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How Bal Hanuman became Maruti Courtesy - Zee News

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There are so many heartwarming incidents are associated with Bal Hanuman (Child Hanuman). All these stories fill you with great ecstasy and inner peace.

These are not just ordinary stories; they are the foundation of Sanatana Dharma which is based on facts - figure and more scientific in every aspect.

Common people or even modern high tech world is taking the lesson from it.

This post will help people to know a beautiful story associated with Bal Hanuman Birth

Rise of Evil

It all started when the greatest demon of all time Ravana arise. His criminal acts and atrocities crossed every level, that even all three realms were shaking by his terror.

Demigods visited Brahma the creator of the Universe and requested him to give them shelter or protection from Ravana.

Brahma replies to them that he convinced Lord Vishnu to take human avatar on earth. Lord Vishnu will free the mother earth from the atrocities of Ravana.

Furthermore, Brahma prevails that The whole process will be divine incident in which Lord Shiva eleventh Rudra Avatar Hanuman will play a major Role.

This information gave the huge relief to demigods.

Birth of Bal Hanuman.

Once upon a time one of the major associates of Sugriva Vanaras army, Kesari with his spouse Anjana went to the ashrams to meet rishis - sages where Anjana defined defined her wish to have a child.

Sages advised them to do the hardest penance of Shiva. They told to monkey couple that Shiva is kind-hearted Supreme consciousness.

The World looks at him as AdiGuru. Yogis all around the world are busy in chanting his name. He will definitely bless you with an incredible son.

Anjana Accepted the sages advised; she did the hardest penance along with her husband Kesari. Both of them sat on the bank of the river and started chanting the various name of Shiva.

Time started passing and the strength of Kesari and Anjana was getting weaker day by day.

Anjana and Kesari forgot everything and kept chanting Shiva name for 10 years. In those 10 years, their muscular energy was getting weak but their spiritual energy was getting stronger by every passing day.

By seeing the hardest austerity of monkey couple Anjana and Kesari; On Phenomenal mount Kailash abode of shiva, Kind hearted Goddess Parvati spouse of Shiva thought to invoke Shiva from his Meditation but due to Shiva Samadhi state, she doesn't invoke Mahadeva.

[ Check out whom does Shiva meditate? ]

Parvati as Shakti was too anxious to know when Shiva will open his eyes. Then after few years Shiva comes out from his Samadhi state and open his eyes and looks at Parvati with a smile.

Parvati defines the state of Monkey couple Anjana and Kesari but Shiva replies to Parvati with a smile that Anjana and Kesari Time is not yet come. Anjana and Kesari Penance will take some more time to grant their wish.

On the other side Sages from the Ashrams informs Kesari and Anjana that Shiva is happy with their penance he will be shortly coming to your palace to meet both of you.

After getting enlightenment from Sage, Anjana thanks them and returns to her palace with Kesari where she starts cooking the delicious dish for Shiva.

Both Anjana and Kesari waits for Shiva for the whole day to accept their xenial Hospitality but Shiva didn't appear. On the evening when Sun sets Shiva takes the Guise of the poor beggar and knocks the door of Anjana.

Anjana and Kesari hear the guest voice and they start expecting Shiva on their doors. After seeing the old beggar on their door Keesari gets depressed and ask the poor beggar You are not my Lord man? I was assuming my Lord.

Old beggar replies to Kesari that I m a poor beggar I need some alms. Kesari rejects to give him alms but Anjani says he is our guest too. She brings out some fruits for him but this time beggar rejects Anjana fruits.

Beggar tells them that he can smell the delicious sweet dishes. He requests Anjana to let him enjoy the delicious dishes. Kesari again tries to hold Anjana to make him enter on his palace but Anjana says to Kesari we should give him all the respect he deserves as a guest.

After reaching inside the palace; the old poor beggar sits on the place of Shiva and orders Anjana to bring out the best dishes. Anjana requests him to sit somewhere else since that place was reserved for Shiva but beggar doesn't accept the Anjana request.

Beggar orders to Kesari to start fanning him and starts enjoying all the meal alone. Lastly, after the supper, he asks Anjana Whom they were Expecting as their Guest. Anjana replies to Beggar that both of them were expecting their Lord Shiva.

After listening to the name of the Shiva, Beggar starts laughing louder and starts using inappropriate words for Shiva. Beggar starts defaming Shiva.

He tells to Anjana that What kind of God he is who smears dead bodies ashes on his bodies and wear the garland of snakes with matted hair locks he looks barbaric.

Anjana tries to control her anger after listening to all these things for Shiva but old beggar doesn't stop there and Kept defaming Shiva, he said.

