How to get protected from disadvantages of social networking

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How to get protected from disadvantages of social networking?

Wow, today's post is on How to get protected from negatives or disadvantages of social networking. This post is a little bit special because it can be a life-changing post for some of my friends.

This is not a paid post.

Technology is awesome

It is really great how technology is connecting all of us

Our social media profiles are the amazing platforms to meet creative and inspiring people. These Media networks became the lifeline of our modern era.

I really love the way how technology transfers the positivity from one geographical location to another.

The Internet is the fastest growing multi-tier platform to connect with amazingly talented people across the globe and learn something new from them every day.

If I talk about myself for a moment I Love following these creative people.

  1. Meghan Monagan - Founder
  2. Mike Kaulwa - CEO Podcast
  3. Harleena Singh - Founder Aha now
  4. Harsh Agarwal - Founder Shout me loud
  5. Neha Rai - - Founder

I really love following them. The best thing about them is that they know very well how to add value to people life.

Life is all about transferring positive energy from one person to another. In the blogging community, blogger knows it very well.

let's first explore the term social media from a different angle then we will talk about how it is affecting our lives and how we can get protected from the disadvantages of social networking.

About Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google plus, Snapchat etc are all result of the technical advancement in the tech world.

It is not just internet which plays a role of social media, Television industry, print media, Radio FM, Author's work also comes in the social media category.

Impact of social media

In this era Information is the biggest tool. It enables you to the shape future.

These Social media Platforms are contributing in people lives by providing them a platform for two-way interactions among influencer and consumer. Marketers can sell their products to the customer in a hazel freeway.

There are so many positive effects of social media on the society.

Social media also opens the doors for the entrepreneurs who work in various sector like Education, Entertainment, Healthcare, Automation, and for people with writing abilities.

Bloggers Making internet more beautiful.

Bloggers are the most authentic source of information on the cyberspace. Blogging also, provide the most lucrative lifestyle which people can't dream with their 9-5 pm jobs.

Blogging is a wonderful career opportunity for authors and creative people.

They can easily showcase their work to the rest of the world. For me, blogging is the way to make more friends and helping people by giving them most authentic information with facts and figures.

Whenever people need to get information about on any topics instead of visiting the official sites they love to explore the particular niche blogger views on that service or product. This shows the authenticity of the blogger's incredible work. They are giving their best in creating the positive effect of social media.

Negative effects of social media

There is also the other side of it which is hidden by nature and no one is ready to talk about it.

Yes, I'm speaking about negative effects of social media on society.

In today's world, many of the people are doing Brainwashing of the innocent people. This brainwashing is of many types-

  1. Political brainwashing
  2. Social brainwashing
  3. Family brainwashing
  4. Economic brainwashing

people are brainwashing innocent peoples like you and me by using advertising media, Social media network, Electronic media and Print Media With there efforts, they are trying to capture our mind consciousness by putting information about their brands on our head.

They are trying to create an impact of their product or services on your headspace and they are ready to go on any limits to reach out your last thoughts.

People take it easy but in actually, it is the most dangerous thing happening in our society. These influencers know very well that you are influenced by your emotional behavior not by logical behavior.

They try to manipulate your thinking by directly entering in subconscious part of your mind. This subconsciouses part is basically drive by emotional behavior which gets activated when you try to make a new purchase. It tries to reverse your decision by bringing out the previously stored data.

The most important point it that it gets stronger and stronger with passing time. It is seen that this thing changes the thinking abilities of the brain and stops making research and analytics for that product. Simply it is the destroyer of rational and logical thinking. This concept is the Brainwashing.

Who is Brainwashing you?

No matter how much smart and intelligent you are still you will get brainwashed in something. But it is important to understand that who is brainwashing you.

Remember sometimes we need mentorship to lead towards positivity in our life. A teacher can guide you without any self-interest because he is a guru or Pandit in that particular subject.

Showing the right path to their pupil is the biggest responsibility of a guru. But you must have full faith and complete submission to him before become his pupil.

