Qualities of Lord Rama

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Qualities of Lord Rama

The name which resides in the heart of Maruti is Rama. On this post, we are sharing some of the most acknowledge Qualities of Lord Rama.

This is a longer post, we request you to please go through the complete article.

Rama is regarded as the historical figure & true Hero of ancient India. This post will fill your heart with magnificent ecstasy and joy.

This post will elaborate why Qualities of Lord Rama are admired so much by sages all over the world.

Being a writer of this post, I always try to implement qualities of Lord Rama in my life .

Obviously, it is hard to follow all virtues of Rama since they are too hard to implement in current world but I try to follow most of them.

After practicing those qualities, I hardly feel stress & anxiety, which is a comfortable feeling.

The virtues of Lord Rama helped me to live a blissful life. I recommend you to take a chance to implement them in your life and feel the difference by yourself.

So before getting started with Lord Rama qualities, we must understand who Rama really is?

Understanding the Lord Rama

Every person requires some source of inspiration in their lives to move forward. The name of Lord Rama is exactly that inspiration for a large section of humanity.

When two words ' Ra ' & ' Ma ' are put together with faith. It collectively purifies body, mind, and soul.

The power of Ram Naam is that its chanter senses the peace of mind by just chanting these two letters together.

It is believed that the name of Lord Rama has more significance in comparison to the Physical manifestation of Lord Rama.

According to DashaAvatar of Lord Vishnu, Lord Rama is the seventh Manifestation of greatest preserver, Narayana.

Sage Valmiki did the glorious apotheosis of Lord Rama in epic Ramayana. Epic Ramayana glorifies the name of Rama.

Sage defined Lord Rama as the elder son of King Dasaratha.

In Asian subcontinent and across the globe Rama is the major deity in Sanatana Dharma.

Qualities of Lord Rama

1 Rama always followed the path of righteousness

Everything is so great & grand about Lord Rama. The chronicles of Lord Rama defines the authentic meaning of everlasting faith, and love.

Lord Rama always had compassion in his heart for others which helped him to move forward with moral ethics in his life.

When you have compassion and purity in your heart, you will always follow the path of righteousness. Hence Rama is known as Maryada Purushottam.

2 Rama shared a bond of trust and affection with his brothers.

We are living in a world where people have started giving more importance to materialistic stuff instead of moral values.

In such scenarios, moral values in the relationship are going down and tension is arising in families.

These days, people are lacking in creating the bond of affection within their families which is becoming the ultimate reason for breaking of families into small pieces.

From that point of view lord Rama always shared a bond of affection and trust with his brothers and within the family.

When Rama was given exile of 14 years from his kingdom his younger brother Laxman decided to go with Lord Rama.

Such loyalty is possible when you have the strong bond of affection within your family.

On the other hand, Bharata decided to not sit on the throne. He waited for Rama to complete his exile meanwhile Bharata followed ascetic lifestyle.

3 Lord Rama is an exemplification of an Ideal son

As defined above that Lord Rama was the elder son of King Dasaratha and King had three queens.

Rama was the most loved son of all the queens.

When queen Kaikeyi gave the exile to her most loved son Rama so that her own son Bharata could sit on the throne.

Lord Rama accepted her mother Kaikeyi wish and accepted 14 years of exile without any questioning.

This is not an ordinary virtue of Rama. Such characteristic is possible only when you have high moral grounds.

4 Rama worshipper of Lord Shiva

It is really hard to express the affection between Shiva and Rama( Lord Rama - Avatar of Lord Vishnu). Lord Shiva always admired virtues of Rama.

There is no doubt that Rama Worshipped Shiva all over his life.

One ofmost astonishing thing about Lord Shiva and Lord Rama is that both are known for their simplicity. For simplicity Shiva is worshipped as Bholenath.

5 A friend in need is a friend indeed

One of the excellent qualities of Lord Rama is that he has redefined the meaning of true friendship. Lord Rama helped Sugriva to get his kingdom back from Bali [vali] .

Lord Rama won a fiery battle against the demon king Ravana and after winning the battle gifted the entire state to his friend Vibhishana.

6 Rama never compared his devotees based on their creed

One of the mesmerizing quality of Lord Rama is that Rama never compared his devotees based on their caste and creed.

An old lady named Shabri was one of the devotees of Rama belonging to the lower caste.

Her devotion was so true that Lord Rama even ate Shabri's tasted ber (Indian jujube).

The act of eating ber given by old lady Shabri is a strong message to whole humanity that there is no difference in human.

The only place where this difference exists is on our mind.

7 Lord Rama did unconditional love with his wife Goddess Sita

During his exile Lord Rama and Goddess Sita stayed in a beautiful forest named Madhuban. They created a beautiful hut for themselves and named it Panchvati.

The younger brother of Rama was the patron of their hut.

A female demon character named Surpanakha is mentioned in Ramayana, who took the morph of a beautiful lady to approach Rama.

She wanted to marry Rama but Rama turned her down by saying that he is already married to goddess Sita.

From Panchvati, the demon Ravana subduct goddess, Sita. Raghuvar searches Sita in the entire shore of the sea with his younger brother Laxman.

Eventually, Lord Hanuman who is known as the biggest devotee of Lord Rama collected the information of Goddess Sita that Ravana seized goddess, Sita.

Lord Rama killed the demon Ravana to bring his wife back. After that Rama and Sita started living a peaceful life

They were living a happy life then something happened which caused the reason for great grief to the Rama

A moron washer man raised false allegation on Goddess Sita purity. Finally, in the name of maintaining the moral ethics Rama had to get apart from goddess Sita.

Sita understood the unspoken agony of Rama and returns to the forest for living an ascetic lifestyle.

Meanwhile, Rama never thoughts about any other lady except Goddess Sita.

In the time of Ashwamedha Yagna, Rama placed the golden idol of goddess Sita just next to him so that Yagna ritual could take place.

From the outer perspective, it may look like that Rama get apart from Goddess Sita

But in reality, Rama from his heart stayed connected with Goddess.

These incidents define that Rama love was unconditional for goddess Sita.

8 Lord Rama was highly intellectual and a great warrior

Since from Lord Rama's birth, he had the tremendous level of intellectuals mindset .

At a very young age, Rama attained the highest level of archery in Treta Yuga.

It is the reason why Various sages had equipped Rama with the disastrous divine weapon.

Rama used all his knowledge and skill for the well-being of his subjects.

9 Rama is known for his forgiveness attitude

Once upon a time when Lord Rama asked for the path from Sea so that his baboon army could reach on the bank of Sri Lanka.

Ocean ignored Rama request for seven consecutive days. After seeing the ignorance of ocean, Rama decided to dry the whole ocean.

After sensing the seriousness of the situation, Ocean appeared in front of Rama and seeks forgiveness.

Lord Rama accepted the apology of ocean and Ocean told the way of creating a bridge on his waves.

10 Fulfill your promises or never make them

Rama always spoke the truth and never broken his promise.

Once upon a time, Yama (deity of death) came to meet for a secret meeting with Rama. Lord Rama gave promise to Yama that nobody will come to disturb their meeting.

In case if anybody interrupts their meeting. He will lose the right to live. unfortunately, Laxmana reaches there to interrupt their meeting.

Laxman helped Rama to stick with his promise by giving up his life.


On this post, we have shared Qualities of Lord Rama.

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Last but not the least please keep smiling and stay blessed

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