Hanuman real photo [ Simple explanation ]

Hanuman real photo

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Hanuman real Photo

Did I saw HanumanJi real photo? Yes, the same question raised in my mind when I saw Lord Hanuman picture taken in the Himalayas.

Well, I read peoples view on real Hanuman photo. I respect their views. But I don’t agree with them; I have quite a different approach to visualize this image.

Intellectual minds can give more than 100 reasons to refuse the picture authority. They may call it extreme talented artwork of the painter etc.

I got a different opinion, I may be wrong, and they may be right but this is my vision, and I take full responsibility for my words.

If Hanuman real Photo is a painting?

It is my view that if this picture is an oil painting of Hanuman real photo. In that case, It may be possible that someone has seen Hanuman sitting in this posture and built painting which is an epitome of elegance.

It may be positively possible that his creativity may be inspired by some dreaming and thoughts process which leads him to such amazing creativity which forced people to believe that they have seen Hanumanji real photo.

Let's talk about if it is a Hanuman real photo

It is all about trust and faith.

I believe that this picture has authority. I think that there are 100% chances that Lord Hanuman is sitting their holding Ramayana in his hand.

Some of my friends wrote that why he is reading Ramayana. He is well aware of all incident happened in Ramayana.

My answer is simple when we love someone we have their entities with us. Like I have my family picture on my Mobile phone. Similarly, Ramayan is the most beautiful epic associated with Lord Rama written by Valmiki.

Therefore, that will belong to Lord Hanuman's heart.

As far as Sanatan Dharma epics are concerned everybody knows that Hanuman is immortal, but he took birth and grown with the quantum of time.

Hence, he will get aged in every epoch.

Many adherents reported Lord Hanuman in the different era like Sage Madhavarcharya.

The one who said to have graced with Lord Hanuman’s visit in 13th Century AD in the early 1600s.

Who can forget Tulsidas? Hanuman visited Tulsidas and inspired him to write the Hindi version of Ramayana.

Hence Tulsidas wrote Ramcharitmanas and Hanuman Chalisa.

The second angle of the Hanuman Original photo

Now let me talk about the second angle of it, Photographer died for an unknown reason.

Now concentrate on word unknown reason.

There is a mystery beyond his death.

He might be accidentally reached there in the cave, and Hanuman may be concentrating on Ramayana and not aware of any human interference.

When the photographer clicked this picture secretly, that clicked disturbed Hanuman.

When Hanuman put his eyes on him, there might be chances that photographer may not have the strength to hold on Hanuman vision on him which lead him to death.

He must be in heaven after seeing Incarnation of Lord Shiva as Hanuman. Being in Tech world, the binary of the codes defines that this pic is not photoshopped.

The real picture of Hanuman not photoshopped.

real picture of hanuman not photoshopped

Thanks for your visit. We, humans, have the different approach to analyze thing so I may sound superstitious but believe me, I am not.

It is my perception that I never want to miss any chance to worship the incarnation of Shiva.

Picture contradiction with fast life

My belief that life is short; We live in a very short span of life on this planet.

Therefore, I cannot afford to waste any moment to live in a dilemma.

For many others, it may be the simple oil painting but of me; it has a Holy textbook of Ramayan in the hands of a monk whose appearance matches with Lord Hanuman.

As we all know Hanuman is one the simplest God who is the savior of sages and good people.

Lord Hanuman name gives me strength and positivity whenever I recite his name anywhere.

I still remember that when I was seven years old, my mom took me to the Hanuman temple and told me
“Son, Hanuman will be always there with you, you just need to believe in him and take his name every day as many time you can take.”

The problem of today's generation

With respect to everyone, Indian minds have high intellectual standards as compared to other nationalities.

Yoga,Meditation , Ayurveda, Astronomy, Trigonometry, Gravity are proof of it.

They know how to optimize things better than anybody else in the world. That potential of Indians making India proud in various sectors like technology, art, health, entertainment, sport.

If we talk about technology, & communication; India is one of the biggest markets for software and space technology.

That is making our growth rate unmatchable in the world but what hurting India, and Indians is that we are neglecting our origins.

We are disregarding the values of the Vedic customs, the foundation of our intellectual mind.

It is essential to make wealth for the living, but people need to give their max time to their families and loved once. Without doing that they couldn't get connected to their Vedic culture.

Restore faith in humanity

Otherwise, everything will become useless one day.

India has always been a land of high moral values.

The choice is yours, Whether you want to live in darkness or want to come in light and see everything clearly by showing compassion and respect for others.

A simple hug to family and friends is better than having medicine. I am not a guru; I am just an ordinary boy who sees God in everyone.

You cannot improve this world alone but what you can do is that you can contribute your part by walking on the path of humanity.

Help in restoring faith in humanity.

Before putting the pen down can we collectively Chant Om NAMAH SHIVAYA .

Har Har Mahadev

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