The Simple Persuasive techniques

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The Simple Persuasive techniques

Only a few people on this planet are blessed with the greatest but simple Persuasive techniques.

You might not know but all of them are listed as highly influential people on earth.

Art of persuasion is the success Mantra

Art of persuasion can give massive success to the ordinary people and make them huge.

It is highly recommended to use simple Persuasive techniques in advertising, sales, and relationships.

People use the art of persuasion according to their need for making their lives simple and easy.

Some use Persuasive techniques to manipulate people while some use it to gain massive success in their business.

So it is very important to learn simple Persuasive techniques. In this post, we will explore the term persuasion and how you can use to get huge success?

The simple Persuasive techniques definition

Making people give their consent in your context without their will is what has known as the art of persuasion.

Techniques of persuasion is not a God gift. You need to develop it and grow it.

Have you ever felt that Sometimes you find it really difficult to Say no to certain people? Even if you don't want to do the favor they are requesting for?

So persuasion is a technique to make people say yes even if they don't wanna give their consent and making them do what you like.

It is something identical to the hypnotism where you get ready to do what you have been told by the persuasive man.

So, the Persuasive technique is the science of handling people on your will.

7 steps to learn the art of persuasion

The human mind is always eager to learn new things. In today's tech era we all are flooded with so much information from print media, Electronic media, and Social media networks.

Too much use of anything could make us addicted to that substance.

Use some meditational exercise it has the tremendous effect to overcome any addition.

Same thing goes with media networks if they are not used in the appropriate amount they could harm us psychologically.

Our brain has three major part

1 Conscious mind Part -

Most active part of the brain it is like a primary memory where every idea, reminder or advertisement is stored which gets frequently active when we get encountered with something.

This part of the brain helps us to make decisions

2 Sub Conscious mind part

This is the secondary memory of the brain which also stores the information but in a hidden format.

Normally brain takes time to recover the information from here as the comparison to Conscious mind.

3 Unconscious mind part

This part is the most important part of the mind because it knows what to store and what to release from the neurons. It is the least active part of the mind.

All these part works collectively to make any decision but Persuasive techniques know how to create a barrier to analyze the information for the brain and make proper decisions.

Our brain is also so smart to cover up the barrier of Persuasive techniques it creates few triggers which help our brain to make decisions.

1 Trigger of shortage -

This is the primary trigger for the brain which understands that anything which has scarcity is the crucial thing to have.

People connect that scarcity with the matter of survivals which makes it most important trigger for the mind because survival is the ultimate coded program of our brain.

Let's make it clear by an example. You must have noticed that big companies build limit numbers of products for market and then advertise them with special phrases like hurry up we have limited stocks and Sale valid for only 2 days etc.

It is not because they can't make more product but actually by making less product they are giving important triggers to consumer mind that their product is in shortage, so you must buy it as soon as possible.

2 Trigger of mutuality

Now we have come to our next trigger which is mutuality.

People belives on mutuality among each other. It helps them to make a balance of relationship with each other.

This defines that people have so much faith in reciprocity. Let's make it clear by an example.

You must have observed that when a girl falls in love.

She becomes sweeter, polite and caring.

This is the beautiful feeling when two people fall in love with each other but what about when they get broken?

Both boys, as well as girls, become sad. This whole world seems to end.

This is the example of mutuality.

Such conditions arise with the outer circumstances. Instead of taking relationship advice from their friends & family.

They start taking negatively to each other. It happens in the most of the cases. This reserves the law of attraction for them .

Taking the proper relationship consultation and asking Relationship questions to them could help them save their relationship but they try to a avoid each other.

In such situations, After the breakup, you gotta think on your feet and try to move forward by thinking How to get over the breakup?

Here is one more example of mutuality

Suppose you visit your friend birthday with some gift similarly, on your birthday they will also present you some gift. This defines that we have the urge to settle things with each other. This is the base of people similarities with each other.

3 Trigger of concession

When someone asks you for a large request you are more likely to deny that request but when they again counter you with the smaller request you are more likely to accept the smaller request.

It proves that we are driven to take small request at the faster rate in comparison to bigger request or offer.

4 Trigger of commitment and consistency

When we stay connected with something we began to feel the same. This happens in friendship, momma around the globe understand it very well. They never let their kids go with bad kids.

Last night I was watching a movie "Rab ne Bana di Jodi" .

It is a Hindi Movie in which a beautiful adorable girl get's arranged married to the ordinary service class man who is not that charming.

Girl dreams get broken Although due to society and custom she accepts him as her husband but doesn't fall in love with him.

After the interval of the movie that Ordinary man helps her to achieve her dreams and she realizes the virtues of the good man in her husband and falls in love with him.

What I concluded from the movie is that after living together as a couple in the same house. She came to realize the importance of simplicity, true love in comparison to materialistic love.

This happened because she continued her stay in his house. Hence movie projects the Trigger of commitment and consistency.

5 Trigger of social proof

Most of the people are not born to lead the world. They are born to follow leaders and visionaries.

This is how our education system work, we are not producing the leader in the school we are producing Follower.

People get afraid when it comes to standing out from the crowd and Think big. People have a basic tendency to follow each other.

People who get massive success in their lives are not like that. I learned it from Rich dad poor dad summary by Robert Robert Kiyosaki.

For example, If someone buys new bigger plasma Tv his neighbors will also try to buy a bigger tv.

This is how Trigger of social proof works. If you want to make people following you. Then, in that case, you need to put some social proof in front of them so that they could easily follow you.

Certain thing plays a key ingredient In social proofing here are they defined below

(a) The role of Authority in social proofing

When I say authority it means the person or entity at the higher index of life.

People are more likely to follow higher Authority. They need someone to take decision for them. Authority plays an important role to make people follow them.

(b) The Role of adding Titles in the name-

Try to add a title in front of the name. It can give you the massive boost in your business. Adding a unique title create a sense of brand awareness to the people.

(c) Take advantage of your Good Look -

Good looks definitely attract people, A stylish boy with six packs can obviously attract more girls in comparison to a regular guy.

But we need to understand that there is the difference between beauty and good Look. Outer appearance is simply the outer shell of the person. People misunderstand good looks with the beauty.

Advertising industry takes huge advantage of this Persuasive techniques by putting Good looking people in their ads who has nothing to do with the product.

6 The trigger of Giving reason.

It seems that when we request something to the people, they are more likely to refuse the request.

On the other side, if we put our request with the valid reason people are more likely to accept the request.

This is because our mind senses the need of urgency with the reason behind the request.

7 The trigger of Conditioning

In an experiment, two groups of alcoholic people are formed in which the First group taught about yoga and meditation. on the other another side, people in the other group are treated with the medicinal basis.

After 60 days it is found that meditational and yoga group people changed their lifestyle of heavy intoxication to less intoxication or even no intoxication. Whereas second group people stay remained with their intoxication habits.

It defines that the trigger of Conditioning is also a major Persuasive technique.


These are the few simple Persuasive technique. Easy and simple simple Persuasive technique


we must use these simple Persuasive techniques for the mutual benefits and not for fooling someone.

If we using the Persuasive technique for wrong deeds then definitely it will be a wrong deed and your karma will give you what you deserve .

We also need to be aware by the Persuasive technique in the advertisement and should not blindly follow someone without noticing their work.

The Same thing is happening to the huge segment of society where people are being used by anti-social elements through Persuasive techniques in the name of religion, creed, cast, and race, for fulfilling their own personal evil plans.

Life becomes beautiful when we implement these techniques for the mutual benefits and positivity.

Last but not the least thanks for reading the post. Please feel free to share it on your social networks. If you have any suggestion or feedback please contact us on our contact us page.

Keep smiling and stay blessed

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