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The most importantly beautiful and authentic relationship questions which can lead you to the happy Life. Let's get started with Relationship questions post-

Love is Simple but people make it complex.

When your thoughts and feeling are not clear for someone love becomes complex.

Your first priority should be the exploration of their feelings by asking few relationship questions.

In this post, we will explore two dimensions one from boy perspective another from a girl perspective, So that you can easily understand both dimensions clearly.

When it comes to exploration of a girls feelings you will automatically detect her love.

It is undoubtedly true that Loves make life more beautiful. Girls become sweeter and caring towards that person. It happens when a girl falls in love .

This post is written from the deep mentation of thoughts so it may look like a little intellectual piece of work.

We have just tried to present the beautiful and authentic information based on most-asked relationship questions. So Let's get started with relationship questions

When your heart starts melting for someone. A particular personality image keeps coming in your mind. You start getting stubborn towards that person.

New kind of dreams keeps rising while your eyes are awaked.

That inexpressible feeling when you want to say lot's but words keep missing and you start getting sleepless nights.

Only your heart know how much you care and feel about them.

Do you remember famous dialogue from Titanic - You Jump; I jump.

 You Jump; I jump

This is called Love.

In their whole life, people kept trying to figure out the real definition Love.

This post will help readers to figure out the strong foundation of a happy relationship.

1- Let's understand the term, Love and it's guise?

To understand the meaning of love one need to understand themselves first then the next person.

Love doesn't have any shape, type, or format; it is the intangible entity which understands the feeling of connecting emotionally with someone special.

So the answer to the question what is love? consist of the answer itself.

Love gives you right to understand your partner or spouse.

Love also keeps making you realize that you cannot accept anyone else in your heart other than your spouse or beloved partner.

Love is an untold bond which is based on trust, respect, and care.

2 - Is that possible to manifest the different versions of Love?

Yes, It is possible to manifest the different versions of Love. Loves brings responsibility and a certain sense of care for someone who enchants you.

The world seems to be incomplete without him/her, Love departs you from Dispassion or vairagya . It is a beautiful aspect of living dimension. You will get introduced to another part of yourself which is limitless.

The love will help two different souls to come together and bind them with a fine thread of trust. Love will ultimately bring out the positive transformation in you.

These transformations will help you to manifest different versions of love sometimes tangible sometimes intangible.

3 - Relationship questions to ask a girl

Actually, your heart will automatically get it when you will meet your girl. Before taking any step you need to understand her emotions.

Start with light talks, if possible try to make her smile.

You also need to Pamper her by making her feel comfortable in front of you.

Don't continuously stare her, girls are mostly shy in nature, especially the girls who are connected to their roots. Nobody likes the kind of person who continuously gazes you.

When she will start believing in you that you are gentlemen that is the time to explore her thoughts.

a) - How to get started a conversation with her?

Suppose you guys are meeting first time in some cool places like a Coffee Shop.

Make her sit comfortably first then get started your conversation.

Now, It depends on you. how you present yourself? I suppose you are a newbie and don't know what to ask and how to handle situations.

In such case firstly you need to trust yourself don't worry just feel easy; I know you can handle the situation pretty well.

Every girl is special and unique they all are the divine angel.

There are rare chances that she will start the talk. It is you who have to take the first step.

Here is a demo of hypothetical interaction of a first Meet

A simple Hii will be awesome to get started.

Boy - Hi .. I m ( Your name)

(Enlarge your Hi..... try to tilt a little bit towards her - Make her feel you are interested in her)

NOTE - Keep optimum level of tilting not too much

Girls - Hiii (She will reply with smile)

Boy - Please to meet you (Taking her name if you know)

Girl - Thank you same here.

Boy - Thanks for coming ! I hope you reached here comfortably.

Girl - Yes thanks.

Boy - Cool place! isn't it?

Girl - Yes definitely.

Boy - Would you like to have something?

