Lord Rudra

Lord Rudra

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Lord Rudra is none other than the fierce manifestation of Lord Shiva; the one who is the mightiest force of nature and Lord Rudra represent cosmic roar of Shiva.

This post will describe the overall glory of Lord Rudra in detail.

You will come to know that God Rudra is known as the metaphor of terror and storm.

Therefore, before getting started with Lord Rudra post. let's chant, Har Har Mahadev

Introduction of Lord Rudra

What is unmanifested is dark and known as Kaal. In the higher aspect, Kaal has no size, origin and time.

Space, dimensions everything resides within him and become one unit which is unknown to everyone. That unmanifested horizon is called Mahakaal.

Shiva the destroyer

Science defines him as dark energy and dark matter whereas ancient Vedic literature called him Sadashiva/Adishakti.

When scholars of Vedic tradition explores Vedic text in detail; they discover that the term dark energy represents the highest form of Lord Shiva which is formless but controls everything.

Energy is an integral part of that Kaal which keeps taking the transformation time to time. When that unmanifested decided to take shape, he roared and manifested himself as Lord Rudra.

Therefore Lord Rudra is the terrible and fierce form of Shiva.

Vedas Description about Lord Rudra-

A stanza from the Rig Veda (2.33.9) designates Rudra as the Lord of the cosmos.

ईशानादस्य भुवनस्य भूरेर्न वा उ योषद रुद्रादसुर्यम || (Rig-Veda 2.33.9)

īśānādasya bhuvanasya bhūrerna vā u yoṣad rudrādasuryam.

The verse defined Rudra Lord as the mightiest among all deities.

Lord Rudra is referenced 75 times in Rig Veda and depicted as the terrifying roar of the universe. Therefore deity Rudra is the primitive wild form of formless Shiva which is terrible.

Who is Lord Rudra?

Lord Rudra is the Shiva's physical rudimentary form which is aggressive and operates as the destroyer of the darkness.

Lord Rudra is the god of storm and hunt; who is also known as Maha Rudra. The extreme form of Maharudra is devastating.

Maha Rudra Shiva commanded Veerbhadra to decapitate the head of the Daksha after the immolation of Goddess Sati .

Time to time the term Rudra is used in many contexts reciprocally with Shiva, denoting his anger. Therefore the name Rudra became synonymous of Shiva's wrath.

Rudra Avatar

Lord Shiva history reveals how Rudra avatar came into existence. At the beginning of the universe creation, Shiva created eleven immortal Rudra's and assigned the specific task for each of them.

The responsibilities include the starting the wheel of Time, creating the vacuum in the space and managing the other responsibilities.

These eleven Rudra's are

  1. Kapali
  2. Pingala
  3. Bhima
  4. Virupaksa
  5. Vilohita
  6. Ajesha
  7. Shasana
  8. Shasta
  9. Shambhu
  10. Chanda
  11. Dhruva

Every Rudra form is equivalently violent and aggressive. There is no difference in them. They work on Shiva's will and perform the task on Shiva's behalf.

Sankat mochan is also the eleven Rudra Avatar of Shiva.

Facts about Lord Rudra

In the war zone, Rudra is wild and the fierce god who is invincible. Noone has the abilities to defeat him without his permissions.

The Atharva Vedic hymns describe Rudra as the best archer and the one who is master in all war art and carries deadly weapons including Trident.

Rudra Lord is also known as the creator of the Hiranyagarbha. It is the place where the cosmic seed of the germination takes place.

In contemporary form, Rudra means the one who wipes out the tear of the devotees, in simple terms the remover of sorrow and destroyer of egotism.

The calm and compassionate form of Rudra is Shankar.

Shiva shakti

What is the difference between Rudra and Shiva?

Shiva is the unmanifested dark energy which doesn't have any start or end point and known as SadaShiva whereas Rudra is the physical form of unmanifested Sadashiva.

Although Rudra has physical existence still Rudra is omniscient in all aspects. There is no difference in Sadashiva and Rudram forms, for his iconographical representation Sadshiv taken the form of Maha Rudra known as Shiva or Mahadev.

Mahadev lives in Mount Kailash and maintains the balance of energies.

