted ) that it could not give any skin harm to you.
  3. Take a pleasant sleep and eat fresh organic food before the day of tattooing.
  4. Express your desire and motive behind your tattoo to the Tattoo artist, and know what your expectation from the mark.
  5. Listen to your Shiva tattoo Designer before proceeding; he knows everything about tattooing.
  6. Give freedom to the Tattoo designer don't make him/her uncomfortable while Tattoo you.
  7. Take care of your Lord Shiva Tattoo after tattooing. Don't put any lotion, creams on them without taking advice from the artist.
  8. Your Tattoo will give clear signs to the people; Don't get annoyed by their personal views.
  9. Don't be shy to display your tattoo; It is now the integral part of your body.
  10. Having Shiva tattoo design on the body means you believe in unity, harmony, diversity, inner consciousness and strength.

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