Success is the best revenge

Success is the best revenge

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Success is the best revenge

The most important thing about time is it keeps changing. We are humans we get hurts by different ways. Some of us get hurt by emotionally whereas some are get hurt by physically. Life is such an amazing gift and every second ticking in our clock is so valuable. Don't waste it thinking something inappropriate for someone even for your enemies.

The deadliest mind is not those who hurt their foes physically or emotionally. The deadliest mind is those who make massive success for themselves and make a big name in the world. We have many examples in front of us. These are the few peoples who proved success is the best revenge.

Inspirational story of Eminem

We all are well aware that Eminem is the God of Rap Music. What is untold that how he became God of Rap music? When Eminem was born at Saint Joseph Missouri United States his mother was only 17 years old. Eminem has never seen his father. In his childhood, Eminem and his mother faced the scarcity of money. That shortage of resources made them keep changing their cities in early days. Enimen shifted to Detroit Michigan United States with his mother.

Huge Success is the best revenge eminem story Image courtesy

Detroit Michigan has the huge impact of black people whereas Eminem is white. In the school, Eminem was bullied by other students. He even suffered the Coma for 7 days being hit by the another school student. Fortunately, he came out from Coma and started working hard on the pronunciation of English words. This leads him to Rap music and he started Rapping.

Eminem never showed interest in school. Hebyfailed 3 times in ninth standard. Due to lack of money, Eminem quit his education and started working odds jobs like working in restaurants, washing cars etc. only good thing about that time was Eminem continued his passion for Rap music which was earlier dominated by black people. Somehow he managed to launch his first music in the market named Infinite but it failed. He even fired from his job.

The time he was fired from his job he had 40$ in his pocket. He suffered a lot, he even tried to suicide. Somehow he was saved by people. Then he took part in a Rap competition where he achieved second place. Eminem got an opportunity to launch another album named slim shady. This album became popular and Eminem made name for himself. Then he released another album Brain Damage in which he defined the bad experiences he faced in his school days.

It was a little bit controversial and the student filed a case on him. Ultimately won that case and didn't lawsuit back on that student.Eminem became Rapper, Producer, Song writer and Later on, he worked on a movie named 8 miles based on his life.

Eminem Achievements

1 - 15 Grammy awards.

2 - Marshall Mathers LP was the quickest sold album.

3 - Eminem set Guinness world records for Rap God song in which he spoke 4.28 words in 1 second.

4 - MTV award winner

5 - Academy award winner

When his father tried to meet him after his massive success; Eminem refused to meet his father. Eminem story is so much inspiring he proved it right that huge success is the best revenge. There are many people who did exactly the same name includes Walt Disney, Thomas Alva Edison etc.

Change it, improve it, make your mark upon it.

Humans have a tendency that we are emotional animals. We love to live carefree and independent life. Most of us live in our own thoughts and dreams which are good. Chasing your dreams and making your move in life is important. The real reason beyond your thought process should be correct and in favor of humanity.

Your karma your faith

Remember whatever you give, it will return backs to you. This concept is known from the name of Karma. The whole concept of this universe is that you are divine not the sinner. This is what I learned from the holy text book Geeta. He is the supreme watching you in unknown mystic form and only you will be responsible for your deeds. Be strong and good whatever you are up to do it correctly and never hope anything in return from it. Expectation makes us weak.

How to deal with tough time

It not possible for everyone to get good results in initial attempts. Keep backing yourself by pulling your socks. Life gives exactly you ask from it. But there will be a time when you will find yourself all alone. No one to help you and you starts feeling depressed. The reason could be anything like shortage in the budget, lack of machines or stuff or no one in your corner. It may possible that some negative or bad thoughts may enter in your mind which can ruin your entire focus | efforts. Don’t let them enter in your mind.

One thing is sure that you are doing it for yourself, this is what you have chosen for yourself and if your intentions are right then you have to fear no one. Work hard towards success and for those who had never given you any importance, broke your trust or left you alone. Always remember Huge success is the best revenge. You are strong enough to deal all your problems There will be the time when circumstances will test your abilities stay strong.

massive success

Have faith in yourself and forgive everyone else who left you when you need them the most. If you want to win just stay in that focused mind set far away from negative thoughts. You are like a flying eagle my friend. Work hard on your dreams and I’m sure you have the ability to bend even your hardest barrier.

Stay away from Egoism

Sometimes it makes us self-obsessed and grows the seed of self-centric or egoism. This is what has happened to the large segment of society. They have lost faith from goodness which ultimately becomes the reason for their downfall. So use your brain to track yourself. Sometimes it is important to think from your heart, not from your brain.

Stand alone from crowd

This whole thing made 90.0% of world existence materialistic and by saying materialistic I mean fake which is destroyable. So Execution of your dreams and idea is important out of 100% only 8% of people have the courage to follow their dreams. Whereas others are made to work for someone else dream, usually between 9 to 5 job and getting paid for it. Strongest person in the world is the one who stands most alone because it requires courage and strength to stand alone from the crowd.

This is what makes you different from others. But just coming out from the crowd without any planning can be harmful. Still, if you are running out of proper planning it can be still done. You just need to observe your conditions and find out the best ways to execute your dream. You can learn from the people who have actually achieved in that direction.

Believe in God

Make them your inspiration and don’t fear to make hardest decisions. Sometimes it requires a serious push to move you a little bit more. You have to be stubborn towards your goal through positive vibes. This trait will help you to save you from your strongest fear. This may also help you to conquer your weakness and possibly make it your bigger strength. A person who bows down in these three places can win the whole world. In honor of motherhood, in pride of his motherland, in front of one who is supreme among us all? Yes, I am talking about the God. He is the one who is controlling the cycle of the universe.

Huge success

How much luck matters towards your success?

I was thinking about it and analyzing it how much important is luck for anybody success. Since I love to work in the tech industry I have my own role models, anyone who has achieved something really huge by their own conditions & hard work is my role models. But where lucks matters in their life. I found that the person who never gave up on their dreams is my role models. They struggled hard in their time and won their battle with themselves first and then from rest of the world.

I learned many things from them; this world is not made up of only rainbows and sunshine. It also includes storm too. So you have to be prepared for it in your life. It can strike you anytime and could bring on the greatest setback for your life. This storm could be any negative thought or any negative person. Doesn’t matter in which shoes you are in, there are always chances to rise up. Take life lesson from them; they have shown the whole world that huge success is the biggest revenge. Fort Minor song has one of the best lyrics I ever read which defined the luck percentage so beautifully.

1 This is ten percent luck

2 Twenty percent skill

3 Fifteen percent concentrated power of will

4 Five percent pleasure

5 Fifty percent pain

6 And a hundred percent reason to remember the name


But if your reasons are right to do whatever you are doing you will meet success. One day world gonna know your name my friend. Just keep lighting that flame inside you. Keep getting inspired by the people who influenced people towards the right direction. Many people who are busy in chasing their dreams know very well the death is the ultimate reality of Human life. They want to do something really amazing so that after their departure from world people could remember them. It is not about creating something really very big it is all about finding yourself and reason why you have been sent to this world.

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