3 Important tips of waking up at 4 am

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3 Important tips of waking up at 4 am

Waking up at 4 am is really a healthy habit; we must try to implement it in our life.

Human Brain requires most of the energy of our body to work efficiently.

So it is most important that you must give sound sleep and organic nutrition to your body.

Misconception associated with getting up Late

Whether you wake up so early or you wake up so late, it doesn't affect your performance at all.

In fact, in a research, it is found that people who keep awakes at night are smarter in comparison to early risers.

By telling you all these facts doesn't mean that you should start waking up late. Actually, nature has designed our brain and body so flexible according to our need. We must respect our body cycle adaptation abilities.

Utilizing it against the law of nature will definitely affect you adversely.

So it is always a good option to stay on nature's side because you too are part of nature.

So you must take adequate sleep for becoming the better version of you.

Manage your Energy Consumption and stay young

Friends our modern era is so fast; just for a minute look at the school going teenager around you. They are always busy now look at their dad's they are busier than their kids.

In such a hectic life scheduled, Where you don't have time for proper nutrition and you arrive late from your office your 90% energy is almost consumed by you. There is the reason for your tiredness; behind your activeness, your body keeps producing the toxic substance in your body which takes away your energy.

In such a state, when you try to take extra pressure in our mind; you are actually harming yourself. Let's understand it by taking an example.

Suppose you come late from the office without proper day lunch and in the evening you again take some unhealthy food item which is not organic in nature. Mind my words; It will surely harm you somewhere sooner or later.

The worst case scenario is not over some of us try to put the extra hour in pending office work at late night.

This result to poor performance at pending work, restlessness, and anxiety. These are not natural disorder they are the man-made disorders.

Instead of working late night; You should try to take adequate sleep and making yourself comfortable by waking up at 4 am to finish your pending work.

Improve your Quality of Life -

Here I'm sharing some of the most amazing quotes of India's Former president Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam which will help you to wake up at 4 am.

3 Important tips of waking up at 4 am

Let's check out the 3 most important suggestions of waking up at 4 am

1 - Make a to-do list before going to sleep -

For doing anything useful in life you need a reason. A reason which can motivate you, the same thing goes with sleeping and waking up early.

When you fix your to-do for next day it will motivate you to rise up early and do that task as soon as possible. When you are more focused toward a goal and you have a strong reason to chase it. That period of time makes you feel stronger and it will definitely provoke you to wake up at 4 pm.

2 - Force yourself to start waking up at 4 am -

We live in our own world and thoughts. The thing that might be important for one may not be as important to someone else.

Connect yourself with people who used to wake up at 4 am Learn from them.

You can implement the Force method to wake up early morning like You can set your message box to schedule for new messages until you personally stop them.

Some people put alarm clock far away from their sleeping bed. So that to close the alarm bell they need to walk up to the alarm bell and press the off button.

3 Join some activity clubs.

Friends when money get connected somewhere it takes all our focus which proves that our mind is money-centric which keep revolving around the money. you can use this criterion to wake up early in the morning.

You can join some of the health clubs in your area which will help you to rise up at 4 am. It will help you to improve your body clock cycle.

I personally believe that running and Meditation is one of the best activity you can do in the early morning. There are so many Benefits to meditation and Running.

It can efficiently take care of your inner as well as outer health.

Benefits of Meditation in early morning

After waking up early morning at 4 am; you can you can get some of the fresh hours. I suggest you do just 15-minute breathing exercise while doing Meditation.

It increases positivity in your thoughts and moreover that there are certain medical benefits of doing Meditation.

Medical Benefits of Meditation

Like it helps you to control the Blood pressure , removing anxiety by giving you peace of mind and so on in early hours of the Day.

Benefits of Running

Running improves your metabolism in the body through natural way by simply eliminating the toxic substance from your body through sweating.


There is so much you could do in our early morning hours Like learning a new Skill which could help us to increase your Asset or Asset value.

It is said that a good book is better than 100 useless friends. You may try reading a book whose title inspires you.

But for doing all in your busy hectic scheduled you need to wake up early morning at 4 am.

You can do it by 3 ways as defined above

1 - Make a to-do list before going to sleep -

2 - Force yourself to start waking up at 4 am -

3 - Join some activity clubs.

I hope this post will help and encourage you to get waking up at 4 am. If you liked the post and feel like to share it with your Family, friends and loved once then please do share that. You can also get connected to our facebook page at simply this URL. Thank you for giving us time to read this post. We appreciate all your efforts to read the article.

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