The biggest risk is not taking a risk

Take a risk in life bcoz biggest risk is not taking a risk

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The biggest risk is not taking a risk

Life is so beautiful, every day when you wake up and realize that God has given you the ability to see this beautiful world. He never asked you to see a particular side of his world.

He has set you free to visualize and analyze the circumstances so that you could do something unique, something big in your life which can influence the lives of millions all around the planet in a better way.

You are unique but you are following normal way of life

You have to put yourself in shoes of visionary so that you can observe the world closely. There are two kinds of people in this world that one who can afford apple gadgets and those who can only crack jokes about it.

The normal way of life is to get in the school learn the basic skill of reading, writing and presentation skills. The modern school system is getting more realistic these days. Still, it will take more time to go completely realistic.

After getting a job you will get married to your partner

After that, you will work hard to get your college degree and in right time you will meet your partner. You will get a job with a decent amount of salary in your bank account and your partner will say yes; you will get married.

Your family life will please you a couple of years and after having kids it will make you realize that you need something more, something luxurious for your family.

What you have done for yourself?

You will put all your efforts for satisfying your family needs for rest of your life. But seriously what you have done for yourself. Days will come and go, one day when you will look back on your life book you will realize that you have done pretty well but in some corner of your heart, you will know that life could be much better.

There is a low risk factor in safe life style. I’ m not saying that it is not the proper way to choose life path. It is important to have family who could love you or whom you could love. They are the one who will support you in the difficult time. This is what every 8 people story from out of 10. It's perfect to fall in a safe category which has a low-risk factor.

People who think differently

There comes the second type of people who are crazy and has independent mindset whose energy is focused on a particular direction. They will also have the loving family. They may have college degrees or may not have college degrees depend on their will.

They know how to deal with life

It doesn’t mean that without their college degrees they lack educational skills. There are people who sometimes don’t find value in their college studies. It could be waste of time and money for them because they require the energy and time for other tasks and they want to invest their time according to their need. Not in just sitting on college benches listening to people teaching the skills which are not required by them.

People finding values outside college walls

It is important to understand that there is a hidden reason or motive that they are not finding value on college degrees. People may misinterpret that they want to hang out with their people and friends for enjoying and having fun with them.

They have their own perspective to see things and life differently. They work even harder than normal college students. They don’t have time to focus their energies just sitting on college benches. This is the new way of life these days. People are becoming more serious about their life they are finding more value outside the college walls.

They have a plan

They are busier in executing their plans and dreams and turning them into reality. The matter is some of them get successful in just a few attempts whereas rest learns from their mistake and gets the medals of success through covering the route of continuous failure.

This success will be exaggerating for people with common life. It is something which common working class man can’t dream about it. But it is not easy; it is achieved through hard work, persistence, and desire to success It will take both your blood and sweat when yours working table becomes your bed and you gets unaware when days are converting into nights. Then you achieve it.

This is the reason only a few people are living royal life. A person who has achieved all this by his own hard work and efforts will always be connected to his roots. He will respect that person who earns something by his own efforts or trying very hard to chase his dreams. This is why those people are super humble and sharp minded.

There are the stories of extra – ordinary people who never gave up on their dreams in extreme situations. They know how to explore their circumstances very well and grab the best opportunities for themselves. They have the tremendous abilities to take the risk and also how to control their risk taking abilities very well. This is why they are best problem solver you will ever meet.

I would like to quote Zuckerberg “The biggest risk is not taking any risk... In the world that changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.”

Biggest Risk is not taking risk Mark Zuckerberg image

Mark Zuckerberg image

impact of society on you

Society is orthodox in that scenario which thinks that having a degree is the proof of your abilities. It is really hard to come out from this rudimentary style of living. If someone tries to dare pursue such strong dreams, society will put its entire effort to make him/her down and make them follow the old rudimentary way of life.

Only few who has the courage to take the biggest risk in their lives are the one who is living their life with ecstasy. It gives the feeling of satisfaction and blesses you with inner peace. As Steve jobs said that we all have one life and our time is limited.

Biggest Risk is not taking risk Steve jobs image

steve jobs image

Don’t live someone else life. Everyone has their own fight and own struggle, what matters the most is how you handle yourself in that period of time. Bill gates said this beautifully “Don’t compare yourself with anyone in this world... if you do so, you are insulting yourself.”

Biggest Risk is not taking risk Bill Gates image

Bill Gates image


So if you are preparing for govt services or you have decided to chase your dreams, love whatever you are doing and think big whatever you are thinking. This is how winning is done in this comparative world.

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