Easy and simple guide how to sell a product?

Easy and simple guide how to sell a product? Courtesy - Thanks Pixabay

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How to sell a product?

How to sell a product is a question which keeps revolving in every marketing guy mind. But this question is not related to only sales Guys. This question belongs to each of us. So let's have a look what you will get after reading this post.

On this post, we are going to answer the most commonly asked question How to sell a product?

Whether you believe it or not but we all are traders in some point of view. It doesn't matter whether we are working class people or highly successful entrepreneurs, we all are selling something.

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Like working class people selling their service to the corporate houses on monthly or even weekly basis. Similarly, Corporate houses selling their product to their customers or clients.

In that sense, we all are dealing with some sort of business. Some of us are doing great whereas some are not doing that much great. So the question comes to common mind how to accomplish great things in business. Or in simple term how to make a sale happen?

As an online blogger or content producer what I understood is that being persistence plays the key role in the business success factors. Being persistence helps you to understand the value of Money.

The people who understand the value of money knows very well that depending on the single stream of money inflow is idiotic these days.

If you are new to the internet or digital world try to give a shot and start selling your product online. You can also affiliate your products.

You must have multiple money inflow streams and Should be clear about the real meaning of Assets and Liability. The Easy and Simple Rich Dad Poor Dad summary helped me to understand the major difference between Assets and Liability.

So we come to know that we all are business people at somewhere so the question comes how to sell a product?

How to sell a product?

Before selling a product I would like to make you come out from the pushy salesman mentality.

Think for a second, what we use to do whenever we meet the client or customer we directly start pitching the sale to them and speaking Blah blah in front of the random person who is not interested in your product.

It is not the Customer fault to reject your product; It is your fault that he didn't show any interest in that product which you were selling to him.

Sales are not done this way; if you are implementing the same old school style of sales then trust me you harm yourself.

As I mentioned above being a Blogger if I keep posting my link to everybody's timeline they well definitely block me for spam.

Instead of making spammy links to people profile, If we start adding value to their lives by sorting out their issues or by helping them to overcome their problems then they will definitely admire you and your work.

This is the most persuasive techniques and every successful person knows it.

The same thing goes for every kind of business. Without making the relationship with your client or customer you will not be able to make a sale happen.

Treat your customer with great respect and care. Don't just pitch them direct sales. Talk with them about the issues related to them.

Try to understand their state by putting yourself in their shoes through your thought process.

This will help you to convert them into your regular customer.

Everyone is unique and smart these days try to as simple as possible while selling the product. Your simplicity will be your valuable gem to them. It will help them to build trust with you.

Building trust is The fundamental leadership skill when you are leading any kind of business or team. Always remember word of mouth is the best marketing strategy when it comes to sales.

Add value to people lives and make them realize the importance of your product. Put one thing in your mind, Your clients buy your stuff when they feel that you are the right person who looks trustworthy to them.

Make them understand the importance of the product you are selling to them and how can your product make their life easy. Never look for short term goals

Never get confused that making sales is all about figures, diagrams, and pie chart. Making sales is all about making a healthy trustworthy relationship.

A person who gives more importance to sales figures in comparison to the customer satisfaction is not a real salesman.

The major factor which is directly proportional to your sales figure is that how you take care of your old customer after sales. The happier customer after sales means more positive word of mouth for your business.

This world is a better place because people have unique qualities and talent that we all need as a Customer and Client. Big brands and companies know it properly that everybody loves a helping guy who understands them as a friend or family.

This helps them to sell their product without being a pushy customer sales executives to them.

Understand the power of thank you.

Thank you is really a powerful word. When you say thank you to your customer after the sale. It impacts them positively.

It gives them assurance that your product is a quality product which is reliable to them.

By doing so you will be able to make so many pipelines of customer who will trust you and help you to establish an Authority in the market.


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