Every Indian soldier is National hero

Every soldier is National hero of India - patriots of India

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Every Indian soldier is National hero

Today Let's talk about the people who are called National Heroes. I am not talking about actors. I am talking about the men who wears Government uniforms.

Every soldier in Indian armed forces is a National hero of India.They are not just soldiers; they are the real patriots of India. We salute them all.

They could be fire fighters, Policeman, Postal Department, Army, Navy, Airforce, Special forces. You call them army personnel, I prefer to call them Heroes.

A soldier is the real hero of his nation doesn't matter from which country he belongs. He could be from Great India, could be from the Great United States, from Great Russia or from Great China. They should be respected and treated with dignity. A Professional army man will always give mutual respect to even his Enemy.

They are not just soldiers, they are meta humans among us. Their body is hard as iron but emotionally soft as the rose petal. This makes them special a rare combination hard to find. The feeling of pride and valor flows in their blood. Best man at work.

Indian Army

Indian Army is amazing

Every one loves their country army and being an Indian I love Indian Army. Indian army is known for professionalism in their work ethics. They are the real patriots of India. They are silent but the most active patron of the national borders. India never Invaded any country in past 5000+ years; This is the beauty of India. Indian arm forces are well equipped with the latest technology and human skills.

Indian army serving nation at Siachen

Every soldier is National hero of India. Indian army is serving the nation in the highest battle ground around the world which is more than 21,000 feet above the sea level. They constructed the world's highest helipad in Siachen at a place called Sonam.

Indian Army serving nation

These Heroes are living in extreme conditions, normal people like you and me cannot survive there for the single day. Under such extreme conditions, we could suffer serious life dangering problems like Serious depression, sleep deprivation, hyperthermia, nausea, Ice and Water Phobia, Eyesight and memory loss.

Indian Army pics

Indian army joined you @ yoga day from Siachen. If you think they are only designed for Warfield then my friends let me tell you about humanitarian rescue operations carried out by Indian army all around the globe.

Indian Army at Siachen

Contribution to world peace.

Indian armed forces have been actively involved in reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan to bring back country to normalcy. They helped peace forces in Afghan to reconstruct the parliament building which was destroyed by the terrorist.

Serving nation

India and Indian armed forces work as great allies with Afghan govt. Afghan and India friendship dam was an example of it. Indian armed forces are biggest troops donor to the UN (united nation) peacemaking forces with more than 180,000 soldiers. Indian forces share their technology and equipment with other nations for the humanitarian work force as well as to counter terrorist activities.

UNO and India

Working under United nation special forces.

The World is well aware that Indian army helps when civilians get hit by any natural disasters. Images are fresh when Nepal was being hit by devasting Earthquake. Indian army was the first elite force which reached first to help innocent people of Nepal. They provided Medical and food supply to Nepal earthquake victims. Who can forget the Floods of Assam, Kashmir, and Uttarakhand, Chennai etc. When Indian army worked day and night to secure lives of innocent people.

Peace force

Now let's move out to see the contribution of Indian arm forces to UN Security Council. - More over that Indian armed forces work under UN security peace making council engaged in South Sudan, Golan heights, Ivory Coast, Haiti, Congo, Lebanon, Cyprus, Angola, Cambodia, Vietnam, Namibia, El Salvador, Liberia, Mozambique for peace stability.

Indian army has done More than 50 peace making mission across the globe. Indian forces are providing free medical facilities to the remote areas in the country. Indian forces brave personnel used commercial planes to evacuate people from 41 countries during Yemen crisis both by air as well as from Sea. International Media Praised Indian Rescue Mission To Yemen.

Operation Rahat (Rahat means relief in Hindi)

Some of the pictures of Indian army working under UN flag around the world for peace stability.

Here are some more pictures.

UN Peace force

This slogan was written on one of the Indian army walls which touched my heart "When you go home, Tell them of us that for their tomorrow we gave our today " - India defense forces

UN Peace force

A big salute to the brave hearts. It because of you, we can sleep peacefully || Jai hind

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