What is ShivYog?

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What is Shiv Yoga?

What is ShivYog is an astonishing question? ShivYog means getting united with infinite supreme consciousness?

In this post, we have defined why understanding ShivYog is crucial for human beings?

Dakshinamurthy Shiva

Shivyog is a medium to leverage your inner dimension and merge into the Dakshinamurthy Shiva (Supreme Lord).

Under the guidance of Lord Shiva's teaching, one can explore how to become invincible in the world and how to conquer personal limitations.Therefore, it is imperative to understand the Meaning of ShivYog?

What is the meaning of ShivYoga?

Science and spirituality are the two different aspects of the exploration of reality. Science is limited to visual apparatus or tangible realizations, but what about the one which is beyond the dimension of human perception?

In that case, spiritual science gets upper hand on conventional Science and gives a different possibility to explore the physical as well as non-physical reality.

Hence, Shiv yoga is the science of your inner consciousness, or in simple term, it is unification with infiniteness.

It is a kind of Yoga which free Sadaka from the barrier of physical realities; therefore, a clean, healthy body, mind and soul are required to get merged in the Mahadev.

For that Sadaka can also apply the Bhasma bath on their bodies which frees people from their thinking of just existing, and makes them understand what is intangible but exist beyond conventional science.

According to Yog Shastra, Maharshi Patanjali, Chitr-Vriti Nirodhak Sahanbhooti Yoga is of 5 types.

  1. Mantra Yoga (मंत्र योग)
  2. Laya Yoga ( लय योग)
  3. Hatha Yoga (हठ योग)
  4. Raj Yoga (राज योग)
  5. Shiv Yoga (शिव योग)

All these are the forms of Yoga and Meditation plays a vital role in all kind of Yoga. Let's try to understand each Yoga in an order.

1 Mantra Yoga

In Mantra Yoga, Sadaka chants the favorable mantra to cleansing the mind, body, and soul.

Sadaka is free to any Vedic mantra and explores their inner consciousness.

Chanting the auspicious Panchakshari mantra, Om Namah Shivaya ( ॐ नमः शिवाय) or AsthaChakshari mantra om Aimhreem Namah Shivaya ( ॐ ऐं ह्रीं नमः शिवाय) comes under Mantra Yoga.

2 Laya Yoga ( लय योग)

Establishing the balance between body and mind through practicing the ancient breathing technique which is known by the name of Pranayama is called Laya Yoga.

3 Hatha Yoga

Ashtanga yoga has eight significant parts combinedly known as Hath Yoga.

That eight Ashtanga yoga which forms Hatha yoga is kindly defined below.


  1. Yam
  2. Niyam
  3. Asana
  4. Prayanama
  5. Pratyahara (प्रत्याहार)
  6. Dhyaan (meditation - ध्यान)
  7. Dharan (धारण)
  8. Samadhi (समाधि)

Controlling them is called Hatha yoga.

Raj Yoga

A person who finds his outer dimensional purpose (बाहरी आयामी उद्देश्य), middle dimensional purpose (मध्यम आयामी उद्देश्य) and internal dimensional purpose (आंतरिक आयामी उद्देश्य).

That form of Yoga is known as RajYoga, and that person is known as Raj yogi.

Shiv Yoga

Although there is no difference between Raj Yoga and Shiva Yoga, both get to merge into ParamBrahman.

Still, those who want to experience divinity and get Moksha in the last are more interested in Shiv Yoga rather than Raj Yoga.

There are 72000 shakti (energy) channels in the human body which get merged into specific junctions.

The two influential left - right energy channel Ida and Pingala supports the central energy channel known as Sushma.

These particular junction points are known as body Chakra. Chakra means wheel; therefore each chakra holds a cyclic process within them.

  • The root Channel is called Muladhara Chakra.
  • The sacrum Channel is called Swadhistan Chakra.
  • The solar plexus Channel is called Manipura Chakra.
  • The heart Channel is called Anahata Chakra.
  • The Throat Channel is called Vishuddha Chakra.
  • The Third eye Channel is called the Ajna Chakra.
  • The Crown eye Channel is called the Sahasrara Chakra.

Opening each chakra will bring you closer towards Shiva.

What is the significance of Shiv yoga?

Self-realization is the motive of practicing Shiv Yoga which brings you out from your limitations.

You realize that your current human form is not you; you are the divine soul which is operating under the current human body.

According to Shiv Yoga, your body is part of your inner dimension which contains 17 types of human impurities and works under the law of Karma.

Most importantly, after practicing ShivaYog, You start understanding your inactivated immense strength which resides within you.

Shiv Yog cleans human impurities and opens your door to Moksha. A person will experience good health, peace of mind and stability in life after practicing ShivYog.

Shiv Yog means getting united with Shiva and identifying that you are yourself and you are the creator of your destiny.

Shiv Yog is of 5 types.

  1. Shiva Gyan (शिव ज्ञान)
  2. Shiv Bhakti ( शिव भक्ति)
  3. Shiva Dhyaan ( शिव ध्यान )
  4. Shiv Vatra ( शिव वत्र)
  5. Shiv Pooja (शिव पूजा)

It doesn't mean to accept Vairagya and become a Sanyasi?

What is Sukshma Sharir (सुक्षमा शरीर)

A person who stays away from Lord Shiva, that person is equivalent to an animal. After the death, that soul will keep roaming from one body to another body.

One needs to understand it clearly.

We are humans, and the human mind & human senses react to the situation according to the moral values they got from their families.

Therefore humans act accordingly; That reaction of the human mind & the senses create their transcendental dispensation commonly known as Sukshma Sharir (सुक्षमा शरीर).

If there is an impurity in the intellectual level of that person; then their Sukshma Sharir (सुक्षमा शरीर) will be impure.

If there is any desire keeps remaining in that person just before leaving the body.

It will become hard for that soul to merge into Shiva and that soul will keep revolving in the Maya Sansaar (world) after the death.

The remaining desire could be any appetite related to wealth, food, power, sex.

If that happens in that moment soul urgently needs the fulfill its unfilled desire.

To get a new life, Now for understanding, if that soul had any sexual desires left; and by chance, it sees any animal indulged into the sexual act.

It will enter into them and acquire a new body. It could be a body of any animal.

Such a soul will never be able to attain liberation and keep moving from one body to another.

Therefore, It is our thought which becomes our karma and obtains Sukshma Sharir (सुक्षमा शरीर).

We must understand the value of human birth and know the importance of kindness, compassion, forgiveness.


In this post, we answered What is Shivyog?

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