Why so Serious?

Why so serious

Santosh Gairola By   santosh |     Last updated :   18 sept 2017

Why so serious?

It’s ok to feel lost sometimes; some of us are not common people because we have the courage to pursue our dream. We know why to stand out from the crowd is so important? Sometimes for moving forward, you need setbacks.

Why so serious? Life is all about the living the moment so keep it simple. It is the state of your subconscious mind which helps you to learn about patience. It’s up to you how you use your setbacks and convert them to your motivational fuel. Take the life lessons from your journey.

Life is celebrations so why are you being so serious?

You just need stay focused and keep moving forward. When something happens; it happens for good my mother told me once.

If you find yourself that you are in such conditions where stayed focused is impossible remember why you hold on so long and it is the time when success is testing you. You need to have faith in yourself and trust your instinct.

Small story

Let me share you a small story. In London, there was a church and one sunny day pastor passed an order that all the employees must be literate and those who are not must become so by a certain date.

When the deadline date ended pastor sent for John Smith and asked him if he had become literate. When the verger said he is still illiterate, his services were terminated immediately after paying him all his dues, including the balance to his credit in his provident fund account.

It was a bad day for his life, Smith wanted a cigarette but could find no tobacconist’s booth nearly. That predicament made him think; surely he was not the only one who was so badly in need of a cigarette.

With some of his savings, he at once set up tobacconist booth. Soon, he had a chain of booths at the strategic points all over the London.

London street wallpaper

One day manager of the bank at which Smith had a savings account, sent for him and asked if he knew his bank balance (which has grown to a considerable figure and manager of that branch wanted to suggest how it be invested profitably).

When Smith said he did not know his balance, the manager astonished because the mini statement of the account was being sent to Smith on regular basis.

Smith admitted that he was receiving some communication from the bank, but he confessed that he could not read and write.

That confession astonished manager who exclaimed: “God heaven man, can you imagine what you’d have been if you read?” Smith replied simply: “yes a verger.”


This small story defines very beautifully that common sense is the indeed an important key to success. People may have a number of college degrees but if they lack common sense, they will remain the academic robots for rest of the life.

Common sense helps you to solve your problem very easily in life. So it is most important to have common sense but common sense is not common these days. Nothing is impossible if once you decide and ready to give all yours to make that happen. This is how success is achieved.

It requires your 100 % submission towards your goal and efforts to make it happen. Sometimes it very important to know few life hacks; which could make your struggle little bit easier.

Like never ever share your secrets with other not even with your family and the reason is simple.

Your family is most important part of your life they love you unconditionally whether you possess a secret or not but sharing your secret with an outsider who may be your family member could harm your dreams drastically.

Perhaps sometime sharing your secret with others may help you but chances are very low after all nothing comes free in the life.

Every friendship is based on some kind of unknown need. Who knows what is on another person mind. So don’t be too straight in your life because straight trees are cut first by lumberman.

If you want to explore the opportunities observes the circumstances first carefully and make proper planning.

Making the commitment to yourself is easy but executing them is hard sometimes, there will be no one to guide you and tell you that yes my dear it’s possible and you can do it. But as I said earlier your common sense and instinct will be there to help you out, use these treasure carefully.

Always remember honesty is the best policy, in business, it is the trust of the customer which is built first. Later it develops as a relation. Take step by step to make the relationship stronger but the ability to take risk is equally important. Without risk taking abilities it will become hard for you to move forward.

Success is the best revenge plan your day make your goal for the month and track yourself. One of the best advice I ever got in my life is that stick with the one process. Doing so many things at once may seem important in that moment but it will pull you back.

Try to manage your time for your other tasks or if possible give your maximum time to one single process. Reading success stories is important but reading failure stores is more important success stories it will teach you the ground reality and it helps you to prepare for worse. No matter what may the situation there is always room for rising again.

What I realized is that being a morning person is better than a night owl. It improved my health too. I wake up at early 5 am in the morning and get in my bed at sharp 10:30 pm. This improved my ability to visualize every situation very well with activeness in my body.


Get surrounded by positive people they can help you out by their proper guidance and you will know how winning is done. In last it is just you and your desire to win so stay focused on your process. You only fail when you stop trying and remember you are the one who is sent to this world to do impossible otherwise why we are here?

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