Madanike in Mahadev

Madanike in Mahadev

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Madanike in Mahadev is an important character; she was a folk dancer who first recognized Goddess Sati's mystical love for grand god Shiva.

In this post, we are sharing a story of Dancer Madanike who was also a secret devotee of Shiva.

Before getting started with the story of Madanike in Mahadev; we need to understand the situation around Madanike and what was the Character of Madanike?

Madanike Characteristic

  • Madanike was the beautiful and famous dancer of the Daksha Prajapati kingdom Kankhal, almost every man was a fan of Madanike beauty and dancing skills.
  • Madanike was a cheerful lady with the ability to understand the situation. She was a caring and helpful lady to everyone.
  • In the inner dimension, She always looked for inner peace. She always wanted someone who could understand her emotions and care for her. All those qualities she found on Lord Shiva Shankara.
  • Goddess Sati was the crucial part of her life, although she was a famous actress & dancer, she always looked Sati as her daughter. Madanike helps Sati to understand the greatness of Shiva.
  • Sati always showed the same love and care as a daughter for Dancer Madanike in Mahadev .
  • In Daksha kingdom, no one was allowed to take the name of Shiva. Madanike in the Daksha Palace worshiped Shiva secretly without anyone letting know about her devotion for Shiva.
  • Sati turns from daughter to Goddess for Madanike when she comes to know that she is the manifestation of Shakti Adishakti, the consort of Shiva.

Madanike in Mahadev

Goddess Sati goes to talks with Madanike and gets's Surprise to see Madanike is a worshipper of God Shiva in Daksha Palace.

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As defined in the previous post-Madanike was too sure that Sati is in love with someone.

Sati was not accepting her feelings for someone special, so Madanike tries to figure out whom Sati loves?

God Shiva

Sati doesn’t let Madanike realize that she is very impressed by Shiva's Characteristic.

A singing competition was taking place in the state, and various singers take part in it.

It was a grand celebration; everyone was presenting something musical to the listener.

Now Sati is requested to sing something for the audience, but she refuses to sing or perform in front of everyone.

At the request of her family, she accepts the offer to sing in front of all.

She decides to play the sitar; she sits to play Sitar (a classical music instrument).

Sati starts a sweet musical note Chandra was attending that competition.

He realizes that the tune Sati is performing has Shiva factor in it.

Somehow Chandra convinces himself that daughter of great king Daksha who hates Shiva so much can’t sing Shiva tune.

It must be some illusion of misunderstanding.

On the other side, Madanike observes that Sati is performing Shiva tune. Madanike comes to know that Sati is in love with Shiva.

She was shocked after knowing that; Madanike smiling expression gets change, but she manages to hide her feeling from others.

When Sati finishes her tune; she realizes that unknowingly she performed Shiva tune in front of all. She walks out from the grand feast.

Thankfully, no one understood the meaning of Sati's Sitar tune.

Madanike follows Sati and talks about it within her room.

Madanike tells Sati that you cannot love Shiva. She defines the rivalry between Shiva and her father; that her father Daksha is the greatest hater of Shiva.

How could She love Shiva? Even people are not allowed to take Shiva's name on the palace then how can Sati dare to love Shiva, being the Daksha daughter?

After telling all that to Sati Madanike leaves Sati room, Sati keeps wondering. After some time Sati again decides to meet Madanike in her room.

Sati gets surprised to see Madanike worshipping Shivalinga (Symbol of Lord Shiva).

Sati comes near to Madanike and asks a question.

Sati - “Then, Why are you worshipping Shiva? if you don't like Shankara ?”

Madanike sees Sati and tells her.

Madanike:- “Sati listen to me carefully; There is no one like Shiva in the whole world.

He is so innocent in this mean world like a child who is guiltless.

Think about why the whole world calls him Bholenath.

Reality is Shiva never discriminates among his devotees.

Shiva is the one who is free from this materialistic mean world. He is divine; Param Brahma (Supreme Consciousness) still wraps himself dead animal skin, filled with compassion and grace. Shiva is Vishnu Vallbha, Sati.

Do you know, why I worship him? Only Shiva can accept people like us. You father society has no place for lowered people. Not just me, animals, rivers, demons, ghost also seek refugee at him.

He is the silent patron of weaker; He never asks anything in return. He protects everyone without considering their caste, creed, cult, your birth.

You might be not knowing Sati; Shiva is boundless, still bonded with the thin thread of devotion with the devotees."


Madanike praises the virtues of Shiva and shares her worries for Sati.

Madanike tells Sati that rules and regulation are created in Daksha palace whereas, Shiva holds in no laws.

There is no rule in praising Shiva; He never asked anyone to worship him. That is the simplicity of the Shiva.

That brings tears in Madanike's eyes. Sati tells to Madanike that her secret is safe with her. Sati cuddles Madanike and wipes out her tears.

She walks out of the room.

While moving out from Madanike's room; Sati views toward white snowing Himalayas. Sati gently chants Om Namah Shivaya and smiles.


In this post, we have shared the story in which God Shiva devotee Madanike tells Sati why she worships Shiva?

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