Why Lord Shiva's anger is devastating?

Why Lord Shiva's anger is devastating?

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The Anger of Lord Shiva

There is an unimaginable relationship between anger and destruction. This post will help you to understand Why Lord Shiva's anger is devastating?

Before understanding Lord Shiva's anger, we need to understand that Shiva is Antaryami which means the one who knows everything, and destroyer of all kind of sufferings.

Shiva is known for his benevolence and simplicity. The one who is always auspicious; therefore, there is no one like Shiva in the known and unknown universe.

Undefeated, Extremely powerful, Shiva is Immortal and the greatest transformer mentioned in the Rigveda which is the oldest Veda.

Regarded as Mahakal; Shiva is the Loving husband of goddess Shakti (energy). Although, Shiva rarely gets angry; there are only limited incidents of Shiva, manifesting his anger. But all those incidents were devastating.

Lord Shiva angry

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1 Lord Ganesha is the remover of all kind of obstacles .

Once upon a time, angry Lord Shiva chopped the head of Lord Ganesha with his trident. After realizing the situation, Shiva returned life to Lord Ganesha by putting an elephant head.

2 Ravana faced Shiva's anger when Ravana Tried to lift Kailash

No doubt demon king Ravan was one of the greatest devotees of Shiva. Once in the devotion of Mahadev, Ravan tried to lift Kailash.

Shiva observed the ego of strength in Ravana. Shiva put his toe into the ground of Kailash and buried Ravana's hand beneath the Kailash.

Ravana experienced the extreme pain for few consecutive days. During that time, he kept praising Shiva.

Shiva finally lifted his toe and blessed Chandrahass glaive to Ravana.

3 Once Shiva was Indulged into a deep Samadhi, and KaamDev (lord of eroticism) disturbed Shiva.

Shiva opened his third eye and turned Kaamdev into the ashes. This part of the Shiva's history defines; after the death of Sati, how Goddess Parvati won the heart of Lord Shiva.

Shiva and parvati

4 Goddess Sati immolated herself in honor of protecting glory of Lord Shiva

It is an impressive history of Lord Shiva which makes devotees, him to love more.

For the creation of the world, Shiva gave his half energy to Brahma so that the process of creation could take place.

That dissection separated Shiva from his half energy part and turned Shiva into Vairagi. Being a Vairagi; Shiva lived a highly ascetic life.

Goddess, AdiShakti (energy) manifested herself as the daughter of Daksha to get united with Shiva again.

Daksha named her Sati; she was the dearest daughter to him. When Sati attained her womanhood, she realizes that she was born to get married to Mahadev.

On the other hand, Bholenath remained detached from Sati and never noticed Sati's love for him.

Everything associated with Shiva was fascinating for Sati.

Sati's faith kept increasing on Shiva by every passing day . Every time she gets into trouble; she starts chanting Shiva's name.

Therefore, Shiva appeared many times to protect Sati from peril.

Everyone, including sages, demigods, humans, Lord Narayan, Brahma waited to see Shiva acknowledging Sati as his wife.

Sage Narad helped Sati and told her how could she could become the consort of Shiva.

As everyone knows, the bonding between Shiva and Vishnu is exceptional; on request of Vishnu, Shiva decided to meet Sati.

Shiva shakti

Finally, the day came when the wedding of Shiva and Sati happened, and Sati reached to Kailash, the abode of Shiva.

Sati's father Daksha never accepted Shiva divinity and had envy thoughts for him. He organized the Yagya and invited everyone, except Shiva.

When Sati came to know that her father organized the Yagya; she decided to visit the place.

Shiva reminds Sati that Daksha didn't invite them for the Yagya. Therefore, she must drop the idea of visiting her father house.

Sati argues with Shiva that Invitation is just a conventional rule. A daughter doesn't need an invitation to visit her father's house.

Shiva again tries to stop goddess Sati, but Sati vows to Shiva that if anything wrong happens there; he must appear after that.

Without any second thought, Sati reaches to the Yagya of Daksha. Daksha gets an opportunity to insult Shiva in a large public gathering.

