Think and grow rich summary

think and grow rich summary

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Think and grow rich summary

Think and grow rich is a famous book written by Napoleon-Hill.

On this post, we are presenting the think and grow rich summary in the simplest form.

Let's get started with Think and grow rich summary

Majority of the segment in our society has a tendency to try everything until they start seeing initial success in their particular field.

We put all our money, efforts and time in experimenting new things and then we almost end up at getting fail.

Failure doesn't mean that you should get afraid of trying new things. You have all the right to take decisions and make mistakes.

Mistakes are an actually wonderful thing. committing mistakes defines that you are trying something new which is never done before.

According to Herny ford, Failure is an opportunity to begin again more intelligently.

Mistakes improve your mindset to see things from different perspectives. It enhances your fundamental leadership qualities.

But if we are not learning our lessons from those mistakes. Then we are simply wasting our time and money.

As an individual, we need to understand one thing that principles for success are universal for everyone.

We can learn so many things by just observing the examples available in front of us.

This can save our lot's of energy, time and money.

In Think and grow rich summary we are concluding 5 secret principles defined in the book

1) Have burning desire -

This is really a major trait which is common to all the successful People.

They all have a burning desire to do something special, something extraordinary in this world.

Most importantly they understand the basic difference between a burning desire and a wish.

For example, It was Mark Zuckerberg burning desire to establish Facebook as the biggest social Media platform on the Internet.

It was not Mark's wish to take Facebook to the current heights. It was his burning desire.

So if you want to achieve something in your life then you must have some sort of Burning desire in your heart.

Have you seen Blockbuster movie Bahubali the Beginning - First part? There is one the best example explaining the burning desire very well.

Bahubali main speech for life - by lokhand wala

In the Climax of the movie, when the war was going on between Kingdom Mahismati and Kalkeya army.

In the middle of the war, Security wall of the Mahismati kingdom gets broken by the Kalkeya devil army.

This breaks down the confidence of the Amrendra Bahubali army. Army of Bahubali starts losing their hope.

By understanding the situation of the war. Amrendra Bahubali reaches in between of his army and talks with his people regarding the true meaning of defeat & death.

After listening to Amrendra Bahubali speech his army gets charged and takes control of the war.

This is one of the finest examples of the Burning Desire. The burning desire of winning the War.

Use this principle [Having a burning Desire] to make money by following these 6 steps

Think and grow rich summary viyali

a) Fix the amount of money you want to make routine wise

Let's simplify it with a simple statement. Fix an exact money figure in your mind which you want to see in your pocket on a routine wise manner.

It could be of any amount but try to stay logistic with your figure. Don't set any imaginary figure which is out of your reach.

(b) Determine what you want to give in return of getting that amount in your life.

Everything comes with a price tag, hence nothing is free not even the air we breathe.

We breathe out carbon dioxide then intake oxygen in our lungs.

So you will have to pay the price in order to have something new or different in your life.

It could be your time, sleep, or even money.

(c) set the date when you intend to possess all the money you desired

We all know about Billionaire Techpreneur Bill Gates. Co-founder of the Microsoft Corporation.

At a very young age, Bill Gates decided his life goal that before getting the age of 30 he will become Millionaire.

He became the millionaire at the age of 31 which was one year late according to his schedule.

In such situations, you must understand how to manage the stress and stay calm.

(d) Create a definite plan to make your desire come true

Now after determining the life goals, you need to create a proper plan about how to execute the resources available to you for getting things done.

The problem which gets arise with most of the people is that they keep wasting their valuable time to make their plans perfect.

Due to their imperfect plan, they actually never get started. Your plans become clear when you start taking action on them.

Don't wait for perfect time or to making your plan perfect. There is no such thing known as perfect time.

just act on your desires and you will feel that law of attraction has started working in your favor

(e) Write down the plan on a paper and read it daily

It is important to write down your plan on the paper and read it on a daily base so that it could get stick in your subconscious mind

Writing your plan on paper will help you to enhance your time management activities.

Step 2 Have specialized knowledge -

The basic problem associated with the traditional educational system is that it doesn't allow you to fail.

It is the major flaw of our Education System and this thing needs to be changed.

Our education system depends on the predefined prototypes which don't let the student explore its full potential.

Hence we generate an army of the worker from the academic institution every year.

On the other side, successful people work on the particular education framework which is specialized, not generalized.

If we talk about Elon Musk, Sachin Tendulkar, Steve jobs, Azim Premji. They are Famous Personalities Who Were School/College Dropouts.

The reason behind their dropout is that they want to use their full potential for acquiring the specialized knowledge which is not possible by staying in the classroom boundaries.

Hence Education or knowledge is classified into two parts

  1. a) Generalize education (useless information)
  2. b) specialized education (special knowledge)

Generalize education

It is basic schooling modules which define that getting good mark & certificate is everything.

Such education system lacks creativity, art, and real wisdom pearls which are necessary for success.

Specialized education

Specialized education is completely different from Generalize education.

It deals with enhances creativity and imagination power of the seeker. It gives them the opportunity to spread their wings globally.

Elon Musk is the greatest example of Specialized education. Reading the psychology of Elon Musk will help you to understand the mindset of rich & successful people.

A self-taught programmer, Rocket scientist, Engineer and entrepreneur.

You must be knowing about the companies he founded including Solar city, Paypal, Tesla, SpaceX etc.

A single man inventing soo many companies is possible only when he has the Specialized education.

If you have any little interest in understanding rich & successful people wisdom, you must read Easy and simple Rich Dad Poor dad summary

Step 3 Use your imagination.

Think and grow rich summary states that it is very important for people to be imaginative in their lives to grow rich.

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. by - Albert Einstein

Imagination makes you creative and it defines that there is a hidden greatness within you .

Imagination is of two types

  • a) Artificial Imagination
  • b) Creatively original Imagination

Artificial Imagination -

The people who use others creativity and modifies them according to their plans is the process of Artificial Imagination.

Creatively original Imagination -

People who develop original ideas and work on them with burning desire is creatively original Imagination

step 4 - The significance of Persistence

Efforts with persistence are two amazing things.
You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated.

In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.

by - Maya Angelou

The Path to success is really a roller coaster rider. Sometimes you will feel top of the world and sometime you will feel like to give up.

In such situations, my suggestion to you is that please don't quit. You are too close to achieving success.

Never back down and understand that Persistence is the basic requirement for success, especially in business .

Only a calm person can have Persistency. You will find Meditation is helpful for staying Calm.

You can also try Yoga, It is ancient technology which knows how to heal sorrows of mind, body, and spirit.

step 5 - Surround yourself with positive people.

Successful people are always surrounded with positive people and unsuccessful people are surrounded by toxic and negative people.

Try to stay away from the negatives of social media and feed your mind with positive information.

It is the psychology to negative people to bring the negative aspect of everything.

They will hardly appreciate any positive happening. Hence to become the success in life, you must choose your companion and company well and Stay away from toxic people.


This post is based on the Napoleon-Hill, Think and grow rich summary.

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Last but not the least please keep smiling and stay blessed.

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