Do you know he is known by the name of Rudra? He even sits on cremation ground for his Yog Sadhana. He is an Aghori and ghost and phantoms are his followers. Are you waiting for him?

Anjana get's angry about that and shouts loudly. She says Stupid man enough you have said, You have proved your stupidity; I m not here to listening rubbish about my Lord Shiva.

Beggar replies so you to think I m saying rubbish tell me

  1. Don't he lives on Cremation ground and smears dear bodies ashes on his bodies?
  2. won't he have long matted hair coils?
  3. Isn't he Aghori

Daughter, you should forget about Shiva, He himself is a Vairagi; A yogi who cannot give you anything.

Anjana gets's more aggressive after listening to the old beggar she replies to old beggar. Do you want to know about Shiva so Listen carefully you Fool; I will tell you who is Lord Shiva?

Just by taking whose name a sinner gets the salvation or Moksha from any kind of sin , The Supreme Source of energy, Who is a destroyer still too dear to everyone that Trimurti (Trinity) is incomplete without him.

The omniscient, Guiltless, The one who is too dear to Lord Vishnu that Shiva is known as Vishnu Vallabh and what you have just said that he lives on cremation ground and smears the ashes of dead bodies on his body.

Yes, he does lives on cremation ground and smears ashes on his bodies so that world could know about this materialistic world. Everything will remain here so why you have a passion for this materialistic world.

Secondly - You defamed his matted hair locks so I need you to hear it properly that even sacred river Ganga flows from his matted hair locks. He held the cosmic flow of Goddess Ganga on his head so that this earth may not get shatter into various pieces.

Lastly, you said Aghori to Shiva so let me clear the meaning of Aghori. Ghori means Cruel and someone who is dense and extreme but Shiva is 'Aghori not Ghori' which means the one who is not cruel, extreme or dense.

How can he be cruel who has compassion for even ghost and phantom who even gave proper place to the venomous snake? He is the first Yogi and AdiGuru.

After listening to Anjana Beggar replies that Shiva is venomous by nature what's about that?

Anjana replies to Beggar that Yes, My Lord Shiva is venomous by nature because the time of cosmic sea crunching when the Cosmic poison came out from that by seeing whom every Devas or demigod were shivering and nobody accepted that Cosmic poison which was burning the whole cosmos.


Shiva is so innocent that he consumed the whole Cosmic poison Halahal to save the Universe and demigods. That time Goddess Parvati put her hand on Shiva's throat and made poison to stay there.

This incident turned his throat Blue and Since then Shiva is known as Neelkantha.

There is no one like him in the whole cosmos, Do you know old man; Shiva never tricked anyone. It is the reason why people call him Bholenath which means Guiltless.

If you have said anything further then I will be not responsible for my deed and probably do something.

Beggar takes the guise of Shiva and takes the name of Anjana So what will you do Anjana?

Anjana and Kesari see Shiva standing in front of them holding his trident in his right hand. Both get down on their knees and fold their hands.

Shiva tells to Anjana and Kesari that he is very happy with their reverence and time has been arrived to grant their wish. Shiva advised the Kesari and Anjana to Accept my Prasad through Wind God (Vayu God) which I will give to you Kesari.

After that Anjana, you will give birth to your Son who will get famous for his bravery, devotion, and skills.

[Prasad is a edible offering to the God which is accepted after worship of the divine entity.]

After that Shiva returns to Mount Kailash and takes the name of Wind God. Wind god appears and give salutation to Shiva and shows his happiness that Shiva has chosen him to become Godfather of Shiva eleventh Rudra Avatar.

Shiva gives the fireball to the Vayu god which he takes towards the monkey couple. Windgod appears before Anjana and Kesari and introduces himself.

Wind god says to both of them. Kesari and Anjana, Shiva and goddess Parvati are so much happy with your reverence and devotion. He gave you his Prasad I request Kesari to accept it.

With all humility, Kesari accept the Shiva Prasad and gives thanks to Wind god. Wind god says to them that he will be the godfather of their Son as his secret patron.

Windgod Disappears and after few years Anjana gives birth to the divine son the Bal Hanuman. Whose charm was so charismatic that whole palace of Kesari starts shining.

Windgod called him Maruti which means the Vayu Putra (Son of wind god).

Bal hanuman Bal Hanuman - Rudra Avatar of Shiva [Courtesy - Pinterest pin by Festivals ]


This post is the short story associated with the birth of Bal Hanuman. Hope you liked it.

We are ordinary common minds, we don't have any abilities to define such wonderful and whelming incidents of bal hanuman birth. If you feel like to worth sharing it please do that after all sharing is caring.

Lastly thanks for giving your precious time to read the post associated with Bal Hanuman Birth.

Keep smiling & stay blessed.

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