On the higher groundsSadashiva is in union with Goddess Shakti (energy) and in the physical ground, Lord Rudra is married to Goddess Parvati.

Why do you need to worship Rudra?

To move life into the next level, everyone needs strength, the extra courage.

God Rudra protects from instant death, Mahamrityunjaya mantra Jaap is testified by sage Markandeya, and it can save anyone from instant death if chanted with complete devotion towards Shiva's Rudram form.


  • Rudra gives strength to his devotees without comparing peoples karma.
  • Devotees get good health, wealth, inner peace and focus on their lives.
  • The devotees of Rudra never get harm from negatives energies.
  • All the complicated problems of life starts getting reduced.
  • Auspiciousness getting spread into the person's life and family.

How to worship Rudra?

Keep faith in Lord Rudra and meditate upon him with Panchakshari Mantra Om Namah Shivaya . It can also help you to stimulate your inner Shiva.

You can also take benefit of Hanuman Chalisa ; it will also help you in worshipping Shiva's Rudra form.

The significant thing to notice is that devotees need to consider Hanuman Chalisa Rules before Chanting the devotional hymn.

Worshipping Rudra is simple, but Bhav should be there to get connected to Rudra Lord. The synapse of your brain channels starts getting charged slowly after some period.

It is also known as the awakening of the Chakras. The whole process of majestic and comes into the ShivYoga.

Perform the Rudra Abhishek or lingam consecration with special liquids and edible items.

Each item fulfills the particular wish of the devotee after lingam consecration.

  1. The sacred river water -Cures infectious diseases.
  2. Milk - Gives positive energy and blissfulness.
  3. Honey - Removes all the sadness from life.
  4. Ghee - Gives health benefits
  5. Yogurt -Gives Success to the family kids.
  6. The juice of a sugar-cane - Gives inner peace.
Lord Rudra story

As mentioned previously, in the beginning, Vishnu and Brahma emerged and started quarreling with each other, Sadashiva introduced himself to them as infinite fire pillar and allocated specific responsibilities to Brahma and Vishnu.

Brahma and Vishnu requested Sadshiva to take same Physical form so that they could worship him. Later Sadashiva appeared as Rudra but before that.

Lord Vishnu who is free from all kind of lunacy and conflicting thoughts returns to Vaikuntha and takes the defined responsibility as the preserver.

Similarly, Brahma returns to Brahma Loka and starts speculating about the creation of the world.

SadaShiva personifies himself as Rudra on the Himalayas mountains, and Brahma and Vishnu greet Rudra.

Meanwhile, Brahma expresses his incompetence to create the universe without the cosmic energy.

Brahma requests Lord Shiva to benefit him cosmic energy source.

Shiva is simplistic of simple Adiyogi who accepts the request of Brahma. Lord Shiv dissects his cosmic feminine energy and gives it as boons to Brahma.

Lord Brahma and Vishnu return, but that dissection of Shiva disturbs the inner peace of Shiva and gives the pain of separation with Shakti.

Shiva becomes Vairagi.

For starting the process, Shiva creates the eleven Rudra's who helps Brahma for letting creation starts of mortal beings.


Even though Shiva accepts the vairagya but he never ignored his responsibility as Rudra the greatest destroyer of darkness.

On the other side, Lord Brahma gets busy in the creation of the world. He creates Sapt Rishi (First 7 sage).

  1. Marichi
  2. Bhrigu
  3. Angiras
  4. Pulastya
  5. Vashishta
  6. Kratu
  7. Atri

Once during the creation, Brahma found it hard to create mortal beings. He decides to take the creation process into the next level.

He created Manu and Satropa as husband and wife and genitalia seed became the medium of creation. Brahma organized the first wedding ceremony of Manu and Satropa.

During world creation process involvement, Brahma involved so much that he forgot to create his Son Daksha.

Daksha traveled to the feet thumb of Brahma, to ask Brahma to create him as soon as possible.

After listening Daksha's voice Brahma creates him, and due to his self-realization, the egoistic problem grew within in Daksha.

Everything was going great Brahma gave heaven to demigods, and Indra became king of the demigods.

Hell assigned to Asurs.

Shiva never showed any interest in any phenomena happening around the world. Shiva started roaming from one cremation ground to another as an isolated sage.

