Tribute to Indian Army

Tribute to Indian Army

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Tribute To Indian Army - Saluting National Heroes

Tribute To Indian Army When you go home , Tell them of us that for their tomorrow we gave our today - INDIAN ARMY

This is an emotional post, Indian sentiments are attached to it. It could be possible that Non-Indian readers may not found themselves connected with this post.

I apologized for that but I hope they will try to understand the feeling here. This post is dedicated to the Indian army.

Everyone is getting smarter day by day. Everyone is busy in living their lives. Today I am not talking with them. They will not understand, what is the hidden message and feeling behind this post.

They are ordinary people who live and dies no one remembers them. Even their families forget them after few years. Whereas there are some people who live extra ordinary lives.

The whole nation heart melts when they leave us for their duties like guarding borders.

They are my heroes , they are my inspiration. I am talking about the person who is ready to do everything to protect this pious land INDIA.

These people are the most fearless people who are the crazy and true son of the soil. They belong to Indian Army, Navy, and Airforce.

This is what need to done by us

Kash mere zindagi mein sarhad ki koi shaam aye , kash mere zindagadi mere vatan k kaam aye Na kauff h maut ka na arzoo h jannat ki magar jab kabi zikr ho shaheedon ka , kash mera bhi naam aye.... JAI HIND

Tribute to Indian army || PRIDE || Valour || Deadly || Yeh dil maange more

here sharing an amazing video. Jai hind

The quote was written on Indian army Wall.

"When you go home, Tell them of us that for their tomorrow we gave our today - INDIAN ARMY "

Any terrorist attacks we call Indian army, Any natural disaster we call Indian army, and on any special event, we call the army, for any immediate help we call the army.

This post is a small tribute to Indian army including all the special forces like [AIR FORCE, NAVY, Infantry]. They are the Real heroes. We don't need the superman, spiderman, batman we have INDIAN ARMY.

Let's come together in honor of all our great heroes of Indian armed forces who laid down their lives to make us feel safe. Nation salutes you. We will remember you.

Tribute to Indian Army

Why is Indian army great?

If you will ask me what is the best job in this world?

I will definitely say protecting motherland. This country has given us everything, we could not ask for more this is what Indian army thinks and say, for Indian army duty comes first, then colleague and later on for family and self-care.

These Army boys are the craziest people in the nation, Every army man is the real hero for every Indian. And it is not easy to be an army man. It takes lot's of Energy and dedication to being army men and the reason is obvious - discipline.

In India Being an army-man is not about earning money, It is all about standing tall with Respect and honor. Feeling of being an Indian is the feeling you cannot describe in words.

It is an emotion which is hidden deep inside our heart, and this feeling of love towards mother India comes out naturally when we get any bad news, we start abusing corruption and politics.

Armyman is the most intrepid people you will ever meet. They want to live only for serving their motherland until the end of life.

They never complain about Climate, temperature, humidity and health reason. Indian Army never rest. They are the silent patron and it's because of them we are enjoying this fresh air.

We don't need the superman, spiderman we have Indian army. Every Indian army personnel is full of valor and pride. A grand salute to the Indian army. The best thing about them they don't know caste and religion. They know only one religion which is being Indian.


People who make ultimate sacrifices for our country. They are Heroes for us. I salute the family of martyrs, the country will remember your sacrifices. It is our responsibility to look after their families with great respect. They are Khalis, pure, refined in love of this great nation. people call them army personnel, I call them Heroes

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