Seeds of greatness - Invoke hidden Greatness in you

Seeds of greatness - Invoke hidden Greatness in you

Santosh Gairola   By   santosh |     Last updated :   15 Sept 2017

Compile your Seeds of greatness

"Whether you think you can or think you can't, you are right. - Herny"

There are Seeds of greatness in you; it is hidden deep inside your consciousness. Invoke hidden Greatness in you don't settle until you discover it.

We live in a world where everyone is known for something; A person who is curious enough to change the world and make it a better place for other are the one who writes history.

The question comes in our mind what makes them great? Are they some kind of Meta-humans? Probably not I have never seen them wearing underwear above their pants like Superman did in movies. Apart from folly jokes, I would like to make it clear that I have observed them as a common man, born in the humble family background still they have achieved remarkable success in their life.

There could be several reasons for their huge success some of them defined below -

1 - Early start up

2 - Following their dreams and listening to heart (Mindset and focuses on one thing at a time).

3 - Not following the predefined pattern.

4 - Luck may play an important role in their success but I personally take it as only 10% in front of their efforts.

5 - Ability to Predict and create future.

6 - Working hard on their dreams.

7 - They love what they do

8 - Not getting back down.

9 - Ability to take huge risks basically leadership quality

10 - Lot's of Sacrifices made by them and ability to think positive in every circumstance.

There are only 3% people in this world those have these qualities in the appropriate amount. Name of these rare people is listed in Forbes list.

How far are you from Greatness?

Well, you are far away as much you are far away to get a cup of coffee. Yes, you heard me right. See for getting the coffee you need to enter into your kitchen and start making your coffee; the Whole process will take time and persistence is the key to get tasty coffee.

Similarly, it is all about mindset & focus. Getting stick to process is more important everyone knows a focused mind is more conscious, and a conscious mind who loves what he does can do wonders. The second thing a person who takes criticism and failure positively will automatically climb the success ladder.

Failure is important! - Invoking Greatness in you.

Without failing in something you will never understand the true meaning of success. Failure is the first step towards success. Actually getting failed in something means you are trying something in life. Well, people always consider failure to the lower side of motivation; I personally take it to the positive side.

It encourages me to do more; I failed many times in creating this site. Many people told me why don't you pick up a company? It will take a long time to design and the tremendous amount of workload. I respect their valuable concern towards me but same time I know this is my passion. I love living my dream and chasing it, I m clear about my dreams which means a lot to me. I got a desire to make its biggest micro blogging site in future days.

I still remember my initial day’s design, when the site was not responsive (mobile devices friendly) and layout was not under the guidance of worldwide consortium, but slowly-slowly I tried to improve them. I am not saying that my layout is awesome or amazing today; I am just saying that it is better than my previous layouts. These failed attempts of layout designing guided me a lot due to it today I can say that “nice work on that design - Santosh ".

Failure is important

Taking criticism is the first step toward Seeds of greatness

Taking criticism is important in life; someone told me once that your criticism is your best teacher, so I am always thankful to my critics. Keep trying until you get successful is now old quote. I will make it happen is now preferred by most. So if you failed never mind, keep moving forward with positive intentions in Life and try one more time.

Try one more time

Trying and getting failed is acceptable but not trying is unacceptable. People think that success can come in one two or the three attempts but it is not true. Fruit of success doesn’t get easily ripped it takes years of hard work and passion towards the dream.

Humans have the tendency to only see success stories they don’t get bothered by failure stories. But if someone wants to repeat huge success in life they must try to read failure stories it aware you of getting failed and I truly believes that reading failure stories is more helpful than reading success stories.

A person who sticks to the particular process can really understand a lot from his / her failure. There is always an untold failure story behind every success story which defines the temperament of the person how he emerged from lowest motivation level to the highest.

This doesn’t happen in one, two or three attempts; It takes the long period of time which defines the persistence level of the person. So if you are failing again and again. Keep your motivation high and try one more time.

Hidden greatness in you

There is so much in this world which you can explore and living every moment of life is important. There is a vast hidden opportunity exist there in life which is waiting for you; so that you could display your creativity. Everyone has something special in them. If you have found it; It's good if not keep looking at it don't settle until you discover yourself.

Don't just add years to your life. Add life in those years. Search something which aspires and attract you. Like the internet inspires me; I look at it as a medium to reach billions of people. For me information is power; here I can consume as much information I want to consume. So many great talented people are here.

I try to learn from them every day. Some of them are the source of my inspiration; I have made some amazing friends who inspire me; for example, Meghan Monaghan is one of them. She lives in Washington DC metro area. She runs the fantastic Blog Smart Bird Social and I love consuming her articles.


Life gives you what you deserve based on your karmas. There is something special in you; it is hidden deep inside your consciousness; you just need to look for it. Don’t settle until you discover it. One thing you need to keep in your mind that God blessed you that greatness to serve Humanity not for getting involved in Maya (Materialistic world).

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