What are the 7 business success factors?

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The 7 business success factors

There are certain business success factors, knowing them can change the destiny of any business. On this post, we have defined the major factors which will help you to bootstrap your business with almost no money.

Exciting isn't it? so let's get started

Being an entrepreneur; I clearly understand the meaning of failure. You feel depressed and lower at motivation level. Well, we all know that being an entrepreneur is the roller coaster ride.

Sometimes you feel the top of the world and sometimes you feel that you gonna die. Seriously I mean it. No matter in what state you are in. Whether you are doing good or bad but I m sure that you must be googling key success factors in the business plan.

So what are thekey factors that lead to a successful business? Here are the few life-changing principles which have the power to change any business destiny.

business success factors key

1- Trigger your mind for success.

Firstly believe that you have the ability to change your circumstances. You must be knowing Ratan TATA yes, I m talking about the famous business tycoon, investor, philanthropist of India. I really liked what he said.

The people you meet in this life, all won’t be good to you. Some will criticize, some will de-motivate and some will try to pull you down. All you have to do is ignore them and move on. You don’t need to explain them your journey nor let them control your dreams. This is your life, live as you want.

Your mind is the big library guys, We humans are the information seekers. We keep absorbing information from various sources like Television, Radios, Electronic News Media, Print Media, Social media.

It is really important to understand that what kind of information we are absorbing. Is it helping us to grow or just using our memory space?

The way we nourish our mind with information gives us the exact same results in return.

The more relevant information towards your goal will help you to grow with faster rate and less relevant information will take you backward from your goal.

Irrelevant information will not just make you lose your time, money, and mental focus. It will make you a toxic person in the end. In today's fast world people can easily identify the toxic person.

Whether you accept it or reject it. Social media play a major role in shaping future. If you like grasping useless content on facebook and twitter etc. Then You will surely harm yourself somewhere.

So always try to take positivity from your most loved social Media.

Try to fill your mind with kindness, Respect, Empathy, Love for others and gratitude towards the people and avoid negativities of social media.

It will help you to grow.

2 Make your Goal clear.

Making your goal clear is one of the most important business success factors. Problem with most of the entrepreneur is that they are not clear about their goals. So they keep shuffling their decisions and ultimately lead to procrastination.

A person who is not clear about his target cannot hit the bull's eye straight on the target. Purpose and passion play a vital role in shaping future.
Appropriate Passion and purpose of a man generate the feeling of greatness within him. Your clear goals will give you strong focus which will help you to get the highest level of success and happiness.

3 Keep learning and keep working on yourself

Entrepreneurs are the craziest people, they know how to think big in comparison to the normal working class people. I m calling them craziest people because they are the highest risk taker whereas normal working people get's scared to think big and take the risky decision in lives.

These type of entrepreneurs have the fundamental leadership skills which come from the process of self-learning. Self-learning is the art to know what you need at the moment not like the ordinary people who try to acquire almost every skill.

4 Self discipline

If your room is full of the mess then anybody can guess your vision towards life. A person who cannot control the mess of his own room then how will he control the emotions and thoughts of other people?

Being self-disciplined plays a crucial role in the business success factors. Try to adopt some time management activities to control and handle the various task. Being Self-discipline will help you to manage your time efficiently.

Implementing Meditation for purifying thought process will enhance your logical approach. It will give strength to your self-control & will.

Try to replace your little bad decisions with good decisions. Your little efforts towards being Self-discipline will not just bring happiness to you. It will slowly - slowly help you to get what you want from your life.

Every successful person is the Self discipline man.

5 You don't have time to waste.

When you closely watch hugely successful people you come to know that their time is more precious than money for them. They never allow anybody to waste their time.

Try to be the morning person by waking up 4 am , trust me it literally helps. Every person gets 24 hours in a day, NO one has the single extra second for a day.

Never let anyone make you engage in useless stuff which ultimately results in wasting your time. The ability to use your precious time is an art which is mastered by only genius people.

6 - Add value to people lives.

Entrepreneurs are the problem solvers, they can earn so much which normal working class people can't even dream off. It all gets possible when entrepreneurs start giving value to the people.

Bill Gates once said that your dissatisfied customer is your biggest source of revenue. A customer who complains about your service or product quality is really a golden gem because he is letting you know your flaws.

Business is all about creating a long-term relationship with customers. If you will try to trick your customer then remember you can fool him/her for one time not always. So why to do that?

The happiest customer is the biggest marketing policy in today's world where word of mouth matters the most in comparison to normal marketing strategies.

Try to build trust with customers within market, It will establish you as the Authority.

Always try to add value to the customer lives, You will automatically get the success.

7 - Give back to society

Business success factors also depend on the entrepreneurs who believe in giving back to society. You must have noticed that when people start making a successful fortune. They start giving back to society; It gives them satisfaction and happiness. People start noticing you for your favor.


On this post, we shared the basic principles related to business success factors which include.

  1. Trigger your mind for success.
  2. Make your Goal clear.
  3. Keep learning and keep working on yourself
  4. Self discipline
  5. You don't have time to waste.
  6. Add value to people lives.
  7. Give back to society

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Lastly thanks for giving your precious time to read the post. Have a great day ahead and stay blessed.

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