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Hanuman in mahabharata

There are many things which are untold to us in our childhood. The presence of Lord Hanuman in Mahabharat is one of them.

For me, Lord Hanuman is the first superhero that I come to know. There are many lessons to learn from Lord Hanuman which can make our life better.

Before getting started about telling you about Hanuman Presence in Mahabharat, let's have a quick overview on Lord Hanuman.

Who is Hanuman?

Born into the family of Vanar raj Kesari and Mother Anjana. Lord Hanuman shares a beautiful bond with his celestial father, Vayu Dev (wind deity).

Lord Hanuman connection with Shiva

Lord Hanuman admires the qualities of Lord Rama through various hymns and mantras. Lord Hanuman illustrated the benefits of Chanting Ram Naam to the common man.

It is interesting to know that Hanuman is the Rudra manifestation of Lord Shiva. Shiva is the supreme lord and known as Mahadev.

As we all know, Lord Shiva holds a deep-rooted affection for Lord Rama. Shiva and Rama, both are lords as well as devotees of each other.

The eternal relationship between Shiva and Rama is hard to express in words; both have almost similar virtues. Accordingly, both are known for their simplicity and elegance.

Lord Rama worshipped Shiva in his entire life, and Shiva took avatar of Hanuman to make Lord Rama's task smoother.

Characteristic of Lord Hanuman

Lord hanuman source - hindisoch

  • The greatest devotee of Ram Naam, Lord Hanuman is known for living a highly ascetic life and regarded as the selfless devotee of Lord Rama.
  • Lord Hanuman is Immortal and time to time people reported his presence. People even presented the proof of Lord Hanuman presence.
  • Lord Hanuman was born with the higher level of intelligence, the one who is highly auspicious and known for incredible strength.
  • In India, you can easily see Lord Hanuman getting Worshipped in Desi Akhadas and modern gym. Every Tuesday there is an enormous queue of devotees outside Lord Hanuman temple.

War of Mahabharat

Now let's have a quick view of Mahabharata war and, it's warrior

War of Mahabharat happened in the battleground of Kurukshetra.

The battle happened between Kauravas and Pandavas in which Kauravas represented the darkness and Pandavas served the truth.

It was the battle which continued for 18 days in which greatest warriors of India took part. The war was devastating, but truth prevailed in the last.

Arjun was the biggest hero who fought from the Pandavas side guided by Lord Krishna as the chariot driver.

Whereas from Kauravas side there was a humongous list of great warriors like Bhishma, Drona, Karna, Ashwathama, Kripacharya, Duryodhana, etc.

One thing was common in all them that they all were the devotees of Shiva.

Let have a look at the characteristic of these warriors then we will define Hanuman presence in Mahabharat.


Bhishma is also known as the grandfather of Kauravas and Pandavas. Bhishma is one of the oldest but extremely strongest warriors in the epic battle of Mahabharata.

Lord Parashurama was the teacher of the Bhishma. Therefore, Bhishma was invincible.

Bhishma alone had the strength to defeat the entire army of Pandavas, but his inner thoughts were with Pandavas.


Drona - a guru and a legendary warrior in the Mahabharata. Dronacharya is the instance of the exceptional teacher in Indian history.

Dronacharya taught archery to Arjun, and mace war art to Duryodhana or Bhima.


Karna was the elder brother of Pandavas, but he fought from Kauravas side.

Lived his life alone, the only person who shouldered Karna was Duryodhana. The only one who supported Karna him during severe days.

Ashwathama -

The Son of guru Drona, the one who was equipped with lethal weapons like Brahmastra and regarded as immortal.

Hanuman in Mahabharata

Lord Hanuman name is mentioned two times in the Mahabharata.

1 - Lord Hanuman Destroyed the ego of Bhima

Hanuman and Bheema source - Navhindu

Once upon a time to fulfill the wish of Draupadi, Bhima was going to bring a unique flower from a sacred mountain protected by celestial beings.

In the middle of his journey, he saw an old Vanara resting on his path. Bhima commands the Vanara to leave his route.

Vanara told Bhima that he doesn't have the strength to move the tail. It will be a great help Bhima could put the tailpiece aside.

Bhima gave consent and grab the tail of Vanara. Bhima tried to lift the tailpiece, but it didn't move.

Bhima took no time to realize that the Vanara is not ordinary. He asked the Vanara to reveal his identity.

Vanara revealed his identity as Lord Hanuman and Bhima gave his salutation to Lord Hanuman. Hanuman neutralized the egoistic feeling of Bhima had regarding his strength.

Lord Hanuman protected the Arjuna Chariot.

When the war ended; Shri Krishna told Arjun to thank Lord Hanuman. Shri Krishna revealed that hanuman mystically protected his Chariot by the celestial weapons of Kauravas.

Arjun was shocked after listening to that. Then Krishna asked Hanuman to come out of the flag of the Chariot. As soon as Hanuman left the Chariot, the Chariot exploded.

Lord Hanuman in Mahabharata Source - Jagranjunction

Shri Krishna narrated to Arjuna how Lord Hanuman protected the chariot from the devastating weapons of Bhishma and Karna.

Arjun gives the salutation to the mighty Hanuman and takes the blessing. After getting orders from the Shri Krishna, Hanuman leaves the battleground with the chant of Jai Shri Ram.

Arjuna realizes the strength and bravery of the extraordinary warriors of Kauravas and salutes them.

Hence, Lord Hanuman name is used two times in the epic Mahabharat.


In this post, we have mentioned Lord Hanuman role in Mahabharat.

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