7 Best Inspiring Technology Movies

7 Best Inspiring Technology Movies

Santosh Gairola  By   santosh |     Last updated :   16 Dec 2017

7 Best Inspiring Technology Movies

If you have dreams related to Technology Entrepreneurship from open eyes these movies can help you to move forward

7 Best Inspiring Technology Movies which are motivating modern entrepreneurs and their entrepreneurial skills

1 Jobs

See Jobs (film) Wiki | Ratings 5.9/10 IMDB

starring Ashton Kutcher, Jobs is the story based on Technology Entrepreneurship, One of the best Technology Movie. It is a story of a Techpreneur and his co-founder friend Steve Wozniak. Movies define about how to sell a product and make it huge .

Various critics gave the bad review for jobs movie but I personally think that it is quite inspiring and awesome movie. The movie takes you on the journey of Steve Jobs. How he founded Apple with his co-founder friends. Even Microsoft part is introduced very well in it. This technology movie teaches you fundamental leadership skills.

Ashton Kutcher movie Jobs

Talking about acting skills of Ashton he projected Steve character with one hundred percent dedication. Back ground music of the movie is so inspiring that you will feel the vibes of kick off tech revolution.

2 Social Network

See Social network (film) Wiki | Ratings 7.7/10 IMDB

You don’t get 500+ million friends without making few enemies
This famous quote belongs to this awesome Technology Movie. Technology movie story is based on story of Mark Zuckerberg social networking website Facebook.

The story is beautifully presented on screen. Mark mentioned that some parts of the movie don't match with the real story.

some parts exactly depicted him rightly like what T- shirts he wears and most important he already had a girlfriend when he started coding for Facebook.

Social network movie must watch for Techpreneurs

A movie projects the intensity of mark story how he built Facebook from his hostel room and turned it into the billion dollar company.

3 Pirates of Silicon Valley

See Pirates of Silicon Valley (film) Wiki | Ratings Na/10 IMDB - [ 88% liked this movie - Google users]

All time classic movie technology movie for people who love coding than anything else in the world.

This Technology movie didn’t present the main characters as super geeks as Social network Movie defined above.

They presented main characters as greatest mind and best problem solver. The movie showcased the story of Bill Gates and Steve jobs simultaneously, their bonding with each other and feeling of competition among them.

Pirates of Silicon Valley Movie

This movie taught me many life hacks like

Good Artists Copy; Great Artists Steal.

This defines the meaning of movie title very well “Pirates of Silicon Valley”. Know the greatest rivalry among tech giants.

4 Real Steel

See Real Steel (film) Wiki | Ratings 7.1/10 IMDB

The story of a young kid and his robot named atom.

This movie is based on robot boxing, how atom being an underdog wins local street fights and then enters in the world giant boxing tournament and winning the title by defeating the greatest boxing robot, Zeus.

This Technology Movie connects you internally and gives you the sense of Law of attraction, joy and motivation.

Atom from Real Steel

Acting skills are amazing you can watch it if you have dreams in life.

5 Never Back Down

See Never Back Down (film) Wiki | Ratings 6.6/10 IMDB

Never back down is the story of a young college boy Jake who is bullied by a group of students reading in the same college. The movie is based on amazing kick boxing skills and how he trains himself in the gym to fight them.

Never back down is not just about kick boxing it is also about Love, emotions, and friendship. How an underdog comes from his darkest phase and wins the greatest battle in the college.

Never Back Down Sean Faris as Jake

This movie gives the strongest message that one should never give up in front of those who bully other.

6 Kungfu Panda

See Kungfu Panda (film) Wiki | Ratings 7.6/10 IMDB

Skadoosh, Panda flat sloppy, big panda, kung fu panda is animated movie. It is the story of a panda who accidentally becomes the greatest warrior of all time.

He later realizes that there is no secret ingredient to be special.

The movie teaches that there is the hidden Greatness within you.

To be special you have to just think it is special. After knowing that Panda master’s the highest level of kung-fu to protect the valley from Thai-long. This movie will define you the true meaning of being awesome.

Kungfu Panda po

You will love the panda Po.

7 The Italian Job

See The Italian Job (film) Wiki | Ratings 7.0/10 IMDB

If you like the movies which are based on plotting and planning. This movie is for you. Charlie Croker plans the biggest robbery after being betrayed by one of the old friends.

The Italian Job movie

He builds the team of people who are specialized in certain skills and executes their plan.


These 7 Best Inspiring technology movies give the common message to everyone that Work Hard and make thing happen. Don't settle for low. Think big & make history.

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