Positive outlook Power to create

positive outlook Power to create

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In every success story, you will find someone who has made a courageous decision. - Peter F. Drucker

You must have positive outlook to Power to create. In every success story, you will find someone who has made a courageous decision.

What Positive outlook do you expect from your life?

Every day I meet with people doing regular 9-5 pm job and they are satisfied with their lifestyle. They seem to be happy and smiling because in the end of the month they are getting paid for their services.

Yes most of them took the right decision to be in safe side. It is better to be somewhere in comparison to nowhere. I don’t want to demotivate you with my words. Actually, there is no secret formula for success. You have to be courageous to make a bold move in life and it is too hard sometimes.

Entrepreneurship gives you power to create

The reality is only 10% gets successful in the path of entrepreneurship. These are the most valued people in the society. People consider them as superhumans born with the silver spoon in their mouth which is not true. They have started once exactly like a newbie who had some goals in life.

Their hard work, focused mindset, and quality to Never Back Down on their dream gave them massive success.

The fact is some of them gets really lucky because they get success in the early stages of life while other taste success little later. It is hard to decide the factor which is responsible for early life stage success. I had once read somewhere that if you are going to hell then keep walking and take the risk in life.

You know why because Biggest risk is not in taking the risk.

You have the power of create, You have to be odd, to be number one. So think out of the box. You are the only one who could make your dream into reality. Feel that power of creation in you. You just need to invoke your subconsciousness mind then only you can transform your life.

You might not be aware that there is hidden Greatness in you ; there are very fewer people blessed to feel it. It requires a conscious mind to feel the power of creation. One thing we need to understand that everything that we have created in this world whether good or bad has come out from the mind. So it extremely important to the first create right thing on our mind.

Controlling mind and feelings

It is very important to understand the power of a focused mind. A focused mind could be the more lethal weapon in comparison to anything. It is the birthplace of your thoughts. Ultimately it is your thoughts which get converted into your karma

You need to understand this, Your Karma speaks on your behalf . People who know how much it is important to control thoughts are the one who has the burning desire to succeed . For that, you need to organize your thought process and it will organize everything for you.

1 Your body

2 Your mind

3 Your emotions

4 Your energy

Once you get to control all these four dimensions of you, then you can make anything happen in this world. Right now problem with your mind could be that in this current moment it keeps changing direction.

Think about a guy who starts walking distance and changes direction in every two steps. The question of you to reaching your destination will become really tough. Unless it happens by chance. So you need to focus these four dimensions in a particular direction. Setbacks will come and go you just need to stay focused on your mindset.

Be responsible for your actions-

If you want to be empowered, it is important that you should become responsible first and ask yourself what actions will help you to bring destiny little closer to you. Always remember hard work pays off. Keep doing your deeds, your good karma will lead you closer to your destiny.

Nevermind if you fail while trying Start over again. So feel the power in you and think once again where you want to see yourself in near future.

How Faith help you to achieve your destination?

Let's talk about Faith

Right now our problem is we have become the too intellectual person. We are bounded by the compulsive state of activity rather that conscious state of activity.

This is how we became self-destructive to ourselves. The human mind is designed in such a manner that millions of phenomena keep happening in our mind with a fraction of seconds. It continuously generating thoughts with every passing second.

This is a boon but we are converting this biggest boon into the curse by being negative in our thought process.

We need to Think bigger perspective of everything with positive vibes .

You might have heard the stories of people whom they asked for something and beyond all expectation, it came true for them. Generally, this happens to the people who are in the faith.

One such thing happened to my family too when my father was planning to build a house but he had very less money.

My family has great faith on Lord Shiva .

My father asked Shiva that Shiva "I am getting aged need a house, you must make it for me." My father never had a negative thought whether Shiva will make it happen or not (possible not possible). He was sure that Shiva will make it happen and ultimately Shiva did. He helped my father to build a beautiful house.

So what is possible what is not possible is not your business it is nature business. Nature will decide it. You just need to perform your karmas and keep trying without any negative thought. Faith works for only those people who are so simple towards life. I need you to understand that Shiva didn't come to help my father. He sends someone to become medium to help my father to make all the support available him. This is how faith works.

It is your reverence which makes thing happens for you.

Conclusion - Positive outlook Power to create

First and the foremost things for making successful life is organizing your thought process. Keep accessing the four basic dimensions without negative thought such a mindset could help you to transform your life. Second thing faith gives you strength and helps you to live joyful and blissful life. Always remember that you have the power to create your own universe.

So every day in the morning when you wake up if you start your day that today you will commit yourself to bringing peaceful, joyful life for everyone. You will surely make it happen. If you fall down 100 times. There is no such thing is known as the failure, it is 100 lessons which can be learned and it will make you stronger. You are the creator nothing less than that who just need to organize few dimensions.

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