Bal Hanuman shares a beautiful bond with Vayudeva

Bal Hanuman shares a beautiful bond with Vayudeva

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Bal Hanuman shares a beautiful bond with Vayudeva

This post defines that Bal Hanuman shares a beautiful bond of affection with his Cosmic father Vayudeva. Hanuman is not the first name of Kesari and Anjana's Son; It is Maruti but Anjaneya Nandan is also too popular.

Bal Hanuman Leela

Monkey couple Anjana and Kesari did the hardest penance to get a cosmic son as a boon from Lord Shiva. It took 12 to 15 years to get that cosmic son i. Monkey couple named him Maruti.

On the Phenomenal mount Kailash Lord Shiva and Parvati gave the responsibility of being the celestial father of Bal Hanuman to Vayudev.

Anjana and Kesari were so happy with the birth of Bal Hanuman. Once upon a time, Kesari was playing with his little son Maruti; When Maruti hold his grip on Kesari which makes Kesari feel the amazing strength of Maruti arms.

Kesari returns Maruti to Anjana and tells her. Our Son is so strong Anjana you take care of him and make him sleep easy, I m feeling tired and going to sleep now.

By saying few words Kesari falls into the deep sleep and Anjana holds Little Hanuman and starts playing with her son. She tells to Maruti my little son see your father sleeping now you should also sleep.See everybody is sleeping these stars, these flowers, Moon.

You should also sleep my dear but Maruti keeps smiling while seeing her mother Anjana. Anjana tells to Maruti ok let me sing a Lori [lullaby] and make you fall into sleep. She starts singing the Lori which makes baby Hanuman to fall into sleep.

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Anjana sees her cute little son sleeping in her arms. She puts Maruti in his little bed, Anjana sleeps down on her Bed.

On a midnight Maruti gets awake and sees his father Kesari and mother Anjana Sleeping.

Maruti sees the outside of the window and moon looks bigger and beautiful to him.

Maruti gets down from his baby bed and brings out the one pillow and puts on the corner of the window.

Maruti tries to reach to the window but remains short so he decides to bring out another pillow and put it over the above of previous pillow.

This time he gets successful and reaches to the window and start seeing the Moon clearly and he even gives smile to the Moon.

Due to imbalance Maruti slips down from the window but his cosmic father WindGod (VayuDev ) holds him in his arms and put's back on his bed.

Vayudev tells to Maruti that Son you should sleep now; You have done enough fun for today. Maruti gives innocent smile to Vayudev and Vayudev tells him. So, son, you want me to sing a Lori for you.

Vayudev sings a melodious Lori for Maruti which makes Maruti fall into pleasant sleep. Vayu Dev looks at sleeping Hanuman and covers him with his blanket and disappears from there.

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How Maruti became Bal Hanuman?

Maruti got the name Hanuman when he got hit by the Vajra (thunderbolt) devastating weapon of Indra (Indra is the king of demigods). The Impact of the Vajra was too strong that it dislocated Maruti jaw little bit.

In Sanskrit Language Hanu means Jaw; due to the dislocated jaw of little Maruti; Anjaneya Nandan is known as Hanuman.

After that incident, all Devas including Brahma, Vayu, Indra, Narada etc gave blessing and superpowers to Hanuman which made him more strong and fast.

It all started when Maruti took the flew from earth towards Sun. Indra tried to stop Bal Hanuman when Maruti mistook Sun as a juicy red fruit in his childhood and tried to swallow the sun.

Later on, Maruti was made to realize that sun is not a fruit. Sun is the lord of light and whole world get's the light and energy from the Sun. Without sun world will become lightless and plants, as well as animals, will die.

After getting enlightenment from Vayy Dev (Maruti celestial father) about the importance of Sun. Maruti apologized for doing his innocent mistake of swallowing Sun.

In fact, Bal Hanuman took the flew towards Sun Lord as asked him to teach all the Vedas and skills.

By seeing the sweetness of Maruti, The Lord of light, Sun gives a sweet smile to him and tells to Maruti that my dear Maruti I know you are the Rudra avatar of Lord Shiva and Vayu dev is your celestial father but I cannot teach you Vedas and all.

Bal Hanuman asks the reason why Lord of light Sun doesn't want to teach Vedas and all the Skill to Maruti?

Sun replies to Maruti that he has daily responsibilities of cosmic rotation and cannot stay long in any place.

Maruti tells to the sun that there is no need to stay long in one place, he will keep Revolving with Sun to take all the knowledge of Vedas.

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Sun replies to Bal Hanuman as I can see my lights are not harming you so you can stay with me I will teach you everything.

Maruti took his Vedas session from Sun while constantly revolving in the cosmos with Sun. After completing his Vedas Session Maruti asked Sun to take some kind of Guru Dakshina (Fee).

But Sun said that he doesn't want to take any Dakshina from him but Maruti insisted Sun to take Something from him. After seeing the reverence of Maruti on his teacher Sun told to Maruti that in Dakshina he wants a promise from Hanuman that whenever his Son Sugriva will need him. He will definitely come to help his Son.

Maruti gives a vow to Sun that he will always help Sugriva whenever he will need him.


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