Never back down and conquering fear

Never back down and conquering fear

Santosh Gairola By   santosh |     Last updated :   16 Sept 2017

Never back down

Never back down to your problem. Right now your problem is not your real problem your attitude towards your problem is your real problem. Conquering fear is important to get success in life.

Sharing a small story which will help you in conquering fear

In a dense jungle when lion feels hunger, He knows that to get fresh flesh he has to run so hard for hunting. And in that same jungle, a deer knows that if he doesn't want to die he also has to run hard. So Doesn't matter you are Lion or Deer if you want to survive you have to run harder.

You are born with unique capabilities Never back down

It's very easy to give up in low times of setbacks but when you decide to give up, It will bring the only disgrace to you. So get up and think big winning is possible and never back down. You just need to focus on one problem at a time and start solving your issues. Everyone is born with unique capabilities and there is hidden greatness in you .

By doing so, it will make you realize that you don't need luck you are capable that you can travel to the distances. Keep one thing on your mind massive Success is the best revenge Remember you can do it for yourself or for people you love or even for your country. Everybody is watching you from far and they have hopes on you, Be a Hero. Rise above all, God is with you, so make it happen.

Conquering fear

If you want to get successful then you need to overcome your fears. Conquering fear is really important in life. It is your fear which is standing in between you and your success. Make your mind and starting marching towards your goal.

Take a lesson from this flower

Never back down

Have a look on this beautiful flower, It’s fragrance and color is his beauty. similarly, a man who has achieved his object is praised in the society and world. This flower took birth from the soil it absorbed water & mineral from its root and carbon dioxide from its leaf. This raw material helped him to stand on rough climatic conditions. Take the lesson from it absorb things from your surroundings.

Quote from holy Geeta

Nature is always with you when nobody is around you. Work hard my friend, In holy text book named Geeta a beautiful quote is written in which Lord Krishna says to Arjun (Warrior Prince).

“Do you Karma Arjun, you are sent to this world to perform certain karma. You need to selflessly do them without taking consideration of any expectation.” - Krishna

Focus on your Karma because your Karma speaks on your behalf. In case if you want to know what is karma and How law of karma work?

In that case Karma is simply your deeds which you perform in your daily life. Always remember whatever you do today will come back to you as a return gift. It is the law of the universe which is based on a cyclic process.

Change your Attitude.

your problem is not your real problem your attitude towards your problem is your real problem. Change your attitude, Time to rise up, so many opportunities are around you, grab them. You are lucky that you are in this game (situation).

Nothing Comes Easy

Everyone has their own Fight. Life is hard and nothing comes easily. You have to make your own way. If you want to win, so get ready for the fight. If Life is tough you have to be tougher. Win or lose doesn't matter you just need to give your best shot. you can be pinned down million times what matter is that how many times you get back on your feet.


With hard work and true dedication, you can achieve anything. You just need to stay focused and never give up on your dreams. If you ever feel like to giving up always remember why you Stayed so long in it.

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