Types of goal setting

Types of goal setting

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Types of goal setting

There are various Types of goal setting. On this post, we will share how to define goals and move forward in life.

Before understanding the types of goal setting and applying them in your life. It is really important to understand success means to you What does ?

Without having a clear idea regarding your success, understanding types of goal setting is pretty useless.

I create my own definition of success and spend every day joyfully working towards my goal. - Dr Richard Carlson.

Understand one thing that success is subjective and it holds a different meaning for everyone.

Ask yourself how would you define your success, Is it about fulfilling carer, Financial freedom, fame, or a happy life with your spouse.

After answering this crucial question; now you know what you want to pursue. It's time to define your goal and look for types of goal setting .

Define your Goal (implement some types of goal setting)

The tragedy of life doesn't lie in not reaching your goal; The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach. - Benjamin Mays.

There are many people out there who are unable to figure out what they want to pursue in their life. If you know that it means you are lucky enough.

Emptiness is a symptom which makes you feel that you are not living creatively on your abilities.

You either have no goal or you are not using your talent enough.

The setting goal in life helps you to design a blueprint of your life and gives a sense of direction by brings you closer to the success.

Choose your goal carefully.

Be careful while setting your goals. There is no need to be impulsive. There are various types of Goal setting. For example, your goal should be SMART

  1. S = Specific
  2. M = Measurable
  3. A = Agreed Upon
  4. R = Realistic
  5. T = Time-based

You need to be set unique, ambitious and challenges goals so that you could stand out from the rest.

Make sure that whatever goal you set for yourself; It should be interesting and inspiring to you.

When your goal is interesting and close to your heart, it will motivate you to achieve it at the faster rate.

Your brain will get stimulate to march forward and the enthusiasm literally tows you into action.

Realistic versus Unrealistic goals

A realistic goal is one that is challenging enough for you to pursue but at the same time is achievable so that you could pursue it with passion.

Realistic goals will boost your self-confidence and make you the strong person from an inner dimension.

If your aim will be too high and out of your reach; after putting a massive amount of efforts, it will remain the unattainable goal and become an Unrealistic goal.

It might possible that such situation may put you in depression or frustration. So it better to make small but challenging goals in the beginning. Then slowly - slowly level up after reaching your initial goal.

However, it is imperative to understand that setting the realistic goal doesn't mean to set ordinary goals.

Never ever settle yourself by setting the mediocre goal. Always remember that you are unique and there is hidden greatness within you .

By setting the average goal you will never be enthusiastic about achieving them that neither challenges you nor satisfies you.

There is a thin line between the realistic and unrealistic goal. What seems achievable to one might seem impossible for another one.

Similarly what might seem unrealistic goal to you now may become a realistic goal for you someday.

Don't listen or ask for anyone while setting your goal. Nobody knows you better than yourself.

types of goal settings

Avoid three mistakes while setting your goal

1 - Letting others decide the goal for you

Your goals are your own. Do not let others decide them for you. you cannot simply hand over the remote control of your life to somebody's hands.

It doesn't matter how close you are to them. You need to be your own master.

Think about the things you like the most, think about your hobby or your passion. Design your goal from your perspective.

2 - Being ambiguous about your goal.

Make a clear image of your goal in your mind. Ask few questions to yourself to make your goal clear for you.

  1. a) why you want to achieve this goal?
  2. b) How will your life change after achieving them?

Remember, if you are not clear about your goal, you will never be able to achieve them. For making your goal clear, you must write them on the paper so that your goal may get enter inside your subconscious mind.

Once you have written them on paper it will become a commitment for you, once you documented it.

3- Pursuing Diverse goal at the same time.

Due to over-ambitiousness if you try to pursue too many goals at a time. There are chances that you might not be able to achieve anyone successfully.

By Running behind too many goals you will dissipate your energy meaninglessly

Keypoint while setting your goal

  1. Your goal should be your own
  2. Be objective and precise about your goal
  3. Have clearly defined long-term goals
  4. Break them into the smaller short-term goal
  5. Prioritize them; go for them one by one
  6. Have a daily to-do list of your goal


On this post, we have defined different types of goal getting.

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