Shiva created distance from materialistic world and involved himself in greatest penance.

Shiva never stayed too long in any one place. One day Shiva reached in a cremation ground where Aghori ascetics were worshipping him. Shiva accepted their offering and taught them about Vedas.

Brahma realized that Shiva has tedium feeling in his heart for the world with a complete absence of cosmic desires.

Brahma also realized that this tedium of Shiva was not balancing the stability of the world in some other way, although Shiva was taking care of his responsibility.

Brahma calls Kaam Dev (God of eroticism) or Vasant Dev (God of spring season) to distract Shiva from his meditation.

Kaam and Vasant had egoistic feelings in their heart because they were never failed to seduce any other before Shiva.

After taking permission from Brahma; they reached the place where Shiva was absorbed in his meditation amongst the Aghori ascetics.

Vasant reached first in that place; he covers every cliff with beautiful plant and flowers.

Honey bees start buzzing over the flowers; birds start chirping in melodious voice over the trees.

Kaam reached to the place where Shiva was absorbed in his meditation amongst the Aghori ascetics. Firstly Kaam destroyed the meditation of Aghoris.

Now kaamDev was too sure that he will easily break out the penance of Shiva.

Kaam took his bow and arrow, he aimed at Shiva, but Shiva penance was unbreakable.

Kaam tried his best to break the penance of Shiva but ultimately failed. That broke the ego of Kaam and Vasant at the same time.

Kaam and Vasant return to Brahma Loka.

KaamDev informs Brahma that Shiva's control over senses is marvelous.

No one is authorized to break down Shiva's penance without his permission.

Kaam and Vasant take the apology from Brahma for getting failed in the task given by Brahma.

That fills Brahma with more sadness; He worships Lord Vishnu, and Lord Vishnu appears in front of him.

Brahma tells the whole story to Lord Vishnu.

Vairagi hoon

Vishnu speaks politely

Brahma how could you forgot Shiva is Mahadev.

The one who is beyond every Maya; How can you think that you can trick Lord Shiva in your Maya?

If you honestly want to bind Shiva in marriage household.

The only option left is to worship Shiva and convince him for marriage.

Lord Brahma, you are the creator of the world, you already knew that our energy is the flux of eternal Shiva feminine energy.

Goddess Saraswati who is your better half and Goddess Laxmi who is my better half is the part of same flux.

Lord Shiva feminine energy who is the better half of Shiva, lost her memory after getting being apart from Shiva.

You need to order your son Daksha to worship feminine energy of Shiva known by the name of Goddess Durga and get a boon from goddess to take birth as his daughter.

Brahma starts penance to Goddess Durga who is the ultimate feminine energy source and mother of the entire world.

Goddess Durga appeared in front of Bhrama.

She appeared in her divine avatar with big black eyes, four hands, one hand was holding a lotus, another hand was holding Bilbo, the third hand was in a blessing position, and fourth hand was holding trident.

Brahma folds his hands and speaks.

Mother, you are the energy which is stored in every being naval section. Mother, you are the ultimate energy source, everything evolved from you.

You are the karma or Akarma; You are endless Adishakti. All three realm is in your control; you are beyond time wheel. Please accept my salutation.

Goddess Durga gently smiles and ask Brahma to take some boon in return of the penance.

Brahma replies

Mother, Mahadev Shiva the supreme consciousness took shape as Rudra. He lives an ascetics life on the mount of Kailash Himalayas.

He lives alone and spending all his time in penance there.

Shiva cannot be impressed by any other lady; You already knew to make stability in this world, the Whole universe needs Shiva to come out from his penance.

Now we clearly understood that Shiva & you are inseparable as one entity of supreme consciousness.

You are the source of energy; Your energy is in Goddess Laxmi and Goddess Saraswati.

You are the only one who can make Lord Shiva come out of his penance.

Oh, Mother, I request you to take birth in Daksh home as his daughter. Daksh is performing hardest penance to get you as his daughter.

Goddess Durga accepts the Brahma request and reminds him that if ever Daksha knowingly or unknowingly insulted me, Shiva.

I will return from this world, and Daksha has to face the wrath of Rudra.


On this post, we have described information about Lord Rudra.

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