Lord shiva names for baby boy

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Lord shiva names for baby boy

Parents who want their kids to grow with qualities of almighty Shiva. For them, this post brings the collection of Lord Shiva names for the baby boy.

Lord Shiva is the most powerful God in the Sanatan Dharma. Shiva means the Auspicious one.

Shiva as the destroyer of Darkness lives in a household with his beloved wife, Goddess Parvati.

Lord Shiva is the ocean of the virtues, wisdom, strength, and knowledge. Every quality of Shiva is heart winning; therefore, every girl wants to get married to a man who has the virtues of Lord Shiva.

The Simplicity and innocence of Shiva are known to everyone. Sages all around the globe are busy in chanting Om namah Shivaya .

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Lord shiva names for baby boy

Achintyah Unthinkable, Beyond comprehension
Adikarah First creator
Ashutosh The one who gratified easily
Adiyogeshwar First Yogi
Adi The First one
AdiDev The First Lord
Ajay Invincible
Aditya Super incredible
Aghora Not extreme
Aja Unborn
Akshayaguna God with limitless attribute
Amara Immortal
Avinashi Undying
Amitrajit Conqueror of his enemies
Anantadrishta Good with infinite vision
Aniket Lord of the world
Bahubhutah One who has become many
Bahurupah who is present in many forms
Balawan Strong, both physically and mentally
Bhagava The Lord
Bhairava Lethal Manifestation of Shiva
Bhalanetra Lord with Third eye on his head, spiritual eye, Ajna Chakra
Bhasmabhutah Covers his body with cremation ground ashes
Bhavnath The one who listens to the unspoken words
Bhavesh Lord of the world
Bholenath The simple one
Bhootnath Master of 5 elementary elements
Bhudeva Lord of the mother earth
Bhujanagabhushana Who is ornate with the snake
Chalah Keep moving
Charulingah Attractive
Chandrashekara Most handsome one
Chekitanah one with excellent powers of observation
Dakshah Persevering
Dehah Body
Devadhipatih Lord of the Lords
Devarshih Divine sage
Devesh King of the lords
Dhanadeepa Lord of wealth
Dhruvah One who is immovable
Dhyaan Yuktam Meditating
Durjaya Unbeaten
Durvasah Resident of a difficult place
Ganakarta Creator of the tattvas
Gandalih One who dwells on the hills
Gangadhar The one who holds Holy river Ganga on his matted hairs
Gauripati Husband of the Gauri
Gatih Final goal of every sage
Giriruhah seated on the mountain Kailash
Girisha Lord of the mountains
Grijapati Master of mountains
Gopalih Protector of senses
Guruh Ultimate Teacher
Hara Remover of sorrows
Harikesah whose rays are the senses
Hutah Shiva’s easy temperament (easy to pleased)
Idhyah Praiseworthy
Jata Matted hair
Jagadisha Master of the cosmos
Jatin Inspiring, creative, and intuitive
Kaam bhasmam Destroyer of the eroticism
Kailashnath Lord of Mount Kailash
Mahakal Highest dimension
Mrityujay The conqueror of death
Mahadev Lord of the Lord (The great Lord)
Mahesha Shiva
Nagabhushana the one who has serpents as ornaments
Nataraja King of the dancer, greatest dancer
NeelKantha Man with blue throat
Omkar First vibration
Palanhaar Protector
Parvatipataye Husband of Parvati
Parvati vallbham Dear to goddess Parvati
Paramjyoti Eternal fire
Pashupati Lord of the Animals
Priyabhakta Favorite of the devotees
Pushkara one who gives nourishment
Ravilochana Having sun as the eye
Rudra The one who roars
Sadashiva Everlasting Shiva
Sarvayoni source of everything (Cosmic womb)
Shambhu Source of happiness
Shankara Happiness
Shoolin ne who has a trident
Shiva Auspicious one
Sukhada The one who bestows happiness
Tejaswini One who spreads illumination
Trilochana Third eye Lord
Umapati The husband of Uma
Varada The granter of boons
Vishesh Special one
Vishnu vallbha The one who is Aradhya of Lord Vishnu
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