In Mahabharata Lord, Krishna was guide and mentor of great warrior prince Arjuna whereas Dhuryodhana was being guided by his evil uncle Shakuni. Hence the result of that epic war is known to everyone that Arjuna won it by defeating the massive army of Duryodhana. It is very important to analyze who is guiding you and who is brainwashing you.

Few places where you can get easily brainwashed.

1 - Brainwashed in political aspect

As mentioned above people get highly influenced by emotional behavior. This emotional behavior sometimes becomes our weakness. Politicians directly target on your sensitive thinking behavior.

They try to crush your logical abilities by making a change in your conscious analytics simply by presenting false advertising of themselves.

They involve the inappropriate statement while delivering their speeches to target subconscious mind of their voter. By bringing the context of caste, color, religion and other evil burning topics which can harm people integrity, spirituality, and harmony. They will never discuss the about the good karma.

2 - Electronic media advertising

Television is the Billion + dollars industry. Please keep aware yourself before making any purchase.

If you see any filmstar using a particular service or product in a television or internet commercial then please ensure is he really a user of that product or service then make the decision on that basis. Don't just blindly follow the star. Most of them are the paid actors.

This blind following is also a part of the negative brainwashing.

3 - Social Media Newsfeed is also Brainwashing you.

Whenever we see our social media profiles we get bombarded with almost millions of feed. Here thing to keep in mind that I m not saying all the newsfeed are crap but the majority of news feeds are the crap they are not contributing to your life goal.

They are not teaching you anything valuable they are just increasing the cyber noise. If these scraps of newsfeed cannot contribute to your growth then why are you dealing with them? simply unfollow them. Start following something useful.

4 - Education sector creating a false sense of urgency.

Education is the most important thing in the life but the real question arise is what kind of education we do need. The thing which we read in our college books is all bookish which is never used in real life.

They hardly talk about the practical approach of the skill, it is crucial to think the logical implementations of the skills without practical implementation of the skill it is useless.

Negative effects of social media on students

In the Learner phase, our mind is so much active to grasp knowledge and skill but unfortunately, students or learners are getting diverted from their mission of learning due to giving extra time to social media activities. The overdose of the social media activity making them frustrated, ignorant or may mislead them.

My personal suggestions to the student

Life is much bigger than college notes. It's ok to be an average student as long as you are incredibly good at something.

For example, you may be average at a subject like Biology but practically skilled at computers.

Take a gap of 6 months from your academics or social media platform. Try to explore your interest which can get converted into a bigger version. Try something new, learn a new skill like playing Guitar, Piano, Radio jockey, auto mechanics, athletics.

These practical skills will give you more strength and confidence.

My Personal suggestion to the entrepreneurs

Try to become early morning person by waking up at 4 pm . Take out 30 mins for yourself in a day and leave your mind empty. Give 15 minutes to meditation and start seeing the miracles and benefits of meditation within 15 - 25 days. You will feel that your creativity is increased with positive energetic inflow in you. You will come across your Greatness.

Try to learn about Financial Literacy which can be easily understood by reading the easy and simple rich dad - poor dad summary.

Remove negative people from your Life.

Try to implement the positive behavior in your life. As mentioned above that we get easily influenced by emotional behavior.

Follow your heart but don't forget to take your brain with you.

Try to learn from your past experience and remove the people who are not positive in nature. Put one thing in your mind that negative mindset people cannot contribute positively to your life.

They themselves can not do something big so they will tell you that it can't be done. Last but not the least people who spread distrust and use negative words more in their sentence simply avoid them.


Technology is a useful tool, use it for the constructive purpose otherwise you will become self-destructive at some point and it will be the biggest disadvantages of social networking

It is advised to use social media efficiently by experts what is not advised is that try to add positive humanitarian values in people's lives through it.

In last I would conclude that if your social media influencers are not giving you constructive informative pills which could contribute to your development as a successful person and good health then my friend you need to change them. Don't take any disadvantages of social networking.

Thanks for reading this post. If you have any suggestion please feel free to get connected with us on our contact us page . You can also use commenting service below.

Hope you will have a great day keep smiling and stay motivated towards your goal.

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