What is the meaning of true love?

What is the meaning of true love?
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What is the meaning of true Love?

If you are confused and looking for the answer to the question What is the meaning of true love? This post will help you.

Dear friends, This is not the paid post. It is a perfectly detached article. So let's get started by understanding, what is the meaning of true love?

What is the meaning of true Love?

"True love doesn't come to you it has to be inside you." - Julia Roberts

When your I and You get merged into We, It becomes true love which is pure and selfless. It is the untold feeling which connects different people by their heart.

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You start taking care of each other without any self-interest. Admire each other qualities and leads each other. It is a union of the two soul which becomes one in two different bodies.

A love which is passionate and filled with compassion that kind of love is always pleasant.

True love knows no barriers, no limitation, it is a feeling in which people have devotion, care, affection, faith for each other.

True love is not always physical; It is the emotion which resides deep into the heart. It could be the love of a father towards his family.

It could be the love of a nationalistic towards his nation which can take the shape of humankind of emotions.

Indians are known for having that kind of sentiments in which they adore their motherland regarding as their Mother. That is a beautiful exemplification of true love.

Bhagat Singh Indian freedom fighter is one of the Indian youth Icon who illustrated that Nation and mother is one for Indians.

It is the only reason you can easily find Bhagat Singh images printed in glasses of Luxurious as well as simplistic cars in India.

Hence there is nothing like perfect love. It is just a divine feeling which happens automatically.

You never know, when it will happen but when it love happens; the entire world gets smaller and consolidated into that particular person or entity.

True love is all about; getting emotionally attached to someone special.

You start taking care of that person and thinking about them when they are not around you. True love is never materialistic and demanding.

True love understands the unspoken words and most of the talks happen with simple eye contacts. Heartbeat fast when your partner is around you and melts when they are not.

You cover them when you see them sleeping without the blanket in winters. Similarly, you switch on the AC or fan, when you see them relaxing in summers afternoon.

couple making heart true love sign source - Pixabay A devotee sees his/her Lord which others get fail to visualize. It happens because devotees have true reverence for their Lord. Most importantly their lord helps them. Faith works mystically.

True reverence is the purest and core form of true Love which has a straight connection with the hormones.

Human brain discharges few hormones which are responsible for these love feelings.

These hormones are oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine, vasopressin, and norepinephrine.

The hormone oxytocin is released into your brain when you cuddle with your partner. It causes a feeling of attachment to your partner.

The hormone Dopamine is responsible for making you feel happy when you get engaged in love action like (gentle handholding, Candle night dinners, soft kisses).

You cannot resist your teardrops coming out from your eyes when you experience true Love.

How does it feel when True Love happens?

Days become bigger and night gets shorter. Everything seems beautiful; you start noticing your personality and often mirror becomes your friend.

You start listening to love songs on Fm, and Red rose seems redder to you. You become optimistic in life. Real life changes your life entirely with positivity.

You are always ready to support, guide and nourish your love and your partner. If they get late from returning from office, or market, you start getting worried and staring your watch again and again.

You not just share your stuff and times with each other, you make them exceptional for each other. That is how you become the strength of each other.

How to grow your relationship?

True love automatically strengthening the bond of relationship.

Giving a short text message in a day to express that you love him/ her is what makes the relationship beautiful.

It gives a sense to the partner that you are important to them. No matter whatever may the situation come in the future, you will stay by their side supporting him/her.

Sometimes it is essential to express your love for your partner. It gives them moral support that there is someone in this world who cares for them.

True Love is always priceless and everlasting. Those people are lucky enough who have found this treasure.

There are three golden rules to grow your relationship.

  1. Never Lie to your partner. It means that your faith is prominent than your fear.
  2. Never Hide anything from your partner. That brings transparency into the relationship.
  3. Always listen to them and include them in your every decision making.

That defines you respect and value the opinions of your partner.

It is your responsibility to nourish it, protect it from the outer world.

True Love always happens with inner beauty, not with outer beauty. Inner beauty is eternal, whereas outer beauty depends on circumstances, and gets faded by time.

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