How to become a sanyasi [ A post for everyone ]

How to become a sanyasi [ A post for everyone ]

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How to become a sanyasi

How to become a sanyasi is a unique post dedicated to the people who are looking for inner peace. In this post, we have described the meaning of Sanyas.


Life is a precious gift; people must know the real purpose of their lives. Without having a sense of inner consciousness; you cannot discover the strength within hence cannot achieve heights.

In this post, we have described how can vairagya transform your life and what is the meaning of being Sanyas?

What is Sanyas?

The whole idea of Sanyas means getting detached from the materialistic desires and every kind of impurities, those kinds of people who do that are the Sanyasi.

Such impurities are mostly psychological which includes Kaam (lust), Krodh (anger), Moh (attachment), Ahankara (ego), and others.

Getting freedom from these disorders on the path of true enlightenment which leads toward righteousness is Vairagya.

It is the highest level of intellectuality where outer circumstances don't matter anymore.

Being a Sanyasi is the state where you surrender yourself to supreme sentience.

Sanyas helps you to realize that nothing is permanent in this world except Shivoham, you get the glimpse of your inner cognizance.

Who are Sanyasi'?

If you think that they are less educated people, then you are wrong, You can even find M tech Aghoris and Nagas.

Every Sanyasi is a protector of Dharma and Dharma represents the act of righteousness, not religion.

To understand the term deeply, you have to detach yourself from all the luxuries of life and perform Sadhana.

Sadhana represents devotion towards absolute consciousness which leads you to the path of Manav Seva (serving humanity).

How to become Sanyasi?

You have to takes the austere lifestyle and restrict yourself to follow precise services to attain siddhis.

You can join any cult of Sadhus, and take Deeksha from them. There are different thoughts flow available in that context. You can join Aghor cult, Nagas, Akhadas, and others.

Taking Deeksha means spiritual awakening enlightened by Gurus. For example, Nagas doesn't wear clothes, and it has pure essence uniting them to spiritual mindfulness.

They adorn nature and Worship Goddess Shakti, as her newly born son who is free from every malicious thought. Every Sanyasi has a feeling of Samarapan for humanity.

Therefore, A Sanyasi will always have compassion for everyone including animals, rivers, mountain, trees, humans and even for the enemies of humanity.

How to be a Sanyasi despite being in a household?

There are few points to take into consideration, following these rules can lead towards blissfulness, and you could become a Sanyasi who is in the household.

  1. You don't need to Leave your family & responsibilities to become a Sanyasi.
  2. Forgiveness is the attributes of the Sadhus
  3. Acquiring constant Knowledge and Siddhis from Lord Shiva
  4. Adapt Yogic Lifestyle
  5. Sanyasi's are optimistic and guardian of moral values

1 ) You don't need to Leave your family & responsibilities to become a Sanyasi.


There is no need to go the Himalayas to become a Sanyasi. It may sound confusing, but there is no need to leave your family behind for Sanyaas.

Indeed, Sanyaas and Household are complementary to each other. Shiva has a sweet family.

Fulfilling all your responsibility without getting indulge in any selfish desire is the simplest way to purify your atman (soul)

2 ) Forgiveness is the attributes of the Sadhus

Having a hard feeling for anyone is the sign of weakness and Indulging in forgiveness is the strength.

The ultimate motive of becoming a Sanyasi is to get free from all sort of negative energies. Therefore Sanyasi never has the troublesome feeling for anyone.

3 ) Acquiring constant Knowledge and Siddhis from Lord Shiva

Shiva is the greatest transformer, the kindest protector of all, the one who is known for simplicity and grace.

When a devotee has the true devotion for Shiva, Mahadev never let them down.

Shiva, the Lord of the Yogis, and Sanyasi is the one who is the ultimate master of all transformations and Siddhis.

As Shiva is the caring husband of goddess Parvati and everything evolved from him.

Sanyasi seeks Siddhis and Shakti (energies) from him. Activating Kundalini Shakti is one of the ways to open the door of the divine nectar.

4 ) Adapt Yogic Lifestyle

Take some time for yourself, introduce yourself to Yoga. It is an ancient science of India which stabilizes body, soul, and mind together.

If you are passionate about getting the instant peace of mind, then you must try out some meditational practice combined with pranayama.

Eat organic food and indulged yourself in the prayer of divinity. Your natural (organic) vegan food consumption habit will bring you closer to the inner self. Avoid meat and flesh consumption.

5 ) Sanyasi's are optimistic and guardian of moral values

The entire sanyasi community is hopeful in life. They are the guardian of moral values.

They keep themselves busy in chanting the name of supreme. They know that life flows like the water stream and we should keep that stream pure.

It means not getting indulged in any work which is against the moral ethics or rule of the state or nation.

Misconception Associated with Sanyasi

1 ) People think that Sanyasi has nothing to do with society

In reality, Sanyasi has everything to do with Society. People who have taken Sanyas are those kinds of people who don't have any self-interest.

Hence they are the nation builder. Their significant work is to strengthen the root of the nation.

We must give them the respect they deserve.

2) A sanyasi is always a Yogi {Beware of Fake Sanyasi}

Here I m not saying anything against Sanyasis. I believe that they are the pride of this great nation.

They are the one who continually keeps connected to Divine services, but I would like to bring a point in your consideration.

A man who presents himself as a Sanyasi in front of others but indulged in all the impurities could never be a Sanyasi.

A simple man must have abilities to judge the characteristics of fake Sanyasi. Therefore, don't just blindly follow anyone for making them your Guru.

Analyze them, Research about them. In my views, Your guru is already within you (Shivoham).

Therefore these are the characteristics of the Sanyasi. If you can develop these traits within you, you can become Sanyasi.

Hence, there is no need to leave your family to adopt Vairaga in your life. Solely try to live a simplistic lifestyle.

Detach yourself from the disorders mentioned above. Love and admire the beauty of nature. Devote yourself to not a selfish Life and help everyone.

Enjoy little happiness and accept everything with open arms.


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