what's an underdog?

what's an underdog

Santosh Gairola By   santosh |     Last updated :   17 sept 2017

Let's understand what's an underdog

An underdog is simply a person who has very little chance to win the competition and make a huge name out of from it.

How does it feel being an underdog?

Did u said not good. Yes, you are right, feeling of underdog is frustrating sometimes. I know that veru well I was one of them.

You have to fight with 3 things at a time which includes

  1. Your competitors
  2. Your Inner thoughts
  3. Last but not the least the emotions in your heart for the people you love or people who loves you

Take my words granted your enemy is not outside it is inside you. Yes, you are your own enemy. See life is really cool, It is just the time which is teaching you the best lesson in your life so that success should not bypass your kindness and humbleness.

Only one rule is there to overcome from darkness and that is Keep moving on.

People will come to you and ask you hey when will you start making big money with the stuff you love and practicing day night.

I got a solution for you just smile and ignore them, people can't do something big on their own so they try to judge others by their own vision.

Let the world know your name.

Never give up

World need heroes like army man, sportsman, Techpreneurs, Entrepreneur, Entertainer, writer, Techie who is trying to invent his own company, just listen to your heart.

Never think about giving up, Never back down. Champions are not built in a day. It takes long practice and serious dedication level and love towards the work you do.

I want you to remember how easily people ignore you when you meet them and What about the special people ?

Whereas, Special people are treated with more respect; more care.

It is the respect they have earned. Now compare yourself with that special one. The only difference is off THINKING.

People who know How to think big has the ability to become LEGENDS. Sometimes people with great mindset can do something big, which normal people can't.

You need to have the vision to trace your efforts on daily basis. Never share your secrets with family and friends and Keep adding small things. Go test yourself and try to improve every day, work hard try to beat your records.

The only good thing about being an underdog is that nobody takes you seriously, this makes people careless which improves your chances to grab the opportunity.

Every Legend was once a beginner. So take every step carefully, each step which you will take today will lead you towards mastery.

Have Role Model, Inspirations, and competitors

Without a role model or inspiration, you can get distracted by millions of things. How will you measure how much distance you have to cover.

I am going to share you a small story of Ekalavya which will make you understand what's an underdog mean.

In ancient India During Mahabharat epoch Guru Drona was an Warrior, Mentor and master of war arts. One day Ekalavya approach him. He asked Guru Drona to tutor him or train him in arts of war, especially archery.

But Guru Drona rejected him by saying that he only teaches prince and royal families. Ekalavya got deeply hurt by Guru Drona rejection but he didn't give up.

He watched guru Drona from behind a tree while Gurudev was teaching to Kaurava and Pandava brothers.

While the class was going on Ekalavya stayed hidden behind the tree. After that class Ekalavya collected the mud on which guru Drona walked.

Later on he made a mud idol of guru Drona which was symbol that he want to follow Guru Drona knowledge, skill and footstep.

He began a disciplined program of self-study over many years. After many years of hard work, Ekalavya became an extraordinary archer with exceptional skills, greater than Drona's best pupil, Arjuna.

But Ekalavya continued his prayer offering to Idol of his guru Drona. When Guru Drona came to know about Ekalavya and his skill Drona was amazed. He asked who taught you ? Who is your guru? Ekalavya replied "i learned under you Guruji ".

Drona smiled but later on he realize that he had promised Arjuna that he would make him the greatest archer in the world. So Drona asked Ekalavya about his Guru Dakshina ( fee ).

Ekalavya asked what can i pay to you Guru Drona. Drona replied I want your right hand thumb. Eklaivan asks for Drona to confirm the command; Drona harshly does so.

Smiling, Eklaivan cuts off the thumb and presents it to Drona. So short summary of this story is that you must have an that idol of your guru on your mind.


Instead of asking what's an underdog ask How can I rise above all. Remember Hard work pays off. You are not an underdog. you are a Champion in the preparation phase.

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