Daksha insults Shiva with his noxious words. Sati tries to stop Daksha, but Daksha drops the level of language.

Sati requests everyone to make Daksha stop insulting Shiva.

She realizes that her father always had so much toxicity for Shiva, she finally decides to give up her life for being the daughter of the Daksha.

After giving salutation to her husband Shiva; She decides to surrender to Fire. In honor of Shiva and Sati, demigod of fire seeks apology to present him as insufficient to burn the body of Sati.

Finally, the anger of Sati crosses her boundaries and she immolates through Yogashakti and attains her supreme Adishakti forms.

She warns Daksha and everyone about the reason for her human birth, and now they have to face the wrath of Shiva.

Shiva's anger

As soon Sati collapses and leaves the human body Shiva gets free from the vow of Sati.

Teardrops come into Shiva's eye, and hairs get uncoiled. Angry Lord Shiva's eyes get red.

Shiva takes his Damru (pellet drum) and plays the instrument in the raucous beat. Then Shiva begins the dance of destruction knows as Shiva Tandava .

All the three realms start shaking, and the natural disaster starts happening on earth. Daksha was confident that he had the protection of Lord Vishnu.

Shiva pulls a hair lock and throws into the ground. The fearsome form of Shiva appears as Veerbhadra.

veerabhadra source deviantart - Lord Veerabhadra God

Shiva orders Veerbhadra to destroy the entire kingdom of the Daksha. Veerbhadra takes leave of Shiva and with speed of hurricane reaches to the door of the Daksha's kingdom.

Daksha's army attacks the fearsome manifestation of Shiva, but Veerbhadra kills every soldier of Daksha.

Veerbhadra was roaring in the battleground, and his blades were washes with the blood of Daksha army.

Daksha prays Narayan to protect him from Veerbhadra and Narayan appears to help Daksha.

After seeing Narayan standing in front of him, Veerbhadra stops and requests Narayan to allow him to kill Daksha.

Narayan tells Veerbhadra about his asseveration that he had given to Daksha. Narayan binds Veerbhadra, and in honor of Narayan, Veerbhadra surrenders.

Shiva continues the Dance of destruction and takes another hair locks and throws in the ground. Shiva's another fearsome form goddess Bhadra - Kali appears.

Shiva explains goddess Bhadrakali to unlock the control of Veerbhadra. Goddess Bhadrakali reaches to the war zone and unlocks Veerbhadra.

Veerbhadra starts approaching towards Daksha. Daksha prays Narayan again, Narayan tells to Daksha that he already helped him; Now it's time to feel the consequences of making Shiva angry.

Veerbhadra destroys the entire army of Daksha. Finally, Daksha attacks Veerbhadra and get defeated.

Finding no way out, Daksha runs for his life and reaches to the Yagya place. He falls in front of spiritual Yagya fire and seeks help from everyone.

No one appears to help Daksha, Veerbhadra walks toward him. Frightened Daksha seeks the apology from Veerbhadra, but it was too late for him.

Daksha offers the special place for Veerbhadra in his temple, but Veerbhadra rejects Daksha every offer without listening to him.

Lastly, Daksha chants OM NAMAH SHIVAYA and Veerbhadra behead Daksha head which falls into the Yagya fire. Veerbhadra disappears after that, and Angry Shiva stops dance of Destruction.

Shiva angry eyes had teardrops. After that Shiva comes to the Yagya place and sees Daksha without a head. Daksha family mourn on Daksha and Sati's death.

On request of Daksha's family, Shiva returns the life of Daksha with a goat head.

After that Shiva sees the immolated body of Sati and weeps; he carries the dead body of the Sati and roams in the whole universe.

Lord Narayan gets depressed after feeling the grief of Shiva.

To make Shiva free from the grief of Sati's death. Narayan applies his chakra and chops Sati's body into 52 parts.

Every, body part which falls into the earth becomes Shaktipetha.

Shiva appointed Bhairavas for protecting each Shakti petha.

Every year millions of devotees visit Shakti petha to worship Shiva and Shakti.


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