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Mahakal means the highest dimension; it is the most alluring name of omnipotent Lord Shiva.

Who is Mahakal?

Before understanding the meaning of Mahakal; we need to know that the great Lord Shiva who is known as Mahadev is also known as Mahakal.

  • Maha - Great
  • Kal - Time, Space, Death

On this post, we have described Why is Lord Shiva called Mahakal?

There is no one like Lord Shiva; Shiva is self-born, immortal, almighty, highest form of divinity in Sanatan Dharma.

Therefore there is an enormous list of Shiva devotees all over the world. In general parlance, Mahakal meaning represents the greatest destroyer.

As we all know that Shiva is limitless and greatest transformer, who keeps manifest himself as the destroyer of the ego whenever necessary.

What is the meaning of Mahakal?

Fearsome form of Shiva deviantart

As I have mentioned above that Shiva is limitless; therefore, Shiva is beyond Time, space vacuum and death.

Shiva lives in the highest dimension; except Shiva, no one has ever reached to that dimension.

If you observe yourself then you realize, your reality of existence is cyclic. Clock ticks continuously and after 12 hours days gets turned into the night.

When an entity gets freedom from the physical nature; it pushes them onward to gets freedom from the cyclic law.

When that happens, the entity gets merge into Mahakal.

Hence, Mahakal represents the eternal time which is free from cyclic nature. Moksha is the path through which entities can liberate their existence.

Shiv Yoga is the medium which leads toward the path of Moksha.

This form of Yoga comprises Vairagya in it. It is the journey of Atma towards Paramatma, where perennial joy exists.

Mahakal wallpaper

One needs to understand it carefully.

We, humans, live in a 3-dimensional world; whereas other creatures may live in another dimensional world which could be one dimensional, two dimensional, three dimensional or beyond that.

A Siddha Yogi, Sanyasi or ascetic can switch from 3 dimensions to higher dimensions through Yogic science. In that state, they can control their Jiva Tattva and Atma Shakti.

There is a whole system designed by Adiyogi (Shiva) for physical entities. Kundalini Yog Shakti is one of them which helps to achieve it.

Now, it becomes essential to understand; what does multi-dimension world mean.

  • Understanding one-dimension

    Think about an object which has no height and depth; It can move only in a linear direction.

    In simple term; we can say that the organism can pass in the predefined direction which is a straight line.

    one dimension

  • Understanding two dimension

    Now suppose that object has height and depth; now it can move on either direction. It could move up, down, left and right and anywhere in between.

    According to mathematics, both height and depth are perpendicular to each other which means they are making an angle of 90 degrees.

    one dimension Source mathopenref
  • Understanding third dimension

    In the third dimension, organisms have height, depth, and light. It can comprise the multiple series of 2-dimensional world stack on each other.

    It means we can observe things getting shrink in size and getting enlarge.

    Now the sense of visualizing the stuff gives superiority to third-dimensional creatures over second-dimensional creatures.

    Still, humans in 3 dimension world, view stuff in 2 dimensions. Similarly, two-dimensional organisms will see material in one dimension.

    In a logistic approach, we cannot see our world in 3 dimensions whereas we are living in it.

    We also cannot see the things which are in higher dimensions. But the creatures living in it can see and observe us, internally as we as externally according to the third dimension.

    Three dimension
    Source - wikimedia
  • Fourth dimensions

    The human cannot perceive the objects beyond the third dimension; The object exceeding the third dimensions not stacked on each other.

    They are forming a complex structure where each angle is perpendicular to each other.

    Three dimension
    source - wikimedia.org

    The significant thing to notice that the Fourth dimension is spacious than the third dimension.

    Time and space are two different segments of Kala.

    Time passes gradually in each dimension. The difference between space and time can be understood if an astronaut travels with the speed of light for a few weeks.

    After that, if he returns to the earth; he will realize the change in earth time. Just by traveling with the speed of light for few weeks.

    He has bypassed many years of earth. That means the astronaut moved forward in time dimensional. That is the Kala or time.

    In one dimensional straight line, a little curve after traveling a long distance reaches to its initial position, creating a circle.

    It is not about just one Dimension; it is right for other dimensions as well. That complete circle of a dimension is the Mahakal.

    Everything emerges from that Mahakal and returns into it.

    Therefore that circle is known as Zero or Sunya.

    In a contemporary aspect, Zero is the Lingam form which is highly sacred in Santan Dharma.

    Hence, Shiva is someone who is not physical in existence but the source of wholeness. Everything depends on his wish; therefore it's up to him how he manifests himself.

why shiva is worshiped as mahakal?

Sage-markandeya punjabkesari

Sage Markandeya was born with the blessing of Lord Shiva. Since his childhood, Markandeya was the devotee of Lord Shiva.

One day Sage Markandeya came to know from his parents that his lifespan is very short. After getting 16 years, he will die.

Young Markandeya had absolute faith in Shiva. He sat near a Shivlinga and wrapped Shivalinga with his arms.

Kal which means death approached Markandeya and requested him to leave the earth with him. Markandeya refused the request of Kal.

After seeing no option left; Kal thews his death noose around Markandeya neck, but trap falls on Shivlinga and Shiva appears there.

Shiva ordered Kal to bless the lives of the young Markandeya.

After getting orders from Shiva, The deity of death returned life to Markandeya and made him immortal.

The story defines that even Kal cannot kill you if you are a devotee of Shiva. That is why Shiva is known as Mahakal.

Mahakaleshwar jyotirlinga story

In the state of Madhya Pradesh, there was a city named Avantika, now known as Ujjain.

There lived an ardent devotee of Shiva.

Close to the city; there was a mountain named Ratanmala. The mountain was home place of a demonic creature named Dooshan.

The demon was incredibly strong, and the hater of Vedic rituals. After knowing about the devotee of Shiva, he attacked the village.

demon Dooshan Source - wallpaper house

Demon atrocities crossed his limits and devotees started worshipping Shiva.

After the astonishing celestial sound, Shiva's fearsome form came out from Shiva Linga. That form of Shiva was Mahakal which destroyed the demon Dooshan.

After killing of Dooshan, the roar of Mahakaal wasn't calm down. At last, Shiva devotee with all his four sons requested mahakal to calm down.

The family requested Mahakal to reside in the city and bless the devotees. Mahakal accepted the wish of his devotees.

The city of Avantika is known as Ujjain and Shiva is worshipped as Mahakal.

mahakaleshwar jyotirlinga


On this post, we have defined what is the meaning of Mahakal and why Shiva is known as Mahakal?

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Keep smiling and stay blessed.

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