The fundamental leadership skills list

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The fundamental leadership skills list

Great, You want to know about types of leadership skills. Stay tunned!

What will you get in this post?

This post is an easy guide to learn effective leadership skill. On this post, we have shared the latest leadership skills list. So without wasting anytime further let's get started.

To be a good leader you need to implement positive lifestyle. It means your body should be mentally and physically fit.

Try to be an early morning person who knows the art of waking up at 4 am. This morning habit will give you positive mindset. A healthy and positive mindset can make anything possible.

You just need a vision which can take you in a right direction. Everything becomes possible when you have inner happiness and peace of mind.

Leadership skills definition

Ability to handle people and making them work together as a team is called Leadership skills.

"To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart. - Eleanor Roosevelt"

This is really a winsome quote by Eleanor Roosevelt which defines that mind is the greatest tool ever designed by nature.

It can help you to overcome any type of adverse situations.

On the other side, the same quote defines that humans are more likely to drive by Emotions which proves that we all are emotional animals.

The best thing about people is that they forget what you have said to them but they will remember how you treated them. This is the beauty of emotions.

So let's dig out those effective leadership skills list which can enhance your company productivity.

In this post, we have shared leadership skills list for manager.

Leadership skills list infographics

Firstly, we are going to disclose three major leadership skills list secrets in this post.

Secret 1

a) Treat everyone with the respect [Know your co-worker].

The most important thing to learn is that no matter whatever happens in the day. In the end of the day, we all are human.

A company or an organization goes down when they start treating their employees as their workers [Employees] instead of treating them as their Co-Worker.

Leaders need to talk with each Co-worker and try to make a healthy relationship with them.

How will you make them work for you when you are not familiar with them?

Try to figure out their major issues by talking to them. Let them know that you are friendly to them.

Leaders, this activity will give a strong message to coworkers that their Leaders care about them.

Showing concern towards co-worker is the most Persuasive techniques used by the leaders.

Caution -

Don't get too familiar with them. Respect their privacy, if there is something which they don't want to share with you.

b) Set common goal for everyone

The biggest problem I observe in the team is that they don't work on common grounds. When I say common grounds it means Co-worker didn't have the common goal.

I know it is the hardest thing to do being a team leader. The matter is that being a team leader it is your responsibility to set a common goal for everyone in the office.

You need to make them clear on company motto by giving them the appropriate roles and responsibilities.

Tell them to create their official social media profiles and ask them to mention their roles there or on their company official platforms.

Writing about their roles in the company platforms will help them to understand their responsibility in a broader way.

c) Trace Co-workers Performance

Track staff performance based on their work; Inform all of them at end of the month who is performing exceptionally well.

Track your co-workers performance

On the other side personally, talk with other members of the team who are not performing well. Try to sort out their issues so that they could help the company to grow.

The most important thing is to make them understand how can they improve their performance.

Try to define some kind of time management activities for fast results

Secret 2 is the Reprimand strategy

  1. Never collect your co-worker's mistakes and make them grow and one day Reprimanding them collectively for all their mistakes. Reprimand them immediately and let them know their mistakes as soon as possible.
  2. Specifically defines them what they did wrong and now how damage control could be possible? Tell them what they need to do when they again stuck in such circumstances.
  3. Tell them how you feel when they made their mistakes. Also, remind them how much company or organization suffered due to their mistakes.
  4. Now relax and give them some time to understand their mistakes if they want to tell you something then let them speak and listen with the cool mind.
  5. After the end of castigation, make them realize that session ended beautifully without anybody's heavy heart.

    Let them learn from their mistakes that they will not commit such mistakes in near future.

Secret 3 - (Now we move to the next and final secret )

It is really good to interact with an open heart. Freedom of speech is such a wonderful concepts. It helps in fixing all kind of issues. After the Reprimand sessions follow these steps

  1. Make your whole team understand that you love all of them and they all are awesome with unique and amazing qualities. It will help them to understand that you are on their's side.
  2. Help them to understand their values in the firm or Company. Reaffirm them that Reprimand was just a session and you value each and every co-worker.
  3. Help your coworker who is lacking behind in achieving his target. Give suggestion and idea to them how can they improve?
  4. Make them work collectively as one Team. Help them to understand each other. Co-workers understanding each other will help the company to grow.
  5. If you will not follow these secret mantras then you can fall into one of these two categories of the leadership skills

Types of leadership skills

People have the various mentality you cannot treat them with the same frame of the glass.

Some persons are quick learners whereas some persons are the slow learner.

The best thing about quick learners is that they know very well about the the law of attraction (the secret of success) whereas slow learners are not well aware of it.

Try to find out who is the quick learner in your Team and who is not. Categorized them in your mind but never let them know about that.

You need to handle them carefully since there are 2 types of leadership skills.

If you want to do anything big in your life you need to have Right Mangement or leadership skills.

Leading life in the right direction is the most important task in life Everything else comes after that.

For that purpose, you must be clear what is an asset to you and what is a liability.

Rich dad poor dad summary helps to understand the major difference between Assets and liability.

Without knowing the difference between these two entities you cannot lead a team in the right direction.

These skills will help you to deal with people. There are two types of leadership skills

1 Despotic leaders -

These are the special leaders. They work so hard to give benefit to the company but their Co-worker thinks that they are domineering in nature. Hence it becomes hard for them to become good friends with the coworkers which result in the hectic lifestyle.

2 Democratic Leaders -

These type of leaders are much caring towards the staff. hence staff loves them whereas when it comes to the financial success of the companies these Manager lacks down the company goals.

Hence it is most important to establish an equilibrium between despotic and democratic leader.


Understand that learning leadership skills list is very important; if you want to lead an organization or team.

The ability to handle people is some kind of supernatural skills. So it's clear that handling people you must have focused mindset filled with peace of mind.

Meditation can play a crucial role to give that peace of mind which will ultimately help you to make focused mindset.

There are so many other benefits of Meditation.

In last I would like to Conclude that learning leadership skills list can help you to win this world.

Thanks for giving your crucial time to reading this post.

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