10 simple time management activities

time management activities

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10 Simple Time management activities

Time is the most expensive pearl in 21 century. Everyone needs some sort of time management activities to save their precious time and getting work done.

In this post, we will explore some time management strategies which can save your valuable time. So let's get started.

Improve your Time management skills

Well, When we talk about the time management activities it usually depends on the kind of person. A person who is intellectually more strong and positive towards life will be able to apply time management skills effectively.

Start Thinking logical and improve your Time management skills

10 time management activities for youth

Firstly I would like to put an important thing in your mind that your time management activities directly depends on your life goal. Different People have different goals in life. So it is not advisable to follow their time management strategy.

Create your own strategy here is my template which could help you to create your time management strategy.

1- Set your life Goal. [ Most important step ]

In that context, I want to tell you only one thing. Think big whatever you may be thinking.

People get afraid when it comes to creating an aim in life. Now create a visual image of your goal in your mind.

It will prevent you from lack of clarity and make you understand your ambition in life. Probably it will be more good if you write it down in some of your Diary or notebook. By writing it there it will enter in your subconscious part of the mind.

A few years back, I was in jeans showroom buying something for myself where I meet a 55+-year-old uncle. He advised me that son you are like this new garment which is fresh and shiny now.

After passing few years your shine will be gone so invest your time and money accordingly.

I really liked the way he advised me. This made a huge impact on me. Whenever I see those jeans his advised strikes back to me. I feel more motivated by seeing them.

(a) What is your Life Plan?

A Person without the Ultimate goal of life cannot achieve success. Look at the wider dimension of the Life and set your Life goal accordingly.

for example, my ultimate goal is to produce as many quality contents through this site which can lead people towards positivity and add value to their lives.

(b) Set Monthly Plan

Divide your main goal into the small fractions. Set up your monthly goal. Your every monthly goal is your small milestone. Celebrate it when you achieve it and never mind if you missed it in any particular month.

Afterall in end of the day, we all are humans but one thing you need to keep in your mind that failing in something is accepted but not trying is unacceptable.

Everything you need is on another side of your fear.

(c) Set weekly goals

Now again divide your monthly goals into weekly goals. Now you will have 4 weekly goals to achieve in a monthly order.

Now set the priority between these four monthly goals.

In the end of monthly gives points to yourself how many weekly goals you've achieved. This ranking matrix will help you to track yourself on monthly basis.

(d) Set Daily goals.

Following your weekly goal will categorize your daily goal. It is very important to set your daily goal while chasing your weekly goal. Your daily goal is the building blocks for the weekly goal.

2 - Avoid procrastination

When people are more clear about what they need to do. It leads them to the proper execution of their task.

Now you will have a task list weekly wise as well as monthly wise and every day you are working on fulfilling your daily goals. It will organize your work efficiently because you have a defined deadline for a particular task. It will help you to overcome the issues of procrastination .

It saves energy, as well as it saves money too.

3 - Execute your Plan

Execute your plans and target your daily, weekly and monthly goals. Now you have proper plans all you need to take actions on them. Without performing Your Karma your action plans are just a piece of paper.

4- Increase your community Circle& learn from them

Get connected with the people who are doing exactly great in their lives according to their page plan.

It is quite possible that you may meet some experienced people who are actually doing things right. If that person inspires you then try to notice them how they execute their plans. There is always something good which could be learned from an evil person.

5 - Create a secret panel for yourself

Life is too fast; you never know what could happen in next moment. There is a possibility that you may leave back from your plan timing. Don't worry accept it too. Don't mismatch it with the failure it is the part of the journey.

Instead of feeling depressed or demotivated keep prepared secret plans which could help you to shuffle your task, priority wise. That shuffle could be on daily basis, weekly basis or monthly basis.

Having a secret plan will give you confidence and increase your self-esteem.

6 - Keep your list simple and flexible

While chasing your dream you might get in such a situation where achieving a particular task has not left any importance to you.

In such a scenarios you plan list should flexible enough to easily eliminate that particular task. On the same ground if somewhere executing any task you may feel to include any other task in the list keep that point in mind too.

7 - How to handle tensions - [ Finish the hard work first ]

Well, the hardest path leads to the beautiful destination.

You will encounter so many tensions and mind shaking stuff while performing your task. It will be a good idea to have a to-do list before sleeping.

It is observed that when we wake up in morning our energy level is skyrocketing. Use that strength to perform the works which are filled with more tensional elements. Doing difficult work first will make you feel easy rest of the day.

When I was a school going kid I remembered that at the time of project submission we used to get afraid all the day. We keep wondering about our number of submission. After the successful submission of our project what a heavenly relief, we used to get those days.

8 - Failing is not a bad thing

Don't get afraid of the failure. I get fail in almost everything but I take it positively by trying to learn something from my failure. I got failed almost 100 times while designing this site.

Every time I get fail in something I learn a new lesson. Life is full of superbly amazing people keep following them for inspiration. Life is all about learning new Lesson till the end of the Life.

9 - Stop wasting time on watching Television and other places.

It seems that People waste so much time on watching useless stuff on television which doesn't contribute to achieving their life goals. Same thing goes with Social Media stuff which has positive as well as negative effect on our mind .

10 - Take out some time for yourself

Be a morning person and try to Wake up at 4 am . It is very important to take out few moments from your busy schedule feel good and relaxed. You can do some breathing exercise or some sort of meditations.

We all know very well that Meditation has lot's of benefits. Still we don't take benefits of it.

In your free period don't take any business calls or something which can make you engaged in the official work. Try to read a book which is related to your life goal. Try to watch any motivation video which can give you some serious goosebumps.

This kind of videos have the abilities to lead you towards your destination with little bit faster rate.

In 21 century Work smart, not hard. Keep your eyes and ears open towards your goal.

  • Take competition positively.
  • Don't just work for defeating someone
  • Work for your self-improvement
  • Keep appreciating small- small thing in life
  • Most important thing is stick to the plans.

Every Small -small thing makes life more beautiful.

Successful people have only one major talent that they Never give up on extremely adverse Condition. Keep that shining flame on inside your heart & brain.

Time management activities for employees [Bonus tips]

Employees are the backbone of every organization or company. Here are the few points which employees need to keep in mind. These points will help them to manage their time efficiently.

Apj Abdul Kalam quotes for employees to time management

Kalam sir quotes on time management activities


Time is the valuable thing in life when lost once you can't go back in the past to do things correctly again. Value your time as well as value others time. There are few strategies which could be implemented to save valuable time.

1- Proper Life Management Plan includes Monthly, Weekly , and Daily Plan

2 Increase your community Circle& learn from them

3 Avoid procrastination

4 Create a secret plan

These are the strategy which could help you to save and manage your time. In Last I would like to thank you for reading this post. Please feel free to share your valuable thoughts with us in our Contact us page or in commenting section given below.

Smile More, Keep your Moral high Have a great day ahead.

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