How to think big?

How to think big

Santosh Kumar By   santosh |     Last updated :   17 sept 2017

How to think big

Whatever you are thinking think big.

Your only limit is you. We live only once so it is important to have the courage to chase your dreams. People will keep telling you that it is beyond your reach or you can’t do it. Don’t listen to them and Never give up on your dreams .

Every time when you feel like to give up think about why you have started it? Ability to take huge but sensible risk is important; it is the real trait of the genius person.

Everybody who is most successful today has this unique quality. There are always some untold stories behind every Huge success.

These stories project that someone somewhere once had the bigger vision of their dreams. People will come to you to tell you that you can’t do something big just smile and keep your dream alive inside your heart and not let them enter in your mind.

Sometimes you have to fight with yourself. You have to win from yourself to be the better version of you. Look at the mirror the person you will see in reflection is your competitor. Your everyday little efforts will make you rise in the world one day. Each day you will get stronger and stronger.

Success has many fathers failure has none?

The difference between ordinary and extra ordinary is the little bit extra. But that little bit extra is more for other ordinary peoples rest than your competitor.

Execute your thinking with proper planning, wake up every day with determination and Desire to succeed and go to bed with satisfaction without a proper plan even the simplest vision can fail.

But don’t be afraid of setbacks. They will surely come and they will be your best teacher in life. Every time when someone fails there is always chance to rise again.

You need not fear from your failure, there is an old saying that fear makes wolf bigger and more dangerous. Your big thinking can make wonders in the world and your ideas may become your life.

Mark Zuckerberg is the best example of how to think big?

In his initial days of Facebook he refused the billion dollars offers from Yahoo and then Microsoft who tried to acquire Facebook.

Now I would like to put you in shoes of Mark parents. Parents whose young son turned down a huge offer. What they must be thinking in that time?

It requires tremendous desire to win the world to get a huge success.

Take another example of how to think big?

Could you imagine huge Tech company like Apple is started from a garage?

No one can even think to take a company to that limits which were started from the garage. This is a power of huge thinking and proper execution of your dreams.

If you can dream about it. You can do it because

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do - Steve jobs"

Nourish your dream like your baby; take measures time to time to save it from the outer world. Like every mother try to save their kids from others.

If you are not willing to love your dream like your baby then my friend you can never expect to succeed, if you only put in work on the days you feel like it. Work so hard on your dreams you are the one who has to make it happen, no one will be there to help you.

It is you and your internal motivation which will lead you in your darkest phase. I want you to don’t call it your dream instead I want you to call it your plan it sounds better than your dream.

mustang dreams

The people who have huge risk taking abilities their only talent is they never back down on extreme conditions. Sometimes in life, we have to stay focused on our plans because pursuing something bigger actually larger than life is more amazing and most important than anything else.

You will meet many people in your journey some of them will come too close to you, they may become an important part of your life or some others may use you for their own personal benefit but I need you to not get offended by any uncertain conditions.

People will come and go; you are the one who is responsible for everything. Just do your karma because karma speaks on your Behalf. So have the courage to face consequences of your plans too. There may be a time when you feel like to give up but my friend that time will also pass on, just stick to the plan.

In the starting phase, you will feel like the situation of the second wind when I was a high school grader my physical education teacher taught me that

"when you start something new it will pain you for short period of time and if you continued your exercise it will stop the pain you."

So whenever you kick off something new it will surely pain you in starting phase than later on your body & your mind will absorb it. Soon you will realize that everything is going accordingly.

Always remember that you were alone when you have started execution your plan. No one can displace you from chasing your dreams except you. Dreaming something big or planning something big doesn’t mean to execute anything it is also your responsibility to bring out something better for the world.

Things which are better for the world are loved and praised by everyone. This world has already suffered the most and still suffering.

Spiderman once said With great powers, great responsibility comes. So bring on the table something good for you and for others. There are only a few people on this planet who are born to lead the world in their respective field for example in the tech world, entertainment, sports we have different role models etc rest are born to follow.


No matter you win or lose but giving a try is most important it will give you an inner peace that you have tried otherwise when you get old; you will think that I wish I had done that. But just thinking big will not help anyone. Execution is more important than just planing how to think big?

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