Shiva destroyer of the ego

Shiva destroyer of the ego

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Lord Shiva is the destroyer of the ego; he is the one who frees people from the negativities & puts them on the path of righteousness & courage.


Shiva is the Lord of strength, Meditation, Yoga, consciousness, immortality, wisdom, and transformation. Shiva is the one who is known as great lord Mahadev.

Out of many forms of Shiva, destroyer of the darkness is most famous.

Darkness represents ignorance, lust, wickedness, anxiety, ego, and intolerance.

Every genuine devotee of Lord Shiva is free from these sort of disorders and devoted to contributing to humanity and peace.

In this post, we have described why is Shiva called destroyer of the ego?

Shiva destroyer of ego

Before understanding Shiva as the destroyer of ego, it is imperative to understand who is indeed Lord Shiva?

Shiva is omniscient, absolute divinity and formless in his highest aspect.

Mahadev is supreme being in Santan Dharma known for living a highly ascetic life on extreme conditions of Mount Kailash.

The Kailash Parvat which people see is just a manifestation of divine Kailash which is out of reach of humans and others mindfulness.

It is the highest realm in the universe which is governed by Bhootnath Shiva and contains many Lokas within like Goloka, Pitra Lok, Gandharva Lok.

The one who resides in the heart of Lord Vishnu as Vishnu Vallbha is the lord of all Lokas who appointed various administrators to take care of distinctive Loka and himself lives a Vairagi lifestyle.

Shiva saved many devotees from egotism. Goddess Parvati who is the loving consort of Shiva and the most glorious devotee of Shiva, demon king Ravana stories discussed below.

How Shiva destroyed the ego of Goddess Parvati and Ravana?

Once upon a time Demon king, Ravana was going from his Vimana. He observed that unknowingly he reached to Kailash Parvat.

At that very moment, he decided to personalize Lord Shiva. To fulfill his evil intention, he decided to lift the Kailash with his palm and take it to Lanka.

Shiva was meditating and acknowledged that one of his devotees is trying to personalize him so that no one else rather than him could take refugee of Shiva.

Shiva also realized that Ravana had become conceit in the ego of his muscle power which made him realize that he could lift the entire Kailash.

Shiva put his feet thumb on the ground of Kailash and suppressed Ravana finger beneath the mount.

Ravana realized his mistake of disturbing Shiva while attempting to lift Kailash.

After getting suppressed beneath the Kailash, Ravana was in intense pain somehow he managed to create Shiva Tandav stotra for pleasing Shiva.

It is a fact that Ravana was a demon as well as wise Brahmin who was an excellent Vedic scholar.

Ravana continued chanting of the Tandava stotra for seven days beneath the mount.

Shiva is extremely kind who get easily pleased by just offering of a Bilva leaf. After seeing Ravana creation for him, Shiva lifted his thumb and gifted him ChandraHassa glaive.

Shiva destroyer of Goddess Parvati Ego

Shiva also freed Goddess Parvati from her ego. The story is like this.

The story belongs to the time when Goddess Parvati was trying to win the heart of Lord Shiva.

Once upon a time before Shiva and Parvati wedding, Parvati used to believed that her devotion and way of worshipping Shiva is the purest form of worshipping Shiva.

Parvati used to worship Shiva with flowers, fruits and sweets like Kheer.

One day while collecting fruits and flower for her worshipping.

She saw few Aghoris wearing Rudraksha worshipping Shiva with fresh flesh.

Aghoris were offering fresh flesh on Lingam. Parvati stopped them by doing so. She aggressively scolded them for their worshipping style.

Aghori smiled and told Parvati that they don't know any Shiva mantras or verses to please Shiva. The only mantra they know is Om Namah Shivaya.

That's why they are chanting Om Namah Shivaya every time offering flesh to Shiva lingam.

Parvati described that it is not appropriate to worship Shiva's lingam with flesh. Shiva will never accept Tamsic Flesh.

Aghoris replied that Shiva accepts the pieces of flesh whenever they offer it to lingam.

Parvati surprises and Aghoris offer a fresh piece of flesh on lingam in front of her, and meat disappears as Shiva is consuming it.

Now, Parvati tells them that she wants a distinct Lingam. On that Aghoris replied that lingam is a lingam.

There is no difference in them, and she can use Aghoris Lingam.

Parvati brings beautiful white flowers, fruits and offers them on Lingam. Flowers remains same on the lingam.

Parvati gets silent and asks Aghoris why Shiva consumed their Tamasi meat pieces but not her fruits?

Aghoris told that you tried to judge their way to worshipping Shiva and presented herself as more influential than them.

Whereas Shiva is free from the conventional way of worshipping there are not specific rules to worshipped Shiva.

Bhole is free from all such limitation.

For Shiva, his every devotee is equivalent for him. Believing that your way of worshipping is better than other is not the path which takes you to the Shiva.

The only thing which is required is true devotion and faith on Shiva which is most important while worshipping Shiva.

Parvati admits her mistake and gives thanks to the group of the Aghoris for enlightening her.

She returns from there and reaches the palace and decides to attain her Sadhvi Form.

The group of Agoris was Sapta rishis, and their leader was Lord Shiva.


In this post, we have shared Lord Shiva as the destroyer of ego.

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