Why is SeeKen my favorite YouTuber?

Why is SeeKen my favorite YouTuber?

Santosh Gairola   By   santosh |  updated :   21 NOV 2017

Why is SeeKen my favorite YouTuber?

Seeken is the one of the most informative Indian youtube channel. It currently has 826 + k subscribers. I m one of those subscribers.

On this post I have explained Why is SeeKen my favorite YouTuber?

Firstly I would like to inform you that this is not a paid post.

About Seeken boy -

  1. Seeken founder name is Zeeshan Shaikh
  2. He belongs from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
  3. His LinkedIn profile link LinkedIn Profile of Seeken founder
  4. He did his engineering from Rizvi College Of Engineering
  5. Seeken website
  6. Facebook page

Hey Seeken!

Seeken if you are reading this blog post, then my brother I want to let you know that you are doing awesome work. So keep doing, You are inspiring millions of Indians to read more books.

It is such a Noble cause which will help our society to grow beautifully. Life is really beautiful and you have opened the lucrative door to fellow youtuber.

So Why I m writing about this youtuber?

success has many fathers failure is an orphan.

Today he is well known in youtube world and need no introduction. People who are turning 30 can easily understand his videos.

This is actually an inspiring post to all the young people out there who want to make name for themselves. Seeken official youtube channels prove that Hard work definitely pays off.

His videos gives life lessons

Well, Seeken provides the quality life lessons on his videos which has the ability to change anyone lives. As a content producer, we always try to add values to people lives. If you are an Indian, you can see Seeken video in Hindi

Living on a Fast Lane

We are living in a fast world where information is easily accessible to everyone.

According to Seeken, It is the best time to become millionaires lot's of people are choosing the entrepreneurial path to become millionaires at a very young age.

Seeken is one of them who choose youtube as a platform to spread positivity and hope of inspiration among people. I understand how hard it to choose such a risky path?

As Mark Zuckerberg said The Biggest risk is not in taking the risk.

What do I like about the Seeken?

I personally believe that social media is the boon to the mankind. It is helping people to connect with each other and letting them share the information.

Apart from that everything has two aspects, there are also some Negatives of social media for example lot's of media platform are misleading the young generation.

Instead of adding values to their lives they are misleading them and promoting all the inappropriate activities which are ultimately harming the society and culture.

Such video channels are rouge channels on youtube. They are only harming moral values of the civilized society. They will never tell about Time management activities or important tips of waking up at 4 am.

Why we need more people like Seeken?

I m following Seeken from very starting and there are so many reasons why I'm following him. We all know the benefits of Meditation . It helps us to give peace of mind.

Watching his youtube videos enhances my experience of meditation. Seeken shares all the quality information based on facts and figures.

In his videos, he shares the summary of amazing books within 10 minutes. He only produces the quality animated videos which add value to people lives.

Best thing about him

He gives all the information in a simple and easy way.

There are so many amazing videos on his youtube channels which prove his talent and approach to Thinking Big. This quality makes him different.

On the internet world where every youtuber is busy with producing nonsense videos related to pranks, and vulgarity. Seeken provides the summary of the great informational book.

He is trying to grow people interest towards the book reading for that purpose he is producing Seeken audio books which are easy to store on mobile phones; you can download them easily.

On the other side, he also showed a beautiful path to his fellow youtuber that for making money through youtube you don't need to get your hands dirty. You can do that by adding value to people lives.

You can easily connect with him on his Youtube channel. He also runs seeken facebook page mentioned above whereas Twitter crazy people can follow him on his official twitter handler.


My motive behind writing this post is to make people aware towards such amazing video channels.

Since Viyali is a lifestyle blog ; we always try to bring out the amazing stuff for our readers.

Thanks for giving time to read this post. Please feel free to Share this post on your most loved social network.

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