When a girl falls in loves

When a girl falls in love

 By   santosh |     Last updated :   8 jan 2018

When a girl falls in love

Normally girls are good at hiding their feelings. They hardly express their mindset to others especially when it comes to love someone. In real sense girls are the divine boon to mankind; she is made up of lots of emotions, affections and compassion.

Girls are normally stronger than boys in every possible way. I admire their strength and approach towards problem-solving techniques. They know very beautifully how to deal with dual responsibility. We boys will never be able to do that in comparison to them.

Sometimes I really think that we guys need to understand the hidden strength of girl power. I personally feel that the world will become better placed when more girls will emerge to make their place for themselves in society.

A girl should be like a Butterfly, pretty to see but hard to catch.

It simply means that a girl should be free like a butterfly in the garden.

Apart from all that, there is the beautiful side of every girl which is so pious. You can actually see that emotion in their eyes when they fall in love with the person who deserves them.

The level of dedication towards their partner is unmatchable in the world. This quality of giving unconditional love is something which is common in girls from all over the world. It is a well-known fact that; a real man who knows how to treat a lady whether she is his wife, friend, mother, sister or even colleagues are always blessed with better life.

cute doll

A girl is already strong but she becomes stronger when she meets with the right person. That simple boy becomes her strength. A kind of pink glow starts appearing to her face which set her free from all her previous agony.

Her innocent heart will get automatically connected with that gentleman and that boy might not even get aware that how love happened between them?

Boys you need to understand that; you don't have to look like Bradley Cooper or Hritik Roshan. You just need to be the person who is so caring towards everyone, and protective towards her. Every girl looks for a gentleman who could be exactly like a cold breeze who could come from nowhere and give her reason to smile.

Her smile will let you know how much she loves you. A girl who falls in love with a boy can identify that boy in the crowd of millions. Almost every girl is emotionally soft like rose petals so sometimes she doesn't like to speak verbally with her partner instead she likes to speak from the heart.


How can you make place in her heart - There is no secret to win any girl's heart; it happens organically. But there are few things which can help you to make some place in her heart.

1) Be a gentleman-

be a gentleman

Loving someone is kind of an amazing feeling which can't be expressed in words whether you are a boy or girl. When love happens from boy's perspective 70% of us get scared to expressing it in front of her and its perfectly fine. Actually, a true love never needs confession in front of her. Your deeds will make her realize how much you care about her without saying anything verbally to her. A person with helping nature; who is ready to help others without having any self-interest is the one who can easily make the place in someone hearts.

2) Your thoughts and Language matters the most-

 Your thoughts and Language matters the most

The art of communication is one of the most power tools in the world it has the ability to change the world. A person who is naive from his thoughts and knows how to give respect to someone can easily make the place in anyone's heart. Having pure thoughts and expressing it in words are two different things. If a thought is expressed without considering the use of the proper word can adversely harm to anybody personality. It can be disgracious to the certain place. So it’s better to avoid the words which bring negativity in the atmosphere.

3) Focused man who is clear with his vision

Focused man who is clear with his vision Virat Kohli

It is said that behind every successful person there is a woman. It's true, Girls really like that kind of man who is clear about his life goals. Girls admire those people who are basically self-made and hard working. A man who is clear regarding his vision can clearly make great thing happens for themselves or for others.

4) Humorous nature with common sense -

Saying right thing at right times can help you a lot. This proves that person has the conscious mind. Representing common sense in humorous style makes the person more demanding. These are the few things where you can improve yourself. Girls really want a person who may not be perfect but knows how to give respect to other, especially to ladies.

How boys can take care of their Partner – Same thing girls could do for their better halves.

  1. Good Morning wishes can fill lots of positivity in your relationship.
  2. Hold her hand and kiss her on the forehead before leaving for office. It is the great way to make her smile dude.
  3. Sending a love text msg in between lunch break time.
  4. Surprise gifting, will help spreading more sweetness in your relation.
  5. By giving quality time to your spouse and expressing those three magical words ( I LOVE YOU) time to time.


At last, I would like to conclude that Life is so great because of them. She could be our friend, mother, sister, colleague, girlfriend, wife and we must thank them for making it more beautiful. Every small thing they do for us is pretty amazing.

treat her with lots of love

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