Desire to succeed - I want to be successful

Desire to succeed - I want to be successful

Santosh Gairola   By   santosh |     Last updated :   15 Sept 2017

Do you have the Desire to succeed?

The Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step but desire to succeed is important.

Like, everyone, I want to be successful in my life plans. When you care something deep from bottom of your heart; there are chances that you might do whatever it will take to protect it.

Everyone loves something in this world; some are the foodie, some loves fashion etc some loves traveling and some like adventurous sports etc.

meaning of failure or being incomplete in something

These are some kind of luxury which most of the people enjoy in their initial youth days, and work rest of their lives working at offices from 9 am to 5 pm job . I’m not saying that is it not cool, it is perfectly 100% cool.

It’s all depends on people satisfaction level. Then there are some other kinds of people who don’t enjoy these luxuries in their youth. Mostly not because they don’t want to enjoy it, but it is because they cannot afford it.

They know very well what the meaning of scarcity. They have broken down into small pieces time to time, they have seen the darkest phase of life without any money or any kind of support. They know the meaning of failure or being incomplete in something.

Truly speaking it is a very painful situation when you come across this kind of things in life. These are the moments which make huge impacts on minds.

Some of the people accept the way it is and some bring courage from somewhere to change it.

It is the strong Desire to succeed inside their deep thoughts which gives them strength to continue their battle with some unknown army of struggles. Sometimes you gotta think on your feet or you are dead.

You need to tie your belt around your waist, take your bow & arrow and aim your target like great warrior prince Arjun did.

Prince Arjun

Everything is possible

If there is will inside your heart then there is a way, everything is possible if you have decided once. It is your turn now my friend, your karma speaks on your behalf is with you and your blood is red and young, chase your dream like no one ever did. Force even God to think for you and help you to change your destiny.

Keep battling your war but never leave your innocence because the day you will sign your success in the blue sky. People should see you as their hero, not a villain.

Your broken dreams will take you to the highest level of success that no one has ever seen it.

Doesn’t matter if you lose to your competitor you must make him say that you are amazing. It may be tough but you are not here to lose; losing is not an option for you.

Money, fame, and success come to those who just work hard on their dreams selflessly.

Even God wants you to be successful. People will surely talk about you one day; don’t take them seriously now and not let them enter in your mind.

Your desire to win is something which comes from internally. Everything starts from our mindset and heart.

I want to be successful

Make your path by yourself; live your dream with full passion. Everyone will try to stop you but you need to become unstoppable because reaching the target is more important than anything in the world.

When someone walks day and night with keeping the passion alive in their heart and brain; they surely get success one day.

No one is strong enough to stop them. They are one man army who seems to be ordinary but actually, they are super humans who know to rise again after falling in the ocean like the sun and rises next morning. An entrepreneur is exactly that same person who is bonded with his dreams.

It is his ambition which makes him drive to keep fighting with himself.

Nothing good will happen; if you stayed at that same place without putting efforts in self-improvement. To keep moving in life you have to take the big risks. It is said that biggest risk is not taking any kind of risk in life .

Everyone has the dream to achieve something big in life but only a few of them get’s huge success while rest keep wondering; and reason seems to be obvious for that, having that passion for your work and desire to succeed is the key ingredient of great life.

Huge success is achieved when your love your work and ready to put hard work and passion in it. People who have the strong desire they never back down on any conditions they keep fighting with the circumstances until they win.


Believe in yourself, have faith; no matter how much dark path you have chosen for yourself. if you stay focused on it, you will surely make it happen one day. Glory comes after sweat; one thing I would like to put in your mind that Life is a fast race run to win it. You are here to stay so beat the best otherwise why we are here? Hold on firmly to your dreams, it is better to roar alone in a jungle than bleating in a group of 1000 sheep’s.

Huge success

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