what is karma? How law of karma works?

what is karma? How law of karma works?

Santosh Gairola By   santosh |     Last updated :   15 Sept 2017

Many people want to know what is karma and how the law of karma works?

Karma is your daily deeds. whatever you do today will come back to you as a return gift.

Let's understand what is karma?

Failure and success are the two parts of life. It doesn’t matter how successful or loser you are; if you are not a good man then everything you have achieved will go in vain.

Do you know! What is the difference between highly successful people and highly unsuccessful people? It is thinking to change the world and serving country and humanity. Karma plays a vital role in life. It can take you to the heights or to the lowest level of the life phase based on your karmas.

The two most important question comes in our mind.

1 what is karma?

2 How law of karma works?

Let me define karma first.

It is the law of the universe which is based on a cyclic process. Your deeds are the boomerang which comes backs to you as a return gift. If your deeds are good it will reward you, If your deeds are bad it will punish you.

How law of karma works?

Every human has some goal in life and he does continuously effort to make it happen. some get success in early stages while some taste the fruit of success after some time. If your intentions are right to make a difference in people life then your karmas help you to achieve your dreams little bit faster rate. Always remember, you will be praised in the world only if your karma adding value to peoples lives. Adding value to people's lives will automatically open the cash inflow doors for you.

Earning money should not be your only motive

Even Alexander has gone empty handed from this world. Your breath is eternal; make it count in the positive direction. Every second wasted aimlessly is the complete waste of valuable gift of God which we call life. Your life is the result of your karmas.

Every positive deed will bring good things for you. Whereas every negative deed will hurt you somewhere in the stage of life so never let any Opportunity to slip from your hands to help others. This is how winning is done in life. A true leader always helps others to emerge in life.

There is the beautiful concept in the entrepreneurship where we entrepreneurs help each other it is the continuous flow of positive energy in the cyclic form.

Doesn't it matter how rich you are?

If you are empty handed and ready to perform your karmas with right intention then no one is there who can stop you. You will surely make big success.

Your karma defines you.

See we live in a materialistic world surrounded by many souls some of them are family members some are just friends while other are the stranger for you. Some of them may know you from your name while others know from your deeds or what kind of job you do. You make name for yourself by your karmas. The World is getting shorter day by day. There are getting better chances to make a huge name for yourself or for the country. Be like a river my friend see how it flows from mountain to plains. It nourishes everyone who so ever comes in its contact.

When rivers flow is disturbed by human interference; it makes high tides and vanishes everything in flood. On the other hand, when river power and energy is used for constructive purposes like electricity Dam it lights up the whole village and fulfills their requirement of water drinking. So don't listen to anyone just listen to your heart. Many phases will come in your life some will give you serious Setbacks while others will delight you.

Always have patience and never back down on your dreams . A person who never backs down in any circumstances is the one who writes history.

Taking risk is important in life you will never know the depth of the ocean until you leave the shores of the ocean. A person who has a burning desire for succed can win the world if he has the right intentions of serving.

Who is winning your age or you?

Age factor always plays a crucial role in the journey of a person. If you are too young to step in entrepreneurship don't worry; people will still listen to you. This is the beauty of the entrepreneurship; entrepreneurs respect and see each other with the same frame of glass.

Age of 16 is the perfect age when you have time and enough energy to chase your dreams but what about if you are in your 30's or about to cross 30's. It is the time when you need to take a calculative risk if you are bounded with responsibilities like families. It doesn't mean you are out of the race, it means you have to be more careful while taking any step because whatever decision you will make today will not only affect you but it will affect your whole family.

A man who is bounded by family responsibility is more lethal for his competitors because he has the bigger reason to get successful. You can still make it happen, you just need to think big and remember that every time when a person is considered as equivalent to Underdog; has better chances to win the fight .

A man who is strong from the mind and focused on what he loves can do miracles in the world. There is no secret formula to being great. It is just you and your attitude which can turn the battle in your side.

There are few points which can help you to win your battle.

1) Be a morning person -

Try to wake up early 5 am before sunrise. It will give positive effect in your body. A Little bit of stretching or walking will help you to awaken your consciousness.

2) Avoid negative people from your life-

In the age of 30+, many people will tell you that you can't do it. Seriously you need to avoid them; they can't do anything by themselves that's why they want you to be like them. So do you want to be a zombie? Or you want to chase your dream? Just listen to yourself.

3) Meditation -

I know what Meditation can do for you. 15 min of Meditation can cure your emotional as well as mental instability. I may sound like little bit religious to you but believe me if possible try to chant Aum ( Auṃ or Oṃ, Sanskrit: ॐ ) while Meditating. Aum is a sacred vibration or spiritual icon in Hindus. Whereas Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism also include the same vibration as Aum. This Meditation process is the part of Yoga.

4) Start with the small investment -

Entrepreneurship is not about big money it is all about investing little and making the maximum output from it. If you are in sales business try to deal only with small assets in your starting phase.

5) Explore your opportunities and your market very well -

Before stepping in any business study the opportunities and your market very well. It is most important because if there is no market then there is the maximum risk factor to get successful. But it always doesn't mean that no market means high risk; sometimes it is good to start on early stages. Making a brand is always hard whether you have competition or not. But if your product is good enough to sort out any problem, it will get successful in coming time so stay focused and never give up.

6) Overcome your fear -

There is an old saying fear makes wolf bigger. Huge success cannot be achieved without taking great risk in life. It is possible that you may fall down but still, there will be an option available to you to start again.

7) Trust your instinct -

Yes trust your instinct; your sixth sense will never lie to you in any circumstances. Get surrounded by positive thoughts it will make you more focused towards your dream.

8 ) Track your efforts -

Tracking your efforts is also very important; you will be requiring a proper tracking system; without that system, you will not being able to trace your journey. This tracking system will help you to take future decisions. Trace your money inflow and outflow; how much money you need to make the certain investment? I know you are chasing your dream and living your passion but it is always money which matters in the end. So you need to make an estimate that How much time it will take to make money?

For example, Bloggers almost take 6-8 month to make money online.

9) Optimization of resources –

The best entrepreneur is the one who knows how to optimize the resources. Bootstrapping is always a great option; it means starting a business with very low cash or almost from no cash. Yes, it is possible Business could get started with no money. All you need is a great idea and how to execute your idea. Facebook is the biggest example of bootstrapping which was started from the dorm room.

10) Love what you do -

This is the biggest mantra.

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it.“ - Jobs

These are words of Steve Jobs. Without loving your work you cannot achieve greatness.


Now I would like to conclude this post by saying only this yes whatever you are thinking is possible you just need to start it with good intentions like serving humanity. Just listen to your heart. Stay focused and positive. Your positive karmas will help you to achieve glory in the world.

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