What are the duties of school administrator?

What are the duties of school administrator?
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What are the duties of school administrator?

In the rapidly changing world, If you are the administration of an educational Institute. Then, you must understand the duties of the school administrator?

Before starting this post, we would like to clarify that we are not talking about the school manuals. We are talking about how can you develop such a school environment which can produce great future stars.

The specific question is What is the most basic duty of the School administrator?

Arranging proper security measures for everyone should be the primary priority of the school administrator.

With the rise of the crime for the particular section of the society. Security is the primary issue; therefore, especially these three categories need to be taken care.

  1. Young Schoolgirls
  2. Little kids
  3. Female staff of the school

Hence, Security measure needs to be taken by the school administration.

  • Install the CCTV cameras on the school campus. Especially in the classrooms, staff office, storeroom, pantry, School Vehicles, Playground, Labs, Garden, private cabins.
  • School management can equip ladies with a particular self-defense technique. By arranging appropriate sessions for them. So that they could protect themselves, and others in difficult times. It will not only make them physically strong but mentally as well.
  • Maintain the emergency medical Kit in the school and make a connection with the nearby hospital for critical situations.
  • Don't allow strangers to move inside the school premise without proper authorization.
  • If possible make a special girl squad in the school for the motivating girls.

Indeed, It doesn't matter in which city, place you are living or performing your duties. You must be loyal to your responsibilities and create an open environment where every staff member is free to express his view in the meeting.

Apart from that, there are few fundamental duties of a school administrator.

  1. Hiring right kind of people for the job.
  2. Making Positive Connection with Staff.
  3. Taking care of staff Punctuality.
  4. Keeping staff Verification on proper documents.
  5. Implementing a strict code of conduct or discipline.
  6. Focusing on little Kids Satefy.
  7. Focusing on students physical health.
  8. Focusing on students mental health.
  9. Keeping the school environment safe for young school girls.
  10. Keeping separate emergency Medical aid for every class.
  11. Helping students to explore other fields rather than studies.
  12. Keeping personal and professional life different.

If a school is supposed to be a family, then, a principal is the head of the family.

The responsibilities of school administration

A school principal has to equipped students and staff with the right kind of abilities and guide them the path of life filled with rays of sunshine. Therefore School headmaster duties are limitless.

Other staff members must understand it and support their head of the school in a best possible way to make the school a better place for everyone.

A school principal is responsible for every good or bad event happening in the school. Therefore, he/she must be aware of everything. There should be transparency in the functioning of the school staff.

A principal must have the vision to lead the school from the front and lead everyone from darkness to light.

School is the building blocks of every society and the nation. Consequently, the future of the state is under teachers and school head controls.

In a society where we are living, parents and everyone believes that a school is a temple, a holy place where students and teachers worship the Goddess Saraswati (goddess of Knowledge).

Knowledge which is sunshine of the hopes, positivity, and path of consciousness. Therefore knowledge could not be limited to textbox and computer screens only.

There are few things which principals can consider to bring positive changes to the school and into the students. School administrators must understand that. Help students to come out of their daily problems.

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  • By taking note of the students performing below average and conducting special classes for them but not making them realize it as a punishment. Instead of putting extra pressure on young brains; staffs should understand their problems and help them to recover it.
  • Organising various competitions for students which could be a spelling checking test, Painting, Essay writing. It will fill new joy in the school environment.
  • Conducting specific sessions for personality development skills for students. A strong personality reflects that your life gets greater when you get better.
  • Arranging various seminars regarding the career guidance. Inviting different guest specialists in these seminars can be a life-changing moment for many students .
  • Teach students that its perfect to commit a mistake. A mistake can cause them million but the lesson learned from them can bring back the billions.
  • Teach them the importance of moral values. Planting the seed of moral values will help them to grow in a positive aspect. It will help them to judge what is wrong and what is right for them. Make them understand that any toxic substance (Drugs, pills, injections, steroids) consumption is costly and dangerous to health. The problem with today's educational system is that it is giving only bookish knowledge which is limited whereas strong morals values builts students character.
  • This is indeed sad that at a very young age students and little kids are losing their childhood. Try to organize parents-teachers meetings as per your school's manuals but do help parents to realize that issues. Todays's kids are actively growing kids who have facilities of fast internet access. Due to which kids spend most of their time watching Youtube videos and their social media accounts. The online web is an excellent tool to shape the future or access the valuable information. But there are two flip sides to every coin. Therefore, parents must take care of their little kids about what they are learning from the web.
  • Music, Dance, Art, sports are the marvelous stress buster and the big career in the coming time. Organising functions correlated to these kinds of talents will surely bring glory to school and parents.
  • Teach students about the significance of nature protection. Describe them about the worse effect of plastic on the environment. That will help the future generation to combat Global warming.
  • A students must learn how to respect elders, aged people, ladies, and the opposite sex. Without making this point clear to them; we could not create a positive state for the coming generation.

These are the few duties of the school principal which need to be taken into consideration by every school administration.

One of the crucial point to notice that every student is unique; we can not judge them on the grounds of their grades.

There is hiddengreatness within every student; therefore you as the school administrator must support them, and guide them in the right directions.


This post deals with the duties of the school administrator and defines how can a school administrator improve the environment of the school.

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