Starting over again

Starting over again

Santosh Gairola By   santosh |     Last updated :   17 sept 2017

Starting over again When you get hit by setback

sometimes people think that life is rude; it doesn’t give what you looking for it. Life Setbacks makes you suffer so badly. sometime life makes people suffer houses loss, men who left, the lady who betrayed and left you alone when you required them the most. People think that it is hard to survive without money and emotional support.

Actually it is true to some extent but not completely. There are many peoples who proved that life is beautiful when we begin to live in present.

Yes, it is true that things will hurt you and it will require courage to let things go, let your loss go out of your mind. But biggest gift of life is every day is a new day and if you cannot learn how to forgive things happen in past you cannot live in peace. Life gives you more what you ask for it but for that, you should be ready to Think big in your life . It starts with your thinking abilities how far you can take yourself and raise a question to yourself what is need to be so Serious in the materialistic world.

You can do it with smile

Rejoice every moment of your life we live only once keep learning from your life experience.

Only those people reach their destination those who don’t care about their path.
Trust me no one in this world has the ability to defeat you until you defeated by yourself. If you are entrepreneurs don’t run for successes; firstly make something better, beautiful and useful for people. Try to make an impact on people’s lives in a better way. Success will come to you automatically.

Whatever seems to be impossible in the world is actually an opportunity to do something unforgettable.

Prove them wrong

People have seen very few example of such Greatness . It is easier to start over again if you believe that this is your dream and you want to see yourself pursuing your dream and prove them wrong who didn’t trust you once; 90% people who proved them wrong are the one who has seen the biggest setbacks in their life.

Definition of business changed since the internet is introduced in this materialistic world. Now in today’s modern world biggest business are not running on the basis of money they are running based on some idea or concept.

People are not seeing short term benefit. The business style changed since people started an interaction over the internet for various ventures. I want you to visualize this world carefully; you just need to trust your instinct, get in shoes of a runner (entrepreneur) and start running (pursuing your dream) you may fall but you will know how to stand up again.

Biggest risk

Sweat your Impurities

After some time when you will start sweating your impurities (fear) then you will start shining. After learning so many lessons you will still find that there is always a new lesson is waiting for you.

It may be quite possible that you will begin to think about your losses because the person who has experienced the flavor of defeat in his life knows the meaning of success very well. People who never back down on their dreams in extreme conditions are specials they become the example and examples are given my friend not to be forgotten.

Doesn’t a matter, whether people trust you or not; what matters the most is what you think of yourself and about your dream. Never have any heart feelings for your loss just think positive and keep moving forward in life. If you keep moving forward without considering your losses and suffering; one day you will surely make your dream come true and achieve huge success and my friend it is fact that huge success is the best revenge .

Lord Krishna Teaching

Your Time is limited

There are 60 seconds in every one minute and 60 minutes makes one hour and 24 hours make a day and days get converted into weeks and weeks get converted in a month and 12 months is a year cycle which is not a normal process. It is not time which is ticking in your wrist watch my friend, it is you who is ticking there in time. Your time is limited in this world stop thinking about your loss and regretting and build a desire to succeed in your heart.

Plan your Execution

Plan your every hour, people who apply time management in their life journey are the one who reaches their destination in time. It brings discipline in their life and a disciplined life is better than unmanaged life. A person who has a desire to succeed and crazy enough to keep battling for success is the one who converts their weakness into their strength. “The immature think that knowledge and action are different, but the wise see them as the same - holy Bhagavad Gita" .

This quote defines that knowledge comes when someone has desire of success and their desire of success; pushes people to limits to take action which will lead them towards success or a step closer to their dreams.

Wherever you are, you need to believe that it is the beautiful moment right now. Starting over again with positive mindset now you know the reason why you failed previously. Use that failure as your fuel and execute your plans once again until you execute them properly, you will eventually feel or see that thing will get easier when you execute them. You have to take the risk again and again biggest risk is not taking the risk.


Success and failure are the two different parts of a single coin you may never know when it could toss in your favor. Do or die, treat your life like this way. Death is the ultimate reality fears none; before you get aged do something huge and beautiful so that you could be remembered by the people in a good way.

It takes courage to starting over again but chasing your dream is better than sitting on your knees. You have to make a decision to control your rest of life. You will never shine if you keep living someone else life.

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