(70% Chances are she will reply with nothing, Rest 3o% can order something like Cappuccino etc)

Girl - Nothing | Cappuccino will be fine.

Call waiter in a pleasant voice or go to the order desk (Accordingly).

Boy - Hii, we need two Cappuccino on that table.

(If you liked the coffee then compliment the coffee. Let her know that you appreciate people small -2 efforts towards you )

Boy - Well, (Taking her name) I don't know about the future what I know is that this moment is perfect now.

I believe that life is beautiful when we have compassion and simplicity in our lives. One thing I would like to tell you. May I tell you your eyes are beautiful (Praise her beauty in limited words. Don't make her feel that you are after her. )

Girl - Thanks

(90% chances are she will just reply thanks to you. Which means she needs to understand you more. If this is the case with you try to engage her in conversation by asking subjective questions. It is not only she who needs to understand you; you also need to understand her)

Rest 10% will raise a question what are your hobbies, Your family or future plans. Try to reply her every question. Make her feel good with your response. It's time to raise your questions.)

Lead that talk positively. Try to convert that conversation a delightful experience for both of you. It is the first moment towards a beautiful life journey, don't forget to give a pleasing end to the meeting.

I hope this will help

Ask Personal question within limits

Don't get afraid to ask personal questions; it is the matter of two lives but never do false advertising of yourself don't get cheap with your questions like don't ask about personal attributes. It is the most disastrous thing to do.

Questions to ask in a relationship before marriage?

You can have millions of personal questions. Ask the most important one without hurting emotions of the second one.

Help him/ her to make the decision as a free soul.

  1. - I hope you are not in any kind of pressure in case if you want to rethink about it.Please feel free to let me know. I understand that.
  2. - I have no issues with your past. In case if you want to share something; my ears are all yours.
  3. - Do you have any future planning in your mind that you want to pursue after the wedding?
  4. - Can we build our new home in some distant place from here.

Few Economic questions for financial freedom point of view

  1. I have made enough money to start my startup dream project. Will you help me to pursue my dream?
  2. Do you think that we should invest our hard earned on something ?
  3. Will you always stay ba ma side in every hard time and good times?

Expression of your feeling is important

8 - I have never expressed my feelings to you Today is the day I want to express everything. I want to save these moments for rest of my life.

9 - I wanted to see you every morning after waking up. It will become impossible for me to move without you in this Life. I need you for rest of my life.

Relationship questions to ask a Guy?

Boys are normally practical with their lives but when it comes to giving our heart to any beautiful angles. We start thinking from the heart, not from the brain.

A hard-working and self-made, successful boy will always give you equivalent respect and care in return for the love you will shower on him. He will do anything for giving you the best thing in life.

Boys will get ready to give their everything for your happiness.

In the meantime, you need to understand this. Every boy has the special place for his mother and Father in his heart. You need to understand this very clearly.

Here are the major relationship questions to ask a Guy

These are the two most asked relationship questions that you can ask him

1 - Girl - What are your future expectations with your spouse?

2 - How important is family values for you? How can we give comfort to our parents and family members?

Recipe of a Happy Married Life

Pairs are made in the heaven and they get united on this earth. This is what you have been told since ages. I don't know about heavenly talks What is know is that for a sustainable married life few key ingredients are required otherwise it will also become hard for heavenly made pairs to survive.

In my personal believing system, I believe that a successful union of a boy and girl is built on foundations of only 3 Promises.

  1. You should never hide anything from your spouse.
  2. Always give respect to your partner. Trust him/her & Never lie to them no matter whatever may be the situations.
  3. Always fulfill your vows & promises or never make them.


Love brings out stability in you. The term relationship is not a small part of life. It is the major portion of life. It completes you.

There are few things to keep in mind while getting connected with someone emotionally. It is a matter of two lives, you need to ask the major relationship questions to that person.

Thanks for reading the blog post. If we missed something please let us know your thoughts and view about the post. Please feel free to share it on your most loved social network.

Have a great time ahead

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