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Hail Lord Hanuman!

The one who enchant the heart. Son of Anjana and Kesri, faster than The Wind. The One who has won over his senses. The One who is most intelligent of all, the incarnation of Lord Shiva .

The one who achieved his consciousness and Chief of Baboon Army.

One of the most loved Messengers of Lord Sri Rama who loves chanting Ram naam . I bow down to you Chiranjeevi (immortal) and worship you. you are the patron of sages and saint, born on auspicious Tuesday and perform only auspicious deeds for the welfare of sages.

Hanuman has many names but Bajrang Bali, Maruti, Sankata Mochana, Kesarinandan are most famous. As we already know that Hanuman Ji greatest devotee of Lord Rama. Lord Rama told him once that you will live on this earth till the last epoch, So he is still living with us in an unknown forest but no one knows where is that forest.

Time to time people presented the evidence of Lord Hanuman public appearance. You can read my views on Hanumanji real photo.

Even in this century these lines are so perfect

सब सुख लहै तुह्मारी सरना । तुम रच्छक काहू को डर ना

Sab sukh leye tumhari sarna , tum rakshak kahu ko darna.


Oh lord, every thing belongs to you. Those who take Refuge in You, enjoy all Happiness. Oh Lord Hanuman, If You are my Protector, my savior, then what is there to fear?

Lord Hanuman participated from Rama side to war against the demon king Ravana. Laxman was the younger brother of Lord Rama. When Ravan son Megh-Nath attacked Laxman in middle of the war. It became impossible to save Laxman life. For saving Laxman life a vital medical herb was required within 12 hrs.

That medical herb was in Himalayas north India. War was going on in Sri Lanka. So covering that distance in 12 hrs was a difficult task. In that precious time Lord, Hanuman came forward and enquired about herbs. He started flying towards the Himalayas. After reaching there. He got confused about the medical herb. So what he did was amazing. He took the Whole mountain of herbs in his arms and started towards war zone and reached with in time limit.

This is the greatness of mighty Lord hanuman.

if you are still wondering about his residential location. It is somewhere Gandmadana mountain, near Rameshwaram, in India’s Tamil Nadu district but some people also reported him in the Himalayas and in Sri Lanka.

Time to time various devotee have reported seeing him As far as Hindu epics are concerned, everybody knows, he is immortal but he took birth and grown with quantum of time, Various devotees reported him in various era like Sage Madhavarcharya was said to have graced with Lord Hanuman’s visit in 13th Century AD in early 1600s. Who can forget Tulsidas.

Hanuman apparently visited Tulsidas and inspired him to write the Hindi version of Ramayana. And this devotees list goes on. One short story is coming in my mind so I thought to share with you. It is associated with Hanuman Childhood. Once in childhood baby hanuman even tried to swallow the sun. This is really an interesting story. It fascinates me about the strength of Hanuman.

Lord Hanuman is one of the greatest devotees of Lord Rama.

Life Lessons to learn from Lord Hanuman

There is so much we can learn from the Lord Hanuman. Some of the top lessons are defined below.

1 - What is in your Heart?

For a peaceful mind, it is very important to know what is in your heart? Lord Hanuman placed the image of Lord Rama inside his heart which proves his reverence for Shri Rama. His reverence towards Lord Rama is incomparable to any other devotee of Lord Rama. This gives Focus and peace of mind to Lord Hanuman

2 - Reliable - Trustworthy - Responsible

There are many incidents when Lord Hanuman proved his reliability. Here are my two most loved incidents.

Lord Hanuman helped his friend Sugreev

When Sugreev was boycotted by his brother Bali. Bali forced Sugreev to run away from his kingdom. That time Lord Hanuman was the only one whom Sugreev could trust.

As a friend of Sugreev Lord Hanuman arranged the meeting to Lord Rama and Sugreev which ultimately lead him to get his kingdom back from Bali.

2- Lord Hanuman saved Laxman life

As mentioned above, In war zone when Laxman was hit by Meghnath and precious herb was required within 12 hours to save the life of Laxman. Lord Hanuman took the responsibility of bringing the precious herb from the Himalayas within the time limit.

After reaching the Himalayas; he got confused with the specification of the herb so what he did was truly amazing. He lifted the whole mountain of Dronagiri in his palm and reached to the war zone which ultimately saved the life of Laxman.

These two incidents prove that Lord Hanuman is Reliable - Trustworthy and Responsible for his actions

3 - Devotion gives you strength

Lord Hanuman is one of the greatest devotees of Lord Rama. As I have mentioned earlier he loves to chant and recite the Ram naam . There is another dimension of his devotion in which he get's the strength to do wonders after chanting name of Lord Rama.

4 - Meditation helps you to keep calm

Lord Hanuman has the highest level of intellectual mindset which helps him to keep calm in tough conditions. Whenever he get's the free time; He loves to meditate the name of Lord Rama. This whole yogic process opens the inactive neurons cells of Lord Hanuman and makes him intelligent and wise.

5 - Do good karma

Lord Hanuman is worshipped all around the globe not because he was Rudra avatar of Lord Shiva. Lord Hanuman is worshipped because of his great task which he did for Lord Rama.

Your karma speaks on your behalf which means your karma defines you. Many people ask what is karma? How the law of karma works? So it is important to answer the question. Karma is your daily deeds. Whatever you do today will come back to you as a return gift. So always do good karma.

I hope I tried my best with my limited abilities to introduce Lord Hanuman to you.

If something is there like an experience or something, which you want to share with other readers you are welcome. Thanks for giving time to read this post. We appreciate all your love and support.

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