' Virtues of a king

Virtues of a king

Virtues of a king

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Virtues of a king

Virtues of a king define his greatness It is not the wealth or power of human muscles which makes someone king. His ability to care his subject makes him a king.

Life is the biggest celebration; it is the most valuable gift we ever received from Supreme consciousness.

A king is a man who has a bigger heart to face his demon. There is the slight difference between a king and an ordinary person. A king is one who keeps working continuously for its subject lifestyle upliftment.

Life gives equal chances to everyone to become king it is up to the man. How he accepts the challenge and changes all adverse situations to his favor.

What are the virtues of a king?

Virtues of a king

True Virtues of a king is the one whose name is enough to motivate his working team. He is stronger, unbreakable or Unshake able in every situation.

He understands the humanitarian feeling his wisdom and patience serve the mankind not only in his own kingdom but all over the world. He brings peace to the unstable places and enables each and every individual to live in peace without any fear.

Every person who is free from greed and all the frauds of the world is the one who has every right to be called king. It is hard to in the shoes of a naive person but believes me when someone does he becomes the legend.

You need to give lot's of sacrifices and have to take lots of damn from the world. But the truth is only these type of people are recognized all over the world and regarded as King.

They are like the flowing river water which is unstoppable and they know how to helps other exactly like people get nourish who lives near the river bank.

I know a king

Virtues of a king

A king serves his subject without self-interest; when his subject feels safe in king's shadow. They are ready to do anything for their king.

Being an Indian I can see a king in front of me he is none other than our honorable Prime minister.

Shri Narendra Damodar Das Modi .

There are so many qualities a king may possess but the most important one is; he should be a true son of the soil who knows the untold ground reality of his kingdom.

He should secretly keep close eyes on basic problems faced by his subject and puts his intelligence and technology to sort out them.

King should have a royal attitude when he talks with other king but humble at the same time. These are the rare attributes which are hard to build up but these attributes build the character.

King's thought process

Virtues of a king

Ability to take an instant decision and converting their taken decision as good luck is proof of king abilities. A king is the one who should have the tremendous respect for feminism and motherhood.

Blessing from feminism is the very important for every king; it is the base of his strength and thinking abilities. It purifies the whole human thought process and this enhanced thought process gets converted into KARMA [what is karma? ] . We all know that our karma speaks on our behalf.

Love and respect is earned by King

Sometimes it doesn't matter a king has to crown on his head or not. A king who has done so much for his kingdom and for his subject will always remain King in the heart of his subjects.

The amount of love and respect he receives is bigger than any gold treasure. A king who is always ready to connect with his subjects is the one who gets the blessing from his subjects.

Affection is the only bond which could be established between a king and his subject. It is a special kind of bond which a father and a son hold with each other.

This affectionate bonding is indescribable in words where a king is the father and subject are his sons. A normal person who is indulged with all the dirt of the world will never be able to understand the sweetness of this bond between a royal king and his subject.

Responsibilities of a Great king

Virtues of a king

There are so many responsibilities on the king's shoulder. A moron who could not speak from the heart for people welfare without taking advice from his team worker cannot handle the burden of the throne.

A king is responsible for everything happening in the kingdom so he needs to be a quick thinker and fast action taker. His main responsibilities are -

  • Protection of not only the kingdom & subjects but protecting wildlife & heterogeneity too. He should know how to deal with traitors of the kingdom.
  • Enhance and lead the culture & tradition all over the world.
  • No compromise with the integrity of the state or kingdom.
  • Following the path of truth.
  • Unbiased in making every decision.
  • He should have royal nature yet he should have an Ascetic yogic lifestyle.
  • He should strengthen the army of his state.
  • Best seeker of the knowledge with amazing speaking abilities. When he should speak everybody should listen to him.
  • He should be a promise keeper. A man of his own words.
  • He should be a free & innovative thinker who should know how to connect the dots.


Virtues of a king

A king may have hundreds of qualities but he needs to be emotionally connected with his subjects. He should understand the feelings of his global audience and act accordingly. Every ordinary person is the king who has the golden heart and busy in serving his subject & mankind.

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