Law of attraction the secret of success

Law of attraction the secret of success

Santosh Gairola   By   santosh |  updated :   4 Nov 2017

Law of attraction the secret

After knowing about Law of attraction the secret. I started applying it in my life what I found is that it really helped me.

It made me thought to share it with my dear readers, So, that you could also get benefited.

Law of attraction the secret of success is not a mystery anymore.

In this post, we will explore every layer of it and see how it can help you to achieve massive success in Life?

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What is Law of attraction the secret?

Well, There are so many laws we are following in our lives. Some of them are physiological, psychological and government regime.

This cosmos is also functioning on certain laws some of them are known while some are unknown.

Following these laws helps us to live easy and simple lives.

Now think about the condition You are going to throw your cell phone from the top floor. I m just saying don't take it personally. Now after throwing your cell phone from the top floor, You will Damage it.

Obviously, You know it, so you will never do it. You know very well that when you will throw your Cell phone from the top floor, gravitational force will pull it and it will damage your Cell phone. This is the law of gravitation.

Similarly, understanding the Law of attraction is equally important. Did you remember the famous dialogue from the Hindi Movie named OM Shanti Om featuring Shahrukh Khan?

" Kehte hain agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho ... to puri kainaat usse tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai"

Oops, I apologized for getting little filmy Let's understand the dialogue in English words.

"It is saying that if you really desire something from the heart ... then the whole universe will work towards getting you that"

Yes, you heard it right. It is the meaning of the dialogue. This is 100% true what he said in that dialogue.

This is the Law of attraction the secret

How to use the secret law of attraction?

Successful people are using the secret law of attraction very beautifully which helping them to bring out the huge success for themselves.

By focusing on the Law of attraction you can enhance your wealth, health and happiness.

So the question comes in mind how to use Law of Attraction?

Law states, Whatever you grasp from your senses like Ear, Eyes body etc. Takes a place in your conscious mindset. This Sensation, later on, becomes comprehensive through there. It is ultimately our thoughts which becomes our Karma or deeds.

The way we think impact our karma. It is an absolute truth that Good karma will bring peace and happiness for you whereas bad karmas will bring out agony and suffering for you.

It means if you will think, good things you will attract good result & good stuff around you.

Your positive thinking will work like a magnet to attract that positivity as end product of your logical approach.

Similarly, if you think about bad stuff you will attract negative or bad stuff which will also adversely impact on your other things.

In fact, the thing you have right now or happening with you is all because of your thoughts and Karma.

A good thought works as a positive magnet which attracts positive things whereas a negative thought attracts negative things.

How is this possible?

We need to understand it clearly

Every substance, whether it is a living being or nonliving being, have certain kind of frequencies.

These frequencies are interacting with other frequencies and passing some signals to each other. This whole process is happening in a mystic form, Humans are not aware of it but animals have special sensations and abilities to observe it.

There are certain things which can help you to observe your frequencies for example meditation can help you to invoke your subconscious mind which could help you to observe it.

Not only this Meditation has lots of other benefits . Rishis and Yogis know it very well how to unlock your body Chakras or elements.

These yogis are expert in the law of attraction.

When you closely observe them you can easily find them chanting Ram Naam. Ram Naam is the most significant positive vibe.

There are so many Benefits of chanting Ram Naam. Due to that positivity, you can feel that happiness and positivity in their lives which ultimately reflects on their faces and skins.

You can imagine your brain as a tower which releases so many signals. These signals travel in the surrounding and try to match similar frequencies.

Why Law of Attraction is not working for you?

Well, there may be many reasons for it but the most important reason which I observe with most of the people. The real thing is that people start thinking negative aspect of anything first.

You can understand it clearly by just turning on your Tv and tunning to News channels. Now observe the news is that a positive news or negative news.

Everything has two aspects one is positive and another one is negative. It is easy to serve negativity in comparison to positivity. News networks know it very well.

This is how these social media networks are polluting your brain. Out of 10 news, you could easily find 8 negative news.

This is The negativities of social media which hardly display any constructive and positive news.

Now on that negative thinking approach law of attraction starts working negatively to that person.

Let us make it clear by an example. Suppose you want to wake up early in the morning so that you could reach office on time for an important meeting.

In the night just before sleeping, you start getting worried about what will happen if you reach late in office for tomorrow's meeting. Instead of thinking what exciting things you could do after reaching office in time.

This thinking approach reverses the law of attraction for you.

Many things will start getting wrong for you in the next morning like your alarm may hang or stop which cause you to wake up late.

Your taxi could miss or you could get stuck in the traffic jams. This is the problem of most of the people. They are just obsessed with negative thinking approach.

Instead of thinking how to get Rich they start thinking how to not getting poor. People fear becomes their reality. So if you want to make the law of attraction work in your favor you need to start thinking positive.

If recently your heart got broken then, in that case, my friend instead of listening sad Melo tracks you need to think How you can get over the breakup? and get into a new relationship which could help you to make your lives beautiful.

There are 3 ways to make law of attraction work for your favor

1 - Ask for what you want in Life.

People need to decide what they actually want in their lives. Making their goal clear will help law of attraction to take them closer to their goal.

Peoples biggest problem is they get scared in setting a bigger goal in their life. People hesitate to ask for what they want in their Life.

Firstly understand it If you want something in your life you should be clear with your goals? In that context, I want to tell you just one thing that doesn't limit yourself while making a life goal.

2 Believe in yourself.

Have faith in yourself that you can do it. Everything becomes possible when start thinking positively, You have The power of creation.

Your belief will give you the strength and fill you with the desire to succeed.

You just need to take initial steps and perform your Karma and never expect anything in return from your Karma because the expectation is the root cause of the grief. Try to focus on some time management activities.

In this journey Law of attraction becomes the driven force which takes you to your destiny.

3 Receive your Award humbly

Last but not the least receive your award humbly. It is important to stay connected to the grounds at the time success. It will help you to grow more.


The Law of attraction the secret states that try to stay positive in your thought process. It enhances your chances to succeed.

Our mind works as a magnet which sends some frequencies. These frequencies attract the same frequencies in our surrounding.

If your frequency is positive then you will attract positivity and good result. similarly, the negative frequency will attract negative result to you.

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Stay blessed and keep